Vicious Deep

Vicious Deep

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For Tristan Hart, everything changes with one crashing wave.
He was gone for three days. Sucked out to sea in a tidal wave and spit back ashore at Coney Island with no memory of what happened. Now his dreams are haunted by a terrifying silver mermaid with razor-sharp teeth.
His best friend Layla is convinced something is wrong. But how can he explain he can sense emotion like never before? How can he explain he's heir to a kingdom he never knew existed? That he's suddenly a pawn in a battle as ancient as the gods.
Something happened to him in those three days. He was claimed by the sea...and now it wants him back.
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  • 12-17
  • Hardback | 384 pages
  • 140 x 210 x 35.56mm | 499g
  • Naperville, United States
  • English
  • 1402265107
  • 9781402265105
  • 908,213

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"" The "Vicious Deep" is incredibly original and is plump full of funny, witty, charming, likeable characters"- Blogger Emireally, Night Owl Teen " - Night Owl Teen
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About Zoraida Cordova

Zoraida Cordova was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where she learned to speak English by watching Disney's The Little Mermaid and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker on repeat. Her favorite things are sparkly, like merdudes, Christmas, and New York City at night. Visit her at
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3,386 ratings
3.68 out of 5 stars
5 26% (891)
4 33% (1,130)
3 26% (893)
2 9% (318)
1 5% (154)

