Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky

3.99 (113,622 ratings by Goodreads)
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  • 14+
  • Paperback | 376 pages
  • 141 x 208 x 30mm | 356g
  • English
  • 0062131958
  • 9780062131959
  • 91,155

Rating details

113,622 ratings
3.99 out of 5 stars
5 37% (42,222)
4 36% (40,829)
3 18% (20,835)
2 5% (6,151)
1 3% (3,585)

Our customer reviews

I don't know why I waited so long to read this... (I know Rivie, give it to me) I really liked Aria's spirit. There was just something about her that I appreciated and connected with. I knew that bad things were going to happen to her, but I knew that I would root for her. Aria is such a courageous character, and I appreciate how loyal she is. Perry is awesome. I was a little thrown at first by the abilities and all the talk about scents, but I quickly settled in and understood more about it. I loved his relationship with Talon as well. It shows so much to me about characters in how they act towards children, and he won my heart there quickly. I loved the slow build and intensity of Aria and Perry's relationship. It made me sigh and my heart beat faster. Their banter and thoughts about each other at first really made me chuckle. But the bond that they formed by working together and learning from each other was awesome. how I think that this illustrates that not all YA love interests are actually drop dead gorgeous, but when you are attracted to someone, you find all of the perfect things about them and they are hot to you. And since I was in Aria's head, that is how I pictured Perry. This is in 3rd person but it didn't take away anything from the story. I still connected with the characters, could feel the power of their emotions (which were beautifully written), and understood their motives. The dual narration took me a bit because at first I wanted to stay in Aria's head, but I really began to appreciate and savor the moments that I got Perry's perspective as well. Roar and Cinder were amazing secondary characters. Roar made me smile and a lot of his lines I laughed out loud and shared with my husband. His teasing nature and openness really shone for me. I also liked what he brought out in Perry--this whole other side of his character. The way they made a team and had each other's backs was superb. The world building was great. I got the information as I needed, and Veronica Rossi has sculpted a dangerous but beautiful world. The set up with the pods, and the aether just blew my mind. I didn't understand the Realms at first, but to really think about the genius she is to come up with the sci-fi elements and how she distinguished living through what equates to virtual reality for the future, and what is on the outside is amazing. The twists really kept me on my toes, and I didn't see most of it coming. And how some of the themes wove together, and circled back really amazed me as well. I read most of this in the car on the way to New Jersey and I begged Allan to find a store to stop at to buy the next one because although the ending wrapped up things pretty well, I just NEEDED more of Aria and Perry. Bottom Line: Action packed story with a breath taking romance.show more
by Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books)
My Sumamry: Aria hasn't spoken to her mother in more than a week, totally strange in Reverie where distance is easy to overcome in the realms. Worried and desperate for information, Aria follows Soren into Ag 6. She never expected to meet an Outsider or that the trip would get her exiled from Reverie and her mother. Thrown into the death shop that is the world outside the pods, Aria expects to die amongst the aether storms. But when that stranger she saw in Ag 6 finds her an uneasy alliance is formed. He needs her as much as she needs him but the quiet Perry is a salvage. Can she really trust him? Does she even have a choice? My Thoughts: 5 stars - a must read Damn, are you sure this is a debut novel? Talk about fabulous world building, an intricate plot, unexpected twists, kick-butt characters and some awesome romance. The world was fresh and so dystopian. I was so impressed with the genetics that changed the outsiders into some pretty incredible characters. Scires and auds that make everything just a little more interesting. Can't hide your emotions from a scrie or any sound from an aud. It's one of my favorite types of paranormal - when the vulnerability of characters can't be hidden. Loved that about this book. Then there was the plot. Little details that were carefully scattered in the pages became very important as the story develops. Skilled authors sometimes struggle with this ability but to have a debut author do it so masterfully is incredible. I would compare Veronica's attention to details as good as Cassandra Clare - and that's one hell of a compliment. Another amazing aspect of this book is the twists and turns the story takes. The reader is traveling down a road believing one thing and then wham - everything you thought you knew about what's happening changes. This happened at least twice in this book for me. Most authors can't catch me off guard twice in one book but Veronica did it. I absolutely LOVE Perry - Peregrine. He's an scire and a seer, twice gifted and very strong. Of course he's also a hot guy. He's quiet and brooding but with good reasons. Trying to fix the wrongs he believes are his fault, he barrels into situations shooting arrows and throwing punches. Angry at Aria, he nonetheless needs her. So he helps her. She's terrified of him who she sees as a savage. Weak and ignorant of his world, she shows her own inner strength as she helps him in return. They go from hating each other to sort of being friends to hating each other again. No love at first sight problems here. But when the feeling come, they are strong and true. The romance between them is satisfying in a way that left me aching for more time with them. So the ending left me wanting just one more little scene. No worries, I just imaged it for myself. No cliffhanger, thank goodness, but plenty of room for book two. If you read YA, then this one is a MUST read. Pick it up and don't put it off a day. You won't regret it.show more
