Uncommon American Housewife

Uncommon American Housewife : Finding Your Connection to the Universe

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Around February 20th of this year, 'they' told me to write this book. I was to write it quickly and to stay focused on two particular subjects. Two weeks into my writing I was told the deadline was the weekend of March 22nd, which I accomplished. They also said, "We're almost out of time," and, "There are millions who need to know what you're writing." I did what I was told. I wrote this book in one month. Uncommon? Not necessarily. I believe these types of things are happening all over our planet at this time. I am a product of Western civilization but seemed to have been set on a different path even as a young child. I preferred the company of adults and their serious conversations to that of my childhood peers and their play. I questioned what I was taught rather than accepting everything at face-value. When my teenage classmates were excitedly planning their careers, I chose the traditional path of housewife and mother, though I was far from being an ordinary wife and mother. Even though I was born after WWII, into a generation that enjoyed prosperity and endless possibilities, I preferred to live a life-style as my ancestors had. I knew also there was a presence in my life that was a constant, which I never feared, but felt instead a significant degree of safety and security. This presence seemed to nudge me towards making better decisions and helped me notice things I wouldn't have otherwise. I didn't think about them when I was young, just taking their constant presence for granted. They guided me; they taught me...they helped me make sense of things. I took them for granted. I didn't know what it was like to not have them. They have always been with me. I had never even considered wondering who they were. That all changed when I reached a crisis point in my life, at the age of fifty-two. Because I had stripped from me all I had relied on for strength in my life up to this point, I asked of the Universe in my moment of agony, three key questions- 1. Who am I? 2. What is my purpose? 3. If there is a God, who is he? I received answers I never anticipated over the following few short years. Answers which also revealed who they are and my connectedness to them. They are referred to by numerous titles such as, Guardians, Watchers, Holy Spirit, Angels, ETs, Spirit Guides, and others, and they are a very real presence in millions of people's lives, but not something spoken of- or hardly ever. I also learned via synchronicities and coincidences, the ancient history of our planet and who our true ancestors are. I am one person and this is my story- a story that might be unique to just me, but might also be to millions of others. I am only asking that people read my accounts of how things were revealed to me with an open mind, for I realize fully there are as many paths as there are people. It is my hope that people will decide to ask their own questions, for that's all it takes to get answers. My life has been rich and full because of their presence. I have always trusted I'll be taken care of. I know they somehow inform me of everything I need to know, even when I am not aware of any need to know. Maybe if enough of us seek answers, we can open up a global dialogue, and discover who we are and what our place is in the cosmos- find peace within ourselves, and ultimately with our entire planet.show more

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About Paula Heindl

In the 1960's when American women were becoming liberated, I chose to be a mother and housewife. I was married for thirty years, had fourteen children, twelve whom are living, and now have twenty-one grandchildren. Because of this decision, rather than pursuing a career as most of my peers were electing to do, I chose to focus on raising children in a loving environment and creating a safe-haven for them and my husband. I became adept at the skills my Mother and my Grandmother practiced such as gardening and preserving; sewing, knitting and crocheting; carpentry, painting and upholstery; and animal husbandry. I also loved reading and writing, along with the arts, especially pottery, painting and photography. My environment has always been my priority as I have felt this is the basic decision we make in our determination of how we want to live our lives, and have always used interior design, landscaping, and the use of art and a multitude of plants, to create my own piece of heaven on earth. I became an avid reader in my early teens and began to write when my life as a mother began to wind down when I was in my fifties. I have felt for a long time, there is a rich source of knowledge in the endless possibilities of unlimited topics, that's not being tapped into, in the minds and hearts of all the billions of women who fall under the categories of Housewife and Mother. I believe the time has come for women to come forward and have their voices be heard. We are experienced, we are focused and unrelenting at times, and we are intelligent. We also have experienced much from very unusual perspectives. Even though our work goes unnoticed, it's the glue that holds everything together because in its comprehensiveness, every aspect of being human is covered, and hence influences all life on our planet.show more