Our customer reviews

I loved this book. Those four little words are the best, simplest way to say how awesome The Vicious Deep is. This is book caught me right from the first line, down to the last. The writing is powerful, moving, from lyrically soulful to quick witted and hilarious, but always through it all, it was real and raw. I could totally picture this book playing out in my head, from the clothes they wore to the scenes that devastated me because they were so poignant. And yet, the author doesn't overuse words. She just uses them really well. What caught my attention the most about this, was that story is about merfolk. Merpeople. Mermaids. Whatever. I thought to myself, oooh, now this is different. I didn't really know what to expect, although I did expect to like it. And even though it's about merfolk, it's not at all girly. And not just because the main character is a guy slash merman. Or merdude; like Tristan, I like that better. I loved his first person narration (hearing a male point of view was refreshing to say the least) and I loved how honest he was. And how hilarious, I can't count the number of times this book made me laugh out loud. Or how many times it touched my heart. But I digress. The book is edgy, filled with evil sea creatures called merrows and Tristan must compete in a championship to win his throne, and he has become the target of the evil sea witch Nieve. No singing mermaids in this book. On top of this, Tristan has to deal with being half merman. He's always been just good looking Tristan Hart, amazing swimmer who all the girls (except the one he wants) have a thing for. The first person narration really lent itself well to this novel, and I've fallen in love with Tristan. Because, at heart, he's honest and true and I love those kind of characters. The characters: Layla: stubborn, fiery, loyal, I love her. She doesn't take sh*t and she won't let Tristan dish it out. Kurt: cool and collected but with a fiery interior we get glimpses of. He's kick ass. Thalia: cute, sensitive, too young for the world but spirited. I really like her. And I feel awful for her too. Marty: Regular beach dude with a great sense of humour and timing. Oh, and the ability to shape shift. I hope we see more of him. Gwen: Tristan might like her, and she hasn't done anything yet to make me think she might be bad, but I got the bad mojo feeling about this one. Too mysterious and all knowing for my taste. Might just be I don't like her because I'm thinking she might be Layla's competition. Tristan: well, I already said I love him, but it warrants saying again. I love that by the end of the book he promises he will never hurt another girl again because it shows how far he's come from being a guy who accidentally hurt girls (emotionally) he dated to being a guy who is now thinking more about others than having fun. I love the relationships in this book too, because like in real life, they're complex and not always easy to understand. We've got a lot of interesting characters, and I'm having a heart attack wondering where the next book will take us now that a love square of sorts seems to be setting up. And I'm pretty darn annoyed by it because I want Tristan and Layla together! Being in Tristan's head all throughout this book, I know exactly how much he loves her and it's killing me thinking he might become interested in Gwen. I'm hoping I'm just reading my own fears about that into the book. The wonderful thing about these relathionships is, they play out without it feeling like teenage angst. It reads are far more mature, with far more depth and I loved it. I loved every little thing about this book. Favourite Quotes: I. Have. A. Freaking. Tail. (page 64) I follow [the vampire's] stare at the speckle of stars. Suddenly I wonder, "Aren't you guys supposed to, like, sparkle, or something?" And immediately wish I hadn't. Frederick stands up so quick that he doesn't disturb the sand. He grabs the front of my shirt and growls--his eyes are black as the night sky along the horizon, and red veins fray against the white of his eyes. He sharp canines are exposed. "I. Don't.Sparkle." (page 317-318) She's my best friend. She's my Layla. She's my girl. (page 17) 5 glittering stars More reviews at www.devastatingreads.blogspot.comshow more
by Giulia
The Vicious Deep is a wonderful paranormal YA adventure about merfolk with some mythology mixed in. The story is narrated by Tristan who is very popular and a bit arrogant. While he is at times humorous, he is also very much (in my opinion) a man ****. Tristan's adventure begins when a tidal wave sweeps across the coast where he is acting as a lifeguard. He sees someone in need of rescuing and ends up disappearing himself. Several days later his best friend finds him on the beach alive but is unable to tell them where he was those days he was missing. Strange things start to happen as he slowly find out he is not who he thought he was. I am very impressed that this was the author's debut novel and I look forward to reading more by more
by Dani Chapman
In most stories about mermaids...or rather merfolk, the mermaid is a girl and she's the narrator, but this one is totally different. I loved that, and I really enjoyed Tristan. He was pretty cocky and a jerk at times, but I actually really liked him. He was straightforward and he knew he could be a prick...which was kind of refreshing. It also helped that he was hilarious, and that most of the other characters were really funny too. :D I'm a sucker for great chemistry between characters, and for lots of jokes and The Vicious Deep had tonnes of both of those! I also really loved Tristan's best friend, Layla. I'm gonna keep mum about my feelings towards Tristan and Layla, but I totally loved the two of them together. Read into that however you like. :P I also really loved the descriptions, and the way that the different species of creatures: mermaids, fairies, vampires, and an abundance of others were incorporated into our world. When Zoraida CÃ?Æ?Æ?Ã?â??Ã?³rdova described things, I almost felt like everything was in technicolor and super vibrant. I think that finding theperfect balance with how you describe something is an art, and CÃ?Æ?Æ?Ã?â??Ã?