Vedic Aryas and Western Identity Crisis

Vedic Aryas and Western Identity Crisis : First They Stole Our Wealth Then Our Soul

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The origin of world civilization can be traced to the Sindhu (Indus) and Sarasvati river valleys as of 8000 BC, or earlier, where the unparalleled ideation of enlightened philosopher kings (Brahmins) ushered in material and spiritual wealth that was to remain unchallenged until the 17th century CE. The fabulous archeological remains of the Mohenjo-Daro/Harappa complex are fully complemented with vast theoretical treatises in Sanskrit as proof of their innovation and originality in all aspects of human endeavor. The Vedic heritage, unsurpassed in its scientific inquiry, majestic resplendence, spirit of universal tolerance, and eternal timelessness, was to influence peoples, cultures and paradigms around the globe expressed as Pyramids, monuments, temples, architecture, sculpture, dance, music, games, sports, and much more. Whereas the Vedic-Hindu priest kings had envisioned man as the center of universe, the Abrahamic religions of the Middle East turned man into a slave whose suffering as God's will could be alleviated by prayer only through the priestly class. World wealth was subsequently looted indiscriminately as pagans and kafirs had no soul and could be slaughtered and enslaved at will, so sanctioned by Koran and Bible. Vedic Hindu cultural patrimony in Sanskrit was usurped as well and passed off as Arabic by false translations, distortions, omissions, and the like, as Arabs themselves were an illiterate lot and were both culturally and materially bankrupt. Arabic books translated into Latin became the backbone of European universities for several hundred years and sparked European Renaissance after Enlightenment. At the end of the colonial era, Europeans became masters of word wealth but could not link the genesis of their prosperity to anything significant in their own cultural past. An Aryan Invasion theory was consequently invented whereby Europeans were the original Aryans who had come from somewhere, anywhere, to civilize Brahmins in the Aryan heartland. The Vedic heritage was thereafter passed off as stemming from Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt and so forth, although these areas have neither the archeological ruins of antiquity nor literature to back such ridiculous claims. Furthermore, European Aryan invaders also imposed Sanskrit whose roots were to be found in a hypothetical Pro-Indo-European language that has never been discovered. Vedic ancestry was claimed successively by Germans, British and Puritan Americans as proof of their cultural superiority. This fight to claim Vedic ancestry forms the best proof yet of its unsurpassed ideation. Paradoxically, modern Indians, steeped in school book anti-history, despise their own glorious past, and look to the West as their cultural mother which is only repackaging Vedic patrimony of ancient more

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About Dr Manjul K Agarwal

Manjul K. Agarwal holds both the Ph.D and M.D. degrees and is endowed with multiple talents. He has recently published a number of books on the history of India and the manner in which it was usurped by despot Islam/Christian conquests, available on author central. His website ( blogs, tweets and lectures are intended to revive the bygone glory of ancient Bharat (India). Agarwal, M. K. The Vedic Core of Human History, iUniverse, 2013. Agarwal, M. K., From Bharat to India, Vol. 1 Chrysee the Golden, iUniverse, 2012. Agarwal, M. K., From Bharat to India, Vol. 2 The Rape of Chrysee, iUniverse, 2012. Agarwal, M.K. and Sharma, A.K., Yoga-Ayurveda Miracle, Dog Ear, more