Vitamin D, Slide Set

Vitamin D, Slide Set

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Vitamin D covers all aspects of Vitamin D biology, chemistry, and pharmacology as well as the latest research concerning its effects on the human body and developing areas of study. A state-of-the-art, comprehensive, and authoritative reference, the book is the first single source currently available that deals with the entire subject of Vitamin D. It discusses current research on Vitamin D under various pathophysiological conditions and predicts developing uses and areas of study. The editors are world-recognized experts, and the authors are carefully chosen authorities on specific topics.
This slide set comprises 120 slides chosen from the book's 73 chapters, all of which have high quality illustrations containing half-tones and line drawings.
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  • Slides | 120 pages
  • 231.1 x 276.9 x 17.8mm | 635.04g
  • Academic Press Inc
  • San Diego, United States
  • English
  • 0122526864
  • 9780122526862

Table of contents

M.F. Holick, Photobiology of Vitamin D. H.L. Henry, The 25-Hydroxyvitamin D 1a-Hydroxylase. J.L. Omdahl, The 25-Hydroxyvitamin D 24-Hydroxylase. J.W. Pike, The Vitamin D Receptor and Its Gene. L.P. Freedman, Structural and Functional Determinants of DNA-Binding and Dimerization by the Vitamin D Receptor. M. Haussler, The Nuclear Vitamin D Receptor: Structure/Function, Phosphorylation and Control of Gene Transcription. A.W. Norman, Rapid Biological Responses Mediated by 1a, 25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 : A Case Study of Transcaltachia (Rapid Hormonal Stimulation of Intestinal Calcium Transport). R.H.B. Wasserman, Vitamin D and the Intestinal Absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus. B.E. Kream, Vitamin D and the Kidney. R. St-Arnaud, Vitamin D and Bone Development. J.E. Aubin, Vitamin D and Osteoblasts. T. Suda, Vitamin D and Osteoclastogenesis. B. Boyan, Cartilage and Vitamin D: Genomic and Nongenomic Regulation by 1,25(OH)2D3 and 24,25(OH)2D3. J. O'Riordan, Immunomodulatory and Cell Differentiation Effects of Vitamin D. M. Walter, Other Vitamin D Target Tissues: Vitamin D Actions in Cardiovascular Tissue and Muscle, Endocrine and Reproductive Tissues, and Liver and Lung. R.P. Heaney, Vitamin D: Role in the Calcium Economy. K.A. Hruska, Regulation of Phosphate Transport. N. Bell, Racial, Geographic, Genetic and Body Habitus Effects on Vitamin D Metabolism. M.P. Whyte, Approach to the Patient with Metabolic Bone Disease. J. Compston, Bone Histomorphometry. B. Hollis, Detection of Vitamin D and Its Major Metabolites. N. Breslau, Pharmacology of Vitamin D Preparations. J.S. Adams, Radiology of Rickets and Osteomalacia. J.M. Pettifor, Vitamin D Deficiency and Nutritional Rickets in Children. M.-C. Chapuy, Vitamin D Insufficiency in Adults and the Elderly. R. Eastell, Vitamin D and Osteoporosis. N.A. Morrison, Vitamin D Receptor Gene Variants and Osteoporosis: A Contributor to the Polygenic Control of Bone Density. M.K. Drezner, Clinical Disorders of Phosphate Homeostasis. F.H. Glorieux, Vitamin D Pseudodeficiency. P. Malloy, Hereditary 1,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin D Resistant Rickets. S. Epstein, Drug and Hormone Effects on Vitamin D Metabolism. E.B. Mawer, Bone Disorders Associated with Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Disease. E. Slatopolsky, Vitamin D and Renal Failure. M.J. Favus, Idiopathic Hypercalciuria and Nephrolithiasis. J. Bilezikian, Hypercalcemia Due to Vitamin D Toxicity. J.S. Adams, Extrarenal Production and Action of Active Vitamin D Metabolites in Human Lymphoproliferative Diseases. T. Carpenter, The Hypocalcemia Disorders: Differential Diagnosis and Therapeutic Use of Vitamin D. W. Okamura, Chemistry and Design: Structural Biology of Vitamin D Action. A.J. Brown, Mechanisms for the Selective Actions of Vitamin D Analogs. S. Peleg, Molecular Basis for Differential Action of Vitamin D Analogs. M.R. Uskokovic, The 16-Ene Vitamin D Analogs. N. Kubodera, Characteristics of 22-Oxacalcitriol (OCT) and 2b-(3-Hydroxypropoxy)calcitriol (ED-71). J.P.T.M. van Leeuwen, Vitamin D: Anti-Cancer and Differentiation. K.W. Colston, Vitamin D and Breast Cancer: The Therapeutic Potential of New Vitamin D Analogs. C. Gross, Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer. P. Koeffler, Vitamin D Compounds and Analogs: Effects on Normal and Abnormal Hematopoiesis. J.M. Lemire, The Role of Vitamin D3 in Immunosuppression: Lessons from Autoimmunity and Transplantation. R. Bouillon, Vitamin D and Diabetes. S. Carswell, Vitamin D in the Nervous System: Actions and Therapeutic Potential. K. Kragballe, Psoriasis and other Skin Diseases. K. Kurokawa, Renal Failure and Hyperparathyroidism.
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