Waiting for the Unicorn

Waiting for the Unicorn : Poems and Lyrics of China's Last Dynasty, 1644-1911

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..". the most comprehensive book of translation of this period in any Western language." --Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association..". a welcome addition to the repository of translated Chinese poetry.... highly readable." --World Literature Today..". a mega-project... an impressive achievement of scholarship." --Journal of Asian Studies..". an outstanding anthology of Ch'ing poetry... It must be recommended whole-heartedly to students and teachers alike." --Eugen Feifel, Monumenta Sericashow more

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  • Paperback | 460 pages
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  • Indiana University Press
  • Bloomington, IN, United States
  • English
  • English ed.
  • black & white illustrations
  • 0253205751
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Table of contents

Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Abbreviations Part I: Poets of the Seventeenth Century ChOien ChOien-Yi (1582-1664) Two Quatrains on the ...Album by Hsiao Po-yu... Watching a Game of Chess: Second Series Written in Prison Upon Reading the boudoir Poems of Mei-tsOun: Impressions Drinking Wine: Second Series Wu Wei-Yeh (1609-1672) The Song of Yuan-yuan Leaving TOu-sung at Dawn Blocked by Snow Ancient Sentiments Written in Jest: On OThe Old Man Who Rolled with the PunchO Chin Jen-Jui (1610?-1661) The Tiniest of Lives Capriciousness DonOt Ask Last Word: For My Son Yung Huang Tsung-Hsi (1610-1695) Rising Early...to Leave Tung-ming ChOan Monastery Miscellaneous Songs from Living in the Mountains: Three Selections Cold-night Moon--in the Manner of Meng Tung-yeh Hearing the Cuckoo...[1646] Encountering Fire in Early Spring, 1662 Encountering Fire Again in the Fifth Month Ku Yen-Wu (1613-1682) Ching-wei Eight Feet Mocking Myself Po-hsia Sung Wan (1614-1673) On Hearing a Cricket in the Boat Songs Composed in Prison: Four Selections A Song of a Fisherman A Ballad of the Righteous Tiger Random Poem on the Lake A Miscellany on the Garden of Autumn Clouds... Yu TOung (1618-1704) Burning Incense Desultory Thoughts on My Old Home On Hearing the Chukar Bananas An Autumn Night Wu Chia-Chi (1618-1684 Miscellaneous Poems: Two Selections On the Ninth Day of the Month... Ten Miscellaneous Poems on Tung-tOao: At the ChOang Family Well Passing the Retreat of Hsu Ching-po On Virtuous Government... Falling Leaves Liu Shih (1618-1664) Poem on a Sleeping Butterfly A TzOu-yun Poem...[on] Tiger Hill...[by ChOien ChOien-yi] Poem in Response by Liu Shih Tune: TOa so hsing / Sending a Letter Hsu TsOan (fl. 1650) Headwaters of the Lung River Moon over the Mountain Pass Tune: Hsi-chiang yueh / Rain on the Night of the Full Moon Tune: Lin-chiang hsien / Boudoir Feeling Shih Jun-Chang (1619-1683) Songs on Accompanying the Governor-General: Two Selections A Random Song on Approaching a River A Ballad of Hu-hsi A Ballad of One Hundred Fathoms Falling Teeth Upper Garrison Farm: A Ballad... Wang Fu-Chih (1619-1692) A Miscellany Bamboo Branch Song An Autumn Song Tune: Tieh lien hua / Withered Willows Tune: Fen tieh-erh / On Frost ChOen Wei-Sung (1626-1682) Tune: Fa-chia tao-yin / The Hungry Crow Tune: Hao-shih chin / One Summer Day... Tune: Yu mei-jen / Listlessness Tune: Ho hsin-lang / The Song of the Boat Trackers Tune: Ho hsin-lang / Written on Yun-langOs Nuptial Day Chu Yi-Tsun (1629-1709) Two Quatrains on Yung-chia Two Quatrains on PekingOs Western Suburb Sent to My Beloved Far Away Evening View from POeng-lai Pavilion Crossing Ta-yu Mountain Ridge Mallard Lake Boating Songs: Two Selections Tune: Sheng-chOa tzu / Walking to Mou-chou at Dawn Tune: Chieh-pOei ling / A Self-Portrait... Tune: POu-san man / Climbing ChOing-shuo Tower at Yun-chung Tune: Shui-lung yin / Visiting the Temple of Chang Tzu-fang ChOu Ta-Chun (1630-1696) Snow Written upon Coming Again to the Tu-hus Taoist Temple Written at the YearOs End, While Visiting Chien-ling An Ancient Plum Tree at the KOai-hsien Buddhist Monastery Inscribed on TOai-po Shrine, at Colored Stone Jetty Fishing Jetty Tune: Meng Chiang-nan: Two Lyrics POeng Sun-Yu (1631-1700) Musing beneath a Pine North-of-the-River Rhymes: Two Selections Mooring in the Evening at Plum Village On the Road to Tang Lake Tune: Sheng-chOa tzu / A TravelerOs Night Tune: Pu-suan tzu / Summer Solstice Yun Shou-POing (1633-1690 Humming My Verse, in My Leisure... An Inscription for a Painting... Early Summer...in Playful Imitation of TsOao Yun-hsi Tree and Boulder Inscription for a Painting A Picture of Village Happiness Wang Shih-Chen (1634-1711) Viewing the Sea from the Li-shuo Pavilion Mooring in the Rain at Kao-yu On the River Crossing the River at Kuan-yin Gate after Rain Climbing to the Top of Swallow Rock... Two Poems on the ChOin-huai Crossing the River in Heavy Wind: Two Selections Chen-chou Quatrains: Two Selections TsOao Chen-Chi (1634-?) Tune: Mu-lan hua / Late Spring Tune: Huan hsi sha / Inscribed on a Painting Tune: Shui-lung yin / White Lotus Flowers Tune: Pai-tzu ling / On a Historical Topic [Ching KOo] Wu Wen (1644-1704) The Jasper Cloud Monastery Poems on Yi Garden: Two Selections In the Mountains Starting Out on a Journey in a Windstorm: Two Selections Hung Sheng (1645-1704) The Thatched Cottage An Old Sophora Tree Passing the Night at the Monastery of Eternal Peace On Rising at Dawn and Seeing the Mountains The Fire of the Fireflies Cha Shen-Hsing (1650-1727) A Song of Crows Gleaning the Grain After a Rain Autumn Impressions: Two Selections A Song of Bitter Drought The Customs Station at Weed Lake Hsuan-Yeh (1654-1722) Hunting in the Ordos... Lines in Praise of a Self-Chiming Clock Gift for an Old Official Singde (1655-1685) A Song of the Wild Crane... In Imitation of Ancient-Style Poetry Tune: POu-sa man: Two Lyrics Tune: Huan hsi sha: Two Lyrics Tune: ChOing-yu an / Stopping Overnight at Black Dragon River Tune: Yi Chiang-nan / Four Selections Tune: Che-ku tOien Tune: Chin-lou chOu / Sent to Liang-fen Chao Chih-Hsin (1662-1744) A Mid-Autumn Night Fireflies Presented to a Mountain Dweller On Poetry Miscellaneous Poems on Mountain Travel: Two Selections Part II: Poets of the Eighteenth Century Shen Te-ChOien (1673-1769) Ditty: Below the Frontier-Two Selections Mooring My Boat at Pan-chOa Song on a Pine on Yellow Mountain Li E (1692-1752) Spending the Night...on Mount Lung-men South Lake in the Rain Passing through South Lake Again A CowherdOs Song: In Imitation of Chang Chi Leaving Southern Screen Hill...A View from the Boat Tune: Yeh Chin-men / Written on the Lake after a Shower... Tune: Pai-tzu ling / Passing Seven-Mile Rapids... Cheng Hsieh (1693-1765) Martyred Widow Liu of Hai-ling: A Ballad Poor Scholar Flight from Famine: A Ballad Tune: Jui-ho hsien / The Fisherman Tune: Jui-ho hsien / The Tavernkeeper Tune: Jui-ho hsien / The Monk Tune: Jui-ho hsien / Powerful Officials Tune: Jui-ho hsien / Kings and Emperors Yuan Mei (1716-1798) Written at the Graveside Climbing TOai Mountain Leaving My Post to Retire at the Sui Garden: Two Poems Life at the Sui Garden: Six Poems Self-Ridicule For My Wife: A Poem Written in Sickness In Early years Mocking Spectacles Praising Spectacles Willow Flowers Money Rain Passes Sleeplessness Delirium: Jesting at Illness Mad Words Chiang Shih-ChOuan (1725-1785) An Evening Prospect: City Lights Toasting the Moon at Ten-Thousand-Year Bridge Expelling Witches Sixteen Songs of the Capital: Chicken Feather Shop Chao Yi (1727-1814) On Poetry: Three Selections Mocking Myself Sleepless at the Fifth Watch Watching an Opera: Impressions-Two Selections