A Variety of Women

A Variety of Women

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This volume is about different women, their ways, appearances or actions. One could definitely say unusual often to the extreme. Many plants have attributes that mimic or compliment features of human behaviour, structure and often exhibit higher abilities. It is not so far-fetched with genetic engineering and gene transfer, to transfer plant genes, and possibly in the future plant cell features, back into animals and even humans. This first short story finds is about a new human breed of women as a result the little lady bought something unusual in a garden centre Some women just love men, but this woman was different, she absorbed them. Unfortunately, they were not fully absorbed, leaving small, brainless and senseless projections attached to the woman's skin. These projections had devastating consequences for the life of Mary among the Sisters in a convent on a small island. This second story begs the question, why do women need males at all? This third story relates an evolutionary relationship between the behavior of sloths and a woman who has similar anatomical structure and behaviour. Put under extreme pressure by her violent, drunken husband she strikes out with her claws, but suffers the consequences of her actions. A supermarket till worker develops bar codes on her skin. These lead to a series of symbols which unlock a secret from the Holy Land held in a local church since the time of Richard the Lionheart. A man in black is determined to prevent the unlocking of this secret. Does he succeed? Find out in the fourth story? In the fifth story Will is looking for a beautiful woman and trying to impress by buying new clothes at a supermarket. On leaving he is confronted by another world and ten beautiful women but will anything come of his encounter? This sixth story is about a young lady whose love of red became an obsession. This was to such an extent that a spell was cast on her which affected her appearance and she had to look for a solution outside the normal realms for humans. Will she solve this dilemma or remain hidden from society for the rest of her life? Many people pick up objects and smell them. Freshly washed clothes, flowers, perfumes and food are some examples. But Nellie in this seventh story was different, she smelled books. Unfortunately there were consequences of smelling books. One day she smelled a very old book and found herself transformed into a different, difficult era where poverty and disease was commonplace which could eventually lead to her death. A woman possessed a sense of smell that ar exceeded that of any human or animal? Her organs for her sense of smell were not only in her nose but on her skin all over her body. This had its uses, but it also had serious disadvantages as you will see in the eighth story. Many women and some men use hairspray to hold their hair in place, or to add shine or lustre. In this last story Daphne not only loved using hair spray she found lots of different uses for it much to the annoyance of many people or anything that came in contact with it. In the end she did one spray too many which had serious consequences. All women are different. They certainly are in this volume some erring on the supernatural side. Perhaps you can identify with some of them? Enjoy
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