by Valerie Fink
Under the never sky by Veronica Rossi A best books review by Annmarie Ager. Aria lives in a place called the reverie like most teens she spends her time hanging out with her friends but rather than going out all she does is look through her smarteye which takes her to different realms. Life is sweet and easy until Aria is kicked out for something she did not do. The world outside the pod is feared Aria's people the dwellers call it the death shop. Once outside things take a funny turn she learns about the outside world that is nothing like what she was led to believe, and it's the people inside the pod that are liars. She soon runs into Perry the person that was there the day of her so called crime it was him that saved her life. While Perry and Aria are very different from one and other Aria had the easy life and Perry the hard-working hunter but due to a run of strange events Perry and Aria have to work together and help one and other to find out what happened to Aria's mum? And why was Perry nephew snatched by Aria's people? The journey will change Perry and Aria life forever. From the very start, this book blew me away. I found it so brilliant and exciting imagine planet earth has been divided into two parts one side you have the reverie where people live in a kind of electronic fantasy world. It was like a weird computer run future. At first glance everyone seems happy and calm, but it's a big front. Now the other part of the world is like the past with tribes and hunting for food, living of the land. These people are born survivors and fighters. Two completely different worlds stuck on one planet the whole idea excited me and glued me to ever word in the book. The world the book is based in alone will have you in a reading frenzy but there is so much more to the book. Aria the dweller that's lived her whole life in the pod playing in fantasy worlds and singing ends up being dumped into the outside the death shop. Perry a born hunter with night-vision eyes and heightened smell his a bit barbaric at times, but he does care. He just hides it well. No way would you think mixing these two very different characters together but when the author throws Perry and Aria together the book really takes on a life of its own in a way you would not believe. The author's writing is simply magical she wrote something so fresh and mind blowing that you can't help but wonder how someone could think up something so dark yet beautiful. The book will reach out to anyone who loves action, love and the book is nonstop survival pushing the characters to their limits. Prepare yourself for the ride of your life under the never sky will electrify you and have you begging for more. Five starsshow more
by annmarie ager
When Under the Never Sky begins, you're thrown into a high tech, enclosed mini-city called a Pod where Aria lives. Because there's not much to do in the Pods, Aria's people use Smarteyes -- which reminded me of a big contact lens for one eye -- to virtually travel into "The Realms." First off, I need to say that the Realms sound so cool! Anything can happen, from underwater parties where people turn into mermaids, attending Medieval balls, to flying across mountaintops. I wish I could visit them :) But when Aria gets into trouble, she's cast out of her Pod and sent to the Outside World, where the sky is constantly filled with Aether (super intense lightning storms) and people have gone back to more primitive forms of living. Except they're not as primitive as we first think. Some of them have special talents of their own. Under the Never Sky is fast-paced, full of action, and also has a nice bit of romance. I like how the story is told from two points of views -- Aria's and Perry's -- so I could see and understand what was going on in the world Veronica Rossi created from opposite perspectives. And what a unique world it is! It felt like a mix of science fiction and fantasy, and I think fans of both will love this book. Aria is a strong, likable female protagonist who will fight to stay alive even when the odds are stacked against her. Perry is a natural leader who will do anything for the people he loves. Combined, they were a great duo to read about. Another thing that made Under the Never Sky stand out was how the romance between Aria and Perry grew throughout the book. There was no "insta-love," which made their relationship realistic and believable. I also loved Cinder's character, and hope to learn more about why and how he is the way he is in the next book. Under the Never Sky is the first in a series, and there was definitely a cliff hanger at the end that made me want to know more. I loved it and can't wait to see what happens to Aria and Perry as their adventure continues!show more
by Michelle Madow
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