The Red Cliff Responding to a Poem on TOai-po Pavilion at Colored Stone [Jetty] Yao Nai (1732-1815) A Temple in the Hills The Government Pond The Pavilion of the Infinite Heavens Hung Liang-Chi (1746-1809) Chatting about the Past with Huang the Elder [Ching-jen] A Ballad of a Springtime River: Presented to Wang the Elder To Dispel the Cold: Two Poems on Spring Written on a Boat on the ChOien-tOang River On the Road to An-hsi Upong Arriving at Ili, Recalling What I Saw on the Road Wu Hsi-ChOi (1746-1818) Tune: POu-san man Tune: ChOang hsiang-ssu / Colophon Written on the Flyleaf of a Book... Tune: TOiao-hsiao ling Li Chien (1747-1799) Bent Willows My Little Garden Strolling under the Moon A Modern Poem in Response to...Shen Yueh The Dying Lamp Huang Ching-Jen (1749-1783) A Sail on the Lake after Rain Dawn Snow A Note to My Friends, While Slightly Ill The Grave of Pi Po A Caged Tiger: A Ballad Wang TsOai-Wei (1753-1776) Since You Went Away Written in the Mountains Tune: Tsui hua-yin / Written in Response to... Wei-yinOs Rhymes Sung Hsiang (1756?-1826) First Rain: Sent to Magistrate [Yi] Mo-chOing Written on the Wall of the Flying Cloud Cave in Kweichow On Poetry: Three Selections Upon Reading the Works of Tu Fu Chang Hui-Yen (1761-1802) Tune: Hsiang-chien huan--Two Lyrics Tune: Huan hsi sha Tune: Man-tOing fang / Boating on Feng Stream on the Double Fifth Tune: Shui-tiao ko-tOou / Composted on a Spring Day and Shown to Yang Tzu-shan Chang Wen-TOao (1764-1814) On Literature: Two Selections Moving to the Cottage of Pines and Bamboo...Two Poems A Poem on Returning Home [9 November 1792] [On Calligraphy] Shu Wei (1765-1816) Composed on a Moonlit Night Outing on Ancient West Lake, Two Poems Impressions of Things Encountered I Hate Mosquitoes The Price of Rice, Two Poems Part III: Poets of the Nineteenth Century Kung Tzu-Chen (1792-1841) In the City of Wu [Soochow], I Obtained a Record... Miscellaneous Poems of the Year Chi-hai [1839]: Five Selections Tune: Pu-suan tzu Wei Yuan (1794-1857) Song of Chiang-nan: Two Selections On the Chia-ling River Remembering the Past at Chin-ling Sitting in Meditation at Night, Facing Hui-shan Hsiang Hung-Tso (1798-1835) Tune: Yeh Chin-men / In Imitation of Sun Kuang-hsienOs [Style] Tune: TsOai-sang tzu / Sent to Wu Tzu-lu... Tune: Huan hsi shaHo Shao-Chi (1799-1873) I Love Mountains Mountain Rain A Contrary Wind Samantabhadra Facing Westward Ku TOai-ChOing (1799-1876?) Sitting in Meditation: A Random Thought Tune: Huan hsi sha / Sitting Up at Night Tune: Lang tOao sha / In a Dream... Wu Tsao (fl. 1840) Tune: Ju-meng ling / Swallows Tune: Man chiang hung Tune: hsing-hsiang tzu Tune: KOu hsiang-ssu Cheng Chen (1806-1864) Evening Prospect Miscellaneous Poems Composed While Drinking...Two Selections Responding to [TOao] Yuan-mingOs ODrinking WineO Poems: Two Selections Reading beside Ox Rail River: Two Selections A Discussion of Poetry...the Coming of a New Age On Hearing That the Market...Has Been Burned Down On Hearing That on the Sixteenth Day of the Tenth Month the Magistrate... A Lament for Those Who Hanged Themselves Chiang ChOun-Lin (1818-1868) Tune: TOa so hsing / A Descriptive Piece for April, 1853 Tune: Yu mei-jen / The [New] Moon on the Night of the third of the Month Tune: Yu mei-jen Tune: Yang-chou man / On 19 December 1853, the [Taiping] Rebels Are Approaching... Chin Ho (1819-1885) Strolling in Simplicity Garden for the First Time Ballad of the Girl from Lan-ling Chiang Shis (fl. ca. 1861) Crossing Several Mountain Ridges...after a Snowfall Getting Up Early at Lakeside Pavilion: Two Poems Night at an Inn: Written in the Style of Meng Chiao Li TzOu-Ming (1830-1894) On a Rainy Evening: Written in Playful Imitation of [Li] Yi-shanOs... While on an Evening Stroll... Written at Night, after Dreaming... Wang KOai-Yun (1833-1916) Spring Sun Since You Went Away The Sighting of a Boat Song of the Full Splendor Park Chuang Yu (?