The Vacheron Trilogy Vol 1 2 & 3

The Vacheron Trilogy Vol 1 2 & 3 : Time / Echo in Solar System / Master Eclipse

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TRILOGY: 3 BOOKS IN 1 SAVE UP TO 50% approx 170,000 WORDS / FONT SIZE 14 FOR EASY READING / FONT SIZE 9 IS AVAILABLE & REDUCES THE PRICE FOR ALL VOLUMES / EDITORS SYNOPSIS: This series of books obviously fits in very well with many fiction and thriller catalogues, based in Europe and London formed around a covert military unit operating in peace time, and would be popular and mainstream having many facets. Being up to date and set in the foreseeable future 2020-2030 which is not far ahead, involving and expounding the effects of new technology and current affairs happening today. Whilst not veering far from the norm and only edging around the whole supernatural element which becomes the main theme, and covert player in the form of T.X.Orange. As the covert operatives try to maintain control of European disasters besetting the earth in the form of "The Union" based in mainland Europe, enlist the help of T.X.Orange.Who is not likely to follow any ones lead or tidy schedule having his own more powerful agenda. T.X.Orange tries to maintain his secret nature which others imagine could reverse the disasters, and determine what the aberrations in the paranormal world he seems involved in, actually are. Later in the series French Knight Templar's and ex-presidents get involved and embark on a spiritual journey not favoured by T.X. Orange. paul s wiley editor(c) THE VACHERON series is available to order separately in volumes 1. 2. & 3. at Amazon Kindle or paperback in large or small font. Vol 1 TIME. set in 2020. Vol 2 ECHO IN SOLAR SYSTEM.Set in 2025. Vol 3 MASTER ECLIPSE.Set in 2030. Preface: VACHERON Vol 1 TIME Set around 2020 after historic global events, which have changed the world and the political dynamics governing the globe, are now affecting the agency and agenda of those dealing with a disaster besetting the earth. Giving an insight into future developments when freedom of information is suppressed and thought best, shielding the wrongdoing in a democratic Europe. Relying solely on its secret services for a solution, politicians for their integrity, its allies pressured for support some of whom have a different agenda, to contain the disaster through "The Union." The Union now considers the supernatural as a possible solution to the crisis and may be for other situations too, but what are the politics of the unknown the supernatural ? as the reader colours in the revelations. All to be brought under control by The Union, as they encroach on darker forces surfacing through the fissure in time complete with milestones from the past to the future just as in today's world. VACHERON Vol 2. ECHO IN SOLAR SYSTEM Preface: The Union is currently charged with the care confinement and transportation of vast gold reserves for The European Union a covert military unit formed to deal with disastrous situations on a regional scale operating in a civilian world. Whilst carrying on with the current project and its security encounter other undercover operations which may be supernatural and enlist the assistance of a known associate who has specialist skills pertaining to the paranormal, and would rather remain well and truly under the radar. T.X. Orange now fully motivated by the security concerns of the gold vaults in Berlin Germany, which seem to be sparking to life history no one wants repeated.Echoing through the medium of technology an aberration of slumbering giants.Is this a malfunction of equipment or a malignant apparition or simply both. VACHERON Vol 3 MASTER ECLIPSE. Preface: I.V.F. coupled with D.N.A. genome profiling was producing some strange results and permutations down at the family planning clinic in tandem with stem cell advances. Making it possible for the most unlikely parentage, to produce the ultimate in offspring.This was now highlighted by those who thought it possible to time travel through eugenically modified souls to the Promised Land !
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About T J Orange

My own web site tells the most about me which I built my self as an I.T. and media professional, and of course my Facebook site. Facebook it's paul s wiley in the U.K. is my business address. Brought up in England United Kingdom mainly London and East Anglia where I currently live and hope to complete my Vacheron trilogy this year by July 2015.Which will have taken me ten months to write edit and complete the Vacheron series, and is about 175,000 words in total. Consisting of 3 volumes all in 6 x 9 format and size 14 font Time Vol 1 / Echo in Solar System Vol 2 / Master Eclipse Vol 3 / any volume can be read in any order.You don't have to buy all three to know what's happening how and with whom, and the composition is not repetitious. The unusual cartouche for the cover of the book actually represents the mystery, created by my self.My photograph is obscured for the same effect, and a clear picture is available on my business web site also on the back of the book it's self.Which is available in paperback, or Kindle version which is much reduced if you buy the paperback edition first ! for any of the Vacheron series. You can also email with feed back, which will be used to advise and guide the sub edit of the books second edition ( no more than 50 words ). Happy to sign the first editions of the books for you if we meet. Thanks for looking me up and good luck.
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