Ways of Being Religious

Ways of Being Religious

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This historically organized collection of scriptural sources and interpretive essays can be used on its own or as a supplement. Its overall goal is to help beginning students read and understand significant source material pertaining to the world's great religions.show more

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Table of contents

PART I. INTRODUCTION 1. A Challenge Lee H. Yearley: "New Religious Virtues and the Study of Religion" 2. What Is Religion? Rem B. Edwards: The Search for Family Resemblances of Religion 3. How Should We Study Religion? William E. Paden: Comparative Perspectives / Wayne Proudfoot: Explanation PART II. WAYS OF BEING RELIGIOUS ORIGINATING IN AFRICA AND NORTH AMERICA 4. Ways of Being Religious in Africa Benjamin C. Ray: African Religions / Marcel Griaule: Conversations with Ogotemmeli / Pygmy Hymn On God / Kintu-A Story of the Ganda / E. E. Evans-Pritchard: Nuer Sacrifice / Marjorie Shostak: Nisa-A Woman Healer / Kwasi Wiredu: "African Religions from a Philosophical Point of View" 5. Ways of Being Religious Among Native North Americans Ake Hultkranz: Native North American Religions / Frank Waters: Spider Woman and Creation / Tsimshian: Raven and the Light / Sword: Wakan Tanka / Caddo: Coyote and the Origin of Death / Thomas Tyron: The Sun Dance / Black Elk: The Great Vision / Inuit: Sedna / N. Scott Momaday: "The Man Made of Words" / Joseph Epes Brown: "Becoming Part of It" PART III. WAYS OF BEING RELIGIOUS ORIGINATING IN ASIA 6. Hindu Ways of Being Religious David R. Kinsley: Hinduism / Rig Veda: "I Pray to Agni" * "We Have Drunk the Soma" * "The Hymn of Man" * "Creation Hymn" / Upanishads: Brihadaranyaka / Chandogya / The Laws of Manu / Valmiki: The Ramayana / Bhagavad-Gita (Chapters 2 and 12)/ Yoga Sutra (2.1-5.1;3.1-8) / Mira: Songs / Devi-Mahatmya / Shankara: Crest-Jewel of Discrimination (Viveka-Chudamani) / Ramanuja: Vedanta Sutra Commentary (Shri-Bhashya) / Mahanirvana Tantra / Gandhi: Experiments with Truth / Katherine K. Young: The Case of Uma Bharati / Tracy Pintchman: Gender Complementarity and Hierarchy / Diana L. Eck: Seeing the Divine 7. Buddhist Ways of Being Religious Donald S. Lopez, Jr.: Buddhism / Asvaghosa: Enlightenment (Buddhacarita) / Sutra on Knowing the Beginning (Agganna sutta) / Suffering, Co-Dependent Origination, Impermanence, No-Self (Samyutta-Nikaya and Anityatasutra) / Moral Conduct (Digha Nikaya) / Meditation (Saundarananda of Ashvaghosha) / Nirvana (Udana, Chapter 8.1-4) * Patacara: Cessation of Suffering (Therigatha, Psalm 47) * The Joy of Release (Therigatha, Psalm 22) / The Lost Son (Lotus Sutra) / Heart Sutra (Prajnaparamita-hridaya-sutra) / Nagarjuna: Nirvana (Mulamadhyamakakrikah) * Vasubandhu: Consciousness-Only (Trimshikavijnaptikarika) / Shantideva: Entering the Path (Bodhicaryavatara) / Avalokiteshvara (Lotus Sutra) * Tara (Aryatarasragdharastotra) * Ambtiba (Sukhavativyuhah) / The Goddess (The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti) / Tsung-mi: An Inquiry into Man / Hui-neng: Platform Sutra / Dogen: Eye and Treasure of the True Law / Nichiren: Righteousness and Security / Bardo Thodal (selections from Parts I and II) / Kazuhiko Tamamura: Seizan Junrei / Dali Lama: Freedom in Exile / D. T. Suzuki: The Essence of Zen / Rita M. Gross: Feminist Comments on the Mahayana 8. Confucian Ways of Being Religious Julia Ching: Confucianism as Religious Humanism / The Book of Rites: "Principles of Sacrifice" * "The Mean" * "The Great Learning" / Analects: Confucius: Selected Sayings / Mencius: Human Nature Is Good * Hsun Tzu: Human Nature Is Evil / Tung Chung-shu: Luxuriant Gems (Ch'un-Ch'iu fan-lu, selections) / Pan Chao: Lessons for Women / Han Yu: Memorial on the Bone of the Buddha and What Is the True Way? / Chou Tun-i: Explanation of the Diagram of the Great Ultimate and Penetrating the Book of Changes / Chu Hsi: Spiritual Beings and Forces (selection from The Complete Works) / Wang Yang-Ming: Inquiry into the Great Learning / Wang Fu-Chih: The Principle of Nature and Human Desires / Tu Wei-Ming: On Confucian Religiousness / Herbert Fingarette: Human Community as Holy Rite / Theresa Kelleher: Confucianism 9. Taoist Ways of Being