-1878) Tune: Tieh lien hua-Three Lyrics Fan Tseng-Hsiang (1846-1931) Written in a Cool Breeze Random Verses from a Boat: Three Selections Huang Tsun-Hsien (1848-1905) The Ballad of ChOao-chou Song of the Exile My Small Daughter Ballad of the Great London Fog ChOen Pao-Shen (1848-1935) Inscription for My Evergreen Pavilion Without Title: Two Quatrains On the Twenty-Second Night of the Seventh Month... Wang POeng-Yun (1849-1904) Tune: Che-ku tOien /Random Thoughts upon Reading History...Two Lyrics Tune: Nien-nu chiao / Climbing to the Peak of Yang-tOai Moutain... Ching An (1851-1912) Inscribed on a Painting OFishing in the Snow on a Wintry RiverO Thoughts on...the Double-Ninth Festival Mountain Dwelling Elegy for Myself ChOen San-Li (1852-1937) Strolling in the Moonlight View form the Pavilion on a Moonlit Night Prospect of the Wilds A Night at My Lodge On the Night of the Fourteenth of the Eleventh Month... Wen TOing-Shin (1856-1904) Miscellaneous Verses on Living in the Mountains: Two Selections Tune: Lin-chiang hsien / Written on a Boat at Canton, 1882 Tune: Che-ku tOien / Impressions Cheng Wen-Cho (1856-1918) Tune: Yeh Chin-men-Three Lyrics Tune: Yang-liu chih Tune: ChOing chOun-kung / Fellow Wanderers Gather for the Night... Chu Hsiao-Tsang (1857-1931) Tune: Che-ku tOien / On the Ninth, outside Feng-yi Gate... Tune: Che-ku tOien / New YearOs Eve...[1900] Tune: Huan hsi sha KOang Yu-Wei (1858-1927) In Lieu of a Preface to The Great Commonwealth Book Seeing Spring Off Upon Leaving the Capital: A Farewell to My Several Friends Discussing Poetry with Shu-yuan... Visiting Mount Vernon and Paying Homage at George WashingtonOs Burial Vault Yi Shun-Ting (1858-1920) Dawn Journey Leaving the Mountains in the Rain from Yellow Dragon Temple Passing the Birdge of Immortal Encounter Looking for the Sublime Ascent Temple KOuang Chou-yi (1859-1926) Tune: Tieh lien hua Tune: Hsi-chiang yueh / I Awake Crying on My Birthday... Tune: Chien-tzu huan hsi sha / Thoughts upon Hearing a Singer Tune: Shui-lung yin / One autumn night in Chi-chOou [1889]... Cheng Hsiao-Hsu (1860-1938) Wu Family Thatched Hall Written on the Wall of Ku Tzu-pOengOs Studio Night of the Full Moon A Random Poem Returning to Nanking Upon Returning to the Capital in 1923 TOan Ssu-tOung (1865-1898) Parting Chant Fen-chou TOung Pass Written on an Autumn Day... Mooring at Night Tao-wu Mountain Hsueh Shao-Hui (1866-1911) Ancient Sentiments After Rain Emperor Wen In Honor of My HusbandOs Fiftieth Birthday Tune: Mu-fu-sha / For My Husband Who Sent Me Egyptian Stone Tablets Liang ChOi-ChOao (1873-1939) Random Thoughts on Autumn After the Rain Night of the First Full Moon The Scarlet Red Tree Tune: Tieh lien hua / Thoughts at the End of Spring...Two Lyrics ChOiu Chin (1877-1904) Random Feelings: Written in Japan Written on Board a Ship on the Yellow Sea...Russo-Japanese War A Song: Promoting WomenOs Rights A Song of the Precious Knife Tune: Man chiang hung Wang Kuo-Wei (1877-1927) Random Thoughts tune: ChOueh-chOiao hsien Tune: Huan hsi sha Tune: TsOai-sang tzu Tune: Tieh lien hua: Two Lyrics Selected Bibliography Contributors Index of Names Index of Tune Titlesshow more

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" ... the most comprehensive book of translation of this period in any Western language." Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association " ... a welcome addition to the repository of translated Chinese poetry... highly readable." World Literature Today " ... a mega-project ... an impressive achievement of scholarship." Journal of Asian Studies " ... an outstanding anthology of Ch'ing poetry ... It must be recommended whole-heartedly to students and teachers alike." Eugen Feifel, Monumenta Sericashow more

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