Visions from Heaven

Visions from Heaven : Visitations to My Father's Chamber

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In Visions from Heaven, Wendy Alec, prophet and seer, recounts a series of extraordinary, supernatural encounters with the Father, following a season of deep, personal trauma. In a series of panoramic visions, the Father and Jesus take Wendy on an extraordinary journey. From the Father's Chambers, to the brilliance and sheer majesty of the Throne Room, to Satan's trophy rooms, to the macabre trading floors of the Souls of Men. If you have been through a season of adversity and testing and found yourself at the sheer rock face, encountering some of the fiercest trials and testing of your life...If your heart is secretly breaking with bewilderment and abandonment...If Heaven itself has seemed, so very silent at your time of deepenst need...the Father's answers to these questions will bring surprise, challenge, immense encouragement and such great more

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  • Paperback | 224 pages
  • 164 x 234 x 153mm | 358g
  • Warboys Publishing (Ireland) Limited
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • English
  • 0957149883
  • 9780957149885
  • 36,116

Review quote

Wendy Alec's understanding of the Father God's heart to a simple child of His and a princess is quite simply beyond comparison to anything I've ever read. As I ingested each word, I was taken into gardens, meadows, a chamber,and the personal presence of the Almighty. The visions and theophanies are quite honestly life changing.Her personal pain and suffering, while designing a model script for the marketplace, arrested the attention of every demon from hell and drew them to this innocent soul, Wendy Alec. This book has no resting place. Indeed, Iwas kept attentive throughout every page because it relates to our everyday suffering and pain, while seeking an answer from our Father God. He showed Wendy the power of patience and standing still and waiting. This book ministered to me personally and gave me the understanding of how to personally deal with our sufferings. There is an answer in the midst of every trial. But you have to press forward ... not backwards. Wendy, thank you. I'm another man because of your book Visions from Heaven. Kim Clement - Kim Clement Ministries Wendy Alec is, without a doubt, one of the most gifted seers I know. She is destined to bring a spiritual revolution to media of all kinds. If you are in the midst of a deep and dark season and you do not think you will ever come out on the other side, this book is for you! Wendy has gone through such a time, faced despair and survived with joy! Her Visions from Heaven will help pull you out of the pit of sorrow into God's promise of abundant life. Cindy Jacobs - Co-founder, Generals International Wendy Alec has done it again! Rarely do we find such a combination of scriptural content, prophetic edge, and poetic capacity in writing converged in one person to create a work of art. In Visions from Heaven: Visitations to My Father's Chamber, we have a book that is inspirational and yet solid as a rock! Read and be touched by Our Father in Jesus' name! James W. Goll - Director of Encounters Network and Prayer Storm In my life and ministry around the world I am witnessing the greatest positioning in all industries of mature believers into the fullness of what God has made for them, but before they are positioned and placed, many have been so beat down and attacked that it takes an encounter like Wendy's to bring the understanding that is necessary to come back from hope deferred or disappointment. So many times while reading this book I pictured friends, colleagues, family members who need the revelation in this book. I felt like I was changing, like the encounter was mine not just Wendy's. Visions from Heaven reappoints faith in the fullness of who God is. I have never read anything quite like it and I know so many amazing believers who are even leaders in church, business, the entertainment industry,or in other areas who need to read this perspective because it actually draws a line in the sand of the heart from which there is no coming back. You are confronted with the love of God, with the plan of Heaven, and with the thoughts of the Father, and I believe this book will detoxify people from spiritually intense seasons and help to restore spiritual clarity and health. Please read this book! Shawn Bolz - Senior Pastor of Expression58 Like Wendy, I have suffered much on so many occasions. I too have been told there is no hope just like Wendy was. There in the valley of the shadow of death with no real answers. With no real answer from the Church and with no instant healing and total despair. Wendy does not descend further into the mire of total despair. She was low, so low and there already. She ascends to the highest heavens and there she sits with our Lord, the Creator of the universe. There she tells a story like no other I have ever heard; there she takes you, the reader, to the heavens with her. This is a book like no other, whatever your despair. As you go with Wendy into this inspirational, prophetic book, you to will enter into the heavens. You, too, like me in the middle of the war in Baghdad, can move into thethrone room of the Almighty and, like Wendy, see the glory of the Lord and find His healing, His wholeness and His love. This book is a must. The Rev'd Canon Dr. Andrew White - Vicar of Baghdad In Visions from Heaven: Visitations to My Father's Chamber, Wendy Alec beautifully scribes her heavenly encounters that offer impartations of courage,faith, comfort, and perseverance to those going through seasons of intense personal trial and devastations. With great candor and vulnerability she shares her own personal journey - its pain, fears, questions, doubts and even her sense of abandonment in the midst of her darkest hours. This book is truly a message from the Father's heart. He has prayed that your faith may not failyou in the midst of your journey. The Victor's crown is awaiting you who have persevered. If you don't quit, you win! Wendy did not quit. Wendy won. So will you! Patricia King - Co-founder of Inc. Have you ever felt that you're experiencing the life of Job because no matter where you turn there's yet another test, trial or temptation? There's no escape clause in this game of life and you must hold on to the only hope you can find. And this hope is the intimate fellowship with the Father. In these heartfelt pages of Visions from Heaven: Visitations to My Father's Chamber you'll witness Wendy's courageous battle through a Job-like experience. And you'll learn how to endure these tests for a divine purpose in Christ and come through them victoriously. Many who have gone through these tests are being approved to come forth in a new anointing for the harvest. I highly recommend this book to the overcomer. Bob Jones - Bob Jones Ministries Wendy Alec's powerful book, Visions from Heaven: Visitations to My Father's Chamber, is the story of redemption and restoration out of Wendy'sexcruciating physical and emotional pain. Visions from Heaven offers a lifeline to those drowning in a sea of hopelessness and depression. If youor someone you love is questioning God in the midst of a trial, this book will be a beacon of hope in an ocean of despair. I highly recommend this book! Kris Vallotton - Senior Associate Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA I read Visions from Heaven with a vast framework of emotions, from joy toquiet tears. This is a great book for anyone wanting insight into the realm of God's heart for His people, from new beginners in their walk to the seasoned warrior. Wow, what an awesome insight into the inner workings of the Lord's heart. Ian Clayton - Sons of Thunder, New Zealand Wendy Alec has always been a transparent vessel and voice for Kingdom authority, power, and glory. She has a sensitivity to the Spirit that is both admirable and worthy of emulation. Wendy, too, went through a strange and fiery ordeal. What I find so marvelous is the way God has taken that pain she endured and turned it into a promise for all of us as we prepare for the next great awakening that is going to touch this planet. Wendy's writing is seamless, and she takes us through a series of portals into vistas of the Father's great and loving purpose for His children and for the Kingdom in these great days. I applaud her for her courage to be a voice that is willing to be heard because many will not only find hope; they will find courage, and healing, and ultimately wholeness. If ever you needed encouragement, Visions from Heaven, will provide it. Dr. Mark Chironna - Church On The Living Edge - Mark Chironna Ministriesshow more