³rdova is excellent at it! :D There are so many times where you read something and it's so descriptive that you almost get bored with all the adjectives, but not with The Vicious Deep. Instead, you feel as if you've been submerged in the same world as Tristan, and you're just as mesmerized and overwhelmed with it as he is. I also love that Tristan's reactions are realistic. He's so confused, and he acts like a snarky and sarcastic teenager, which I found pretty amusing. Along with the awesome descriptions, and characters, I loved the whole story in general. It was such an interesting plot, and while the story was very character-driven, it was also full of action. There was always something going on, or something to be figured out, and because of that, The Vicious Deep constantly keeps you on your toes! :D Overall, I loved this one! So much! It's definitely on the top of my favourite reads this year, and I'm counting down the days until I can read the next book, The Savage Blue! :D I would recommend this to someone who loves mermaids, or even someone who isn't a mermaid fan. This book is so versatile with its male narrator and the action throughout, I think it would appeal to a lot of readers. It would also be great if you're a YA fan and are looking for an awesome story with a male lead. I know I personally like to mix it up and read a story with a male narrator every once in a while and there aren't too many YAs out there with them. :Dshow more
by Ambur Hostyn
Mermaids seem to be the new "it" thing right now, and although I've only read a couple of them that I've greatly enjoyed, I was optimistic when it came to reading The Vicious Deep. The description definitely gives you the idea that these aren't your typical mermaids and I was curious about that. Ultimately, however, The Vicious Deep didn't stand out as much as I hoped it would, but it was a fun and interesting read nonetheless. Reasons to Read: 1.Role reversal: You know what I really liked about The Vicious Deep? That we get to have a MALE main character, one who has a history of being a jerk and getting around. And even though I found myself rolling my eyes at him (often), it was refreshing to read from the perspective of a character that isn't focused on much. And his willingess to admit when he's wrong (at least in his head) made him endearing; I think we'll be seeing a significant amount of personal growth from him in future books. Plus, I liked that we got to experience his confusion regarding his relationship with his best friend since most of the books I read take place from the female perspective. 2.Layla and her endearing character: Layla was my favourite character, hands down. I loved that she wasn't willing to put up with any of Tristan's crap and she was willing to call him out for it. And she exhibits so much bravery in the face of uncertainty, you just have to admire her for that. Like I mentioned above, I also enjoyed seeing her through Tristan's eyes. I think SHE is the character to watch and that she'll be the one who ends up being a force to be reckoned with. The Vicious Deep also has some interesting mythology behind it and I enjoyed that but it just wasn't as unique or creative as I had hoped. I had heard that these weren't like the mermaids you find in The Little Mermaid, but I actually didn't find them to be that different. They weren't nearly as creepy as I was expecting, so it really didn't deliver on that end. But my biggest issue with it was how slow it felt; it seemed to take an inordinate amount of time to get the ball rolling, even with such high stakes. The story takes place in such a short period of time, and most of it revolves around Tristan sorting himself out and figuring out what he should be doing. I was hoping for something that was a bit more fast-paced. Overall, it was still a fun read and I enjoyed reading it. I'll be picking up the sequel to see where the story goes, but I'd advise you not to expect anything mind-blowing. ARC received from Raincoast more
by Brenna Staats
I have mixed thoughts and feelings for The Vicious Deep by . I didn't really get into the story as much as I thought I would. How it was written and how the story goes isn't bad per se; just missing a quality I can't pin point that would have gotten me enveloped into the story. Surprisingly, my favored characters was not the protagonist (Tristan) or even his love interest and Best Friend (Layla), but the characters who played in the background or who played minimal roles. Tristan thought and talked about his 'junk' WAY too much border lining on arrogance and annoyance. He lacked depth in who he is as a character unless he's talking about Layla. But even with that, he rambles on about her too much throughout the story that he comes out whinny. He can also be a turn-off; kind of shallow and says things that he shouldn't say out loud. Just my two cents =) Layla, is in a way okay, but she frustrates me in some of the things she does/acts. After awhile you just can't help but get irritated with her too. Thalia, Kurt, and Marty are by far my favorites and I'm even starting to like Gwen. They are livelier and make better impressions that you can just connect with. They'll stick in your mind throughout the whole book without leaving a bad after taste. I greatly enjoyed the humor, sarcasm, and quips that were slung here and there. It gave the ambiance of a light hearted reading. However, I didn't quite like the overly used curses. It felt like they were just thrown in at random within the story without really even needing to. The Vicious Deep is a good novel! I might not come off as overly enthuse about it, but it might just be the book that will knock your socks off!show more
by SpadesHigh
The Vicious Deep starts out with a guy narrating for a change, which was nice. Not only that, but the voice was amazingly well done - it felt authentic and like what an average teenage boy would really think and say (as far as I know....I am a girl). This debut novel had a lot of great funny, sarcastic moments and lines. I could really visualize all the characters and feel their personalities. But, as I was reading, I felt like the plot was very jumpy. It went from one thing to the next to the next to the next and I didn't feel like I knew why things were happening or why I should care. I didn't feel a strong overall conflict that the main character, Tristan, was trying to overcome. I started out loving the voice, the characters, the setting at Coney Island, and the interesting take on mermaids but the plot felt contrived and it just ruined it for me. I found myself forcing myself to finish it by the end. A lot happens in the story as far as events go, but the pace felt slow because I didn't understand why things were happening. Why does he go to the island??? WHY does he even want to participate in all these events?? I really just didn't get it. And the content of crude sexual references and lots of strong language was a big turn off for more
by Jessica B
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