We Are Not Alone - Part 1

We Are Not Alone - Part 1 : A Challenging Reinterpretation of Human History

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In volume 6 of The Evolution of Consciousness series, the author takes the reader to the centuries immediately before and after Year 0 and the formative years of Christianity and Judaism. The author offers a shocking new interpretation of historical events on this planet during that time which have been a closely guarded secret for over 2,000 years. This book reveals secrets about ancient magical traditions and the entities who used it against all humanity, and which impacts our cultures into the modern day. This book is a challenge and an invitation to all archaeologists, mythologists, philologists, philosophers, psychologists and other academics to reassess their perceptions in regard to our ancient past. It is an invitation for all scholars, who are the experts in their fields, to take this information and re-examine our ancient history in their own fields of expertise to see it in a new light, with an eye to ultimately solving so many ancient mysteries which have eluded scholars over the past 500 years. Some of the most puzzling mysteries of the ancient world are solved within the pages of this book and the one to follow. This is not just another tome filled with creative speculation. The textual evidence provided fills the gaps that so many scholars have puzzled over for centuries, provided the scholars who read this body of work are not so close-minded to simply deny a new series of revelations that goes beyond their accepted perceptual norms. The author reveals how what we think is human history has been utterly corrupted by those with a vested interest to keep this information unknown to the population at large. The theme of the book goes beyond the usual alien intervention speculations that abound in the marketplace and offers the most cogent explanation about offworld influence on our planet based on the textual evidence from our ancient past. This book takes the reader down the path of the surviving textual evidence to solve the cold case of our most recent ancient history. The book is filled with internet look-up references for pictorial and source information to guide the reader into broader studies of the controversies revealed in this book using mainstream academic textual interpretations as the keys to unlock these mysteries. Upon completing the book the reader's entire view of human history is going to be shattered as a horrible set of truths is revealed. This book is highly controversial as it challenges the very origins of all religious beliefs on our planet, with no exceptions. This book exposes the truth behind all the supernatural misperceptions about all the gods, no matter which name these gods or goddesses are worshipped under. After completing this book, the reader will have a broader and more realistic understanding about human history, and it explains why our past has served to shape our present and our very consciousness. As with all the books in this series, the primary focus is on advancing one's own personal consciousness to a higher level of understanding through revealing our history and how it has been misrepresented in order to keep us living in perceptual bondage. As a species, we can't know where we're going until we understand how and why we got where we are. In that respect, this book correlates with the rest of the series where one's cognitive advancement is concerned.show more

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