Religious Laurence G. Thompson: The Taoist Tradition / Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching / Chuang Tzu: Chuang Tzu (Chapter 2) / "Far-Off Journey" (Songs of Chu) / Celestial Master: Hsiang-erh Commentary / Ko Hung: The Philosopher Who Embraces Simplicity (selection from Pao-p'u Tzu) / "The Lady of Great Mystery": Biographies of Spirit Immortals / The Master of Heavenly Seclusion (T'ien Yin Tzu) / Tu Kuangtin: "The Queen Mother of the West" / Tu Kuangtin: "The Flower Maiden" / Wang Ch'ung-yang: "Fifteen Teachings" / Scripture of Purity and Tranquility (Ch'ing-ching Ching) / Jiang Weiqiao: Quiet Sitting with Master Yinshi (selections) / Barbara E. Reed: Women in Taoism / Daniel L. Overmyer: Popular Religion PART III. WAYS OF BEING RELIGIOUS ORIGINATING IN THE NEAR EAST 10. Jewish Ways of Being Religious Jacob Neusner: The Four Periods in the History of Judaism / Torah (Pentateuch) * Creation (Genesis 1-3) * Covenant with Abraham (Genesis 17) * Passover and Exodus (Exodus 12:29-41, 14) * Mosaic Covenant (Exodus 19, 20) * Holiness Code (Leviticus 19) / Nevi'im (Prophets): Isaiah (1:1-28, 6) / Ketuvim (Writings): Psalms (8, 23, 51, 137) / Esther (3-5:5a, 7) / Philo of Alexandria: On the Intelligible World / Community Rule (1QS) / Misnah (Abot, Chapter 1) * Talmud (Baba Mezia 59a-59b) * Talmud (Yebanot 61b-64a) / Moses ben Maimon: The Thirteen Principles / Moses de Leon: The Zohar / Nahman of Bratslav: "The Loss of the Princess" / "The Pittsburgh Platform" * Solomon Schechter: The Charter of the Seminary / Zionism: Theodor Herzl: The Jewish State / Martin Buber: "The Dialogue Between Heaven and Earth" / Elie Wiesel: "To Be a Jew" / Judith Plaskow: "The Wife/Sister Stories" 11. Christian Ways of Being Religious Lawrence S. Cunningham: Christianity / Paul: Faith and Freedom (Galatians 1-2) * Paul: Life After Death (I Cornithians 15:12-28, 35-57) * Paul: Justification by Faith (Romans 3:9-28) / The Birth of Jesus (Mt. 1:18-25; Lk 2:1-21) * Sermons on the Mount (Mt. 5-7, Lk. 6:17-49) * Prodigal Son (Lk. 15:11-32) * The Last Supper (Mk. 14:12-25; Mt. 26:20-29; Lk. 22:7-38) * Crucifixion and Resurrection (Mk. 15:21-16:8; Mt. 27:27-28:20; Lk. 23:26-24:11) / The Word Made Flesh (Jn. 1:1-18) * The Resurrection of Lazarus (Jn. 11:17-44) / Mary Magdalene Teaches Peter / Perpetua: Perpetua's Vision / The Nicene Creed / Augustine of Hippo: The City of God (Bk. 14:4; 25-28) / Hesychios of Sinai: The Jesus Prayer / Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologica, Q. 110, Art. 2; Q. 112, Art. 1; Q. 114, Art. 2) / Martin Luther: The Three Walls / Teresa of Avila: The Interior Castle (7.2) / Some Christian Currents in the Modern Age / New Revelations: The Book of Mormon ("Mormon," Chapter 9) / Mary Baker Eddy: Science and Health / Benjamin B. Warfield: "The Inspiration of Scripture" / Thomas Merton: New Seeds of Contemplation / Ernst Benz: "The Greatness and Weakness of Orthodoxy" / Delores S. Williams: Black Women's Surrogacy Experience 12. Islamic Ways of Being Religious Richard C. Martin: Islam / Qur'an: The Opening (surah 1) * Creation (surah 15:1-48, 2:28-39) * Allah (surah 2:255-257; 112:1-4) * Evils of Idolatry (surah 10:26-38) * People of the Book (surah 5:44-51, 65-78) * Ethics (surah 17:21-37) * Laws on Marriage (surah 4:13-25, 34-35, 128-135) * Pillars of Islam and Jihad (surah 2:144-150, 183-200, 216-218) * The Resurrection (surah 75) / Hadith: The Night Journey (Sahih al-Bukhari, 5:227) * Reciting the Qur'an (Sahih al-Bukhari, 6:514) * The Death of Muhammad (Sahih al-Bukhari, 5:727, 730, 736) * The Definitive Qur'an (Sahih al-Bukhari, 6:510) / Law (Shari'a): Al-Shafi'i: Roots of Law * Al-Quyrawani: Ritual Prayer * Al-Marghinani: Marriage and Divorce * Al-Muwardi: Caliphate / Theology (Kalam): Al-Maturidi: God and the World * Al-Ashari: Whatever God Wills Is Right * Al-Hilli: Twelver Shiite Theology / Rabi'a: Love of God * Al-Ghazali: Deliverance From Error * Attar: The Conference of the Birds * Rumi: Union and Separation * Al-Afghani: Islamic Solidarity * Naguib Mahfouz: Preparing for Hajj (Midaq Alley) / Khurshid Ahmad: "The Nature of the Islamic Resurgence" / Fatima Mernissi: "Feminity as Subversion" Appendix: Religion on the Webshow more

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