The Virtualized Christmas Tree Light-Sail Smorgasbord. Notes on Novel Light-Sail Propulsion Methods. Volume 13.

The Virtualized Christmas Tree Light-Sail Smorgasbord. Notes on Novel Light-Sail Propulsion Methods. Volume 13.

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There is a possibility that a space-craft in its real matter form could be virtualized. Such a spacecraft would be converted to zero-point field mattergy forms. We assume that the spacecraft is still reactive to real mattergy forms to the same extent as a real mattergy spacecraft would be traveling at the same gamma factor. Accordingly, the invariant mass of differential elements of the space-craft would be reduced by a factor equal to the [[(Planck Mass Density)/(OZPFD)]/(Spacecraft differential element density)]. Assuming the entire spacecraft would remain cohesive under any tidal forces induced by force gradients produced by this mechanism, the increase in spacecraft gamma factor associated with spacecraft translational motions would be equal to the average value of [[(Planck Mass Density)/(OZPFD)]/(Spacecraft differential element density)]. Here, (OZPFD) is the dimensionless fraction of observed assumed zero point field mattergy density with respect to the theoretical density. The theoretical density of the zero point mattergy fields should be about 120 orders of magnitude greater than the observed average density of the mattergy in the universe at present. The factor [[(Planck Mass Density)/(OZPFD)]/(Spacecraft differential element density)] would be a function of space-craft leptonic composition (LC), anti-leptonic composition (ALC), elemental and isotopic composition (E&IC), anti-elemental and anti-isotopic composition (AE&IC), exotic meson composition (EMC), exotic baryon composition (EBC), and quarkonium composition(QC) of Standard Model and Mirror Matter Model forms. Additionally, the ratio would be a function of super-symmetric matter composition as well as monopolium composition (MON), mono-higgsinium composition (MON-H), and other unspecified matter forms (USMF). Additionally, any quasi-particles present and typical of these matter forms would analogously modify the virtualization of the spacecraft. The resulting factor to be affixed to all j subscripted sigma series terms thus modifies each power term or sub-ordinate power term for which a given mode of propulsion has more than one power term as expressed in the subject linear combination of sub-ordinate power terms. The spacecraft itself would be reduced in mass by a factor of: {(context specific): {f[[{Average [[(Planck Mass Density)/(OZPFD)]/(Spacecraft differential element density)]}], [[ST & MMM]{(LC), (ALC), (E&IC), (AE&IC), (EMC), (EBC), (QC)]}, (MON), (MON-H), (USMF)]}, j}. Here, we assume that the specific secondary cyclical and undulating motions of the spacecraft including such motions in the entire range from least complex to most complex are not modified in the spacecraft translational motion reference frame. Thus, as a first order approximation, the gamma factor of the spacecraft will automatically be increased by a factor of {(context specific): {f [[{Average [[(Planck Mass Density)/(OZPFD)] (Spacecraft differential element density)]}], [[ST & MMM]{(LC), (ALC), (E&IC), (AE&IC), (EMC), (EBC), (QC)]}, (MON), (MON-H), (USMF)]}, j} and the energy inputs from the background will likewise be context specifically modified. For example, the power intake in the ship frame from forwardly incident monochromatic laser beams will scale as the square of gamma, whereas the power intake from black-body spectrum beams and the black body background radiations such as the CMBR will scale as the fourth power of gamma. In order to interpret the formula correctly, consider the entire formula first without the above new operator added to the formula. Then consider the value of the power terms without the new operator. For this series of books, then consider the virtualizing mechanism switched on by inserting the operator. The value of the power terms will then be modified by the op
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