Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry 2003

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry 2003

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Ullmann's 2003. Online access plus CD--ROM for local hosting. http://interscience.wiley.com/ullmanns. The 2003 Edition of Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry is now available. More than 50 articles have been revised and brought up--to--date, and new developments have also been taken into account by the inclusion of completely new articles, such as Superabsorbents, Membrane Reactors, Combinatorial Methods in Catalysis and Materials Science, Dry Mortars, Cyclodextrins, Cork, and Pigging Technology. Again, the outstanding high quality of the content distinguishes Ullmann's from other reference works: all data have been checked, and all articles have been designed to meet the users' needs. Added to all this are the advantages of a superb user interface: quick access, clear screen design, convenient and powerful search facilities. More powerful than ever, Ullmann's is the definitive reference work for all fields of industrial chemistry, and will keep its pole position for generations to come. From recent reviews: "The user interface is excellent: simple, clear, and highly functional. [...] The search window is powerful. [...]
The super user interface makes the electronic version a big improvement over the paper edition." -- The Alchemist (ChemWeb) "Every user in industry and academia will be enthusiastic about this comprehensive and excellently conceived electronic reference work." -- Chemie Ingenieur Technik
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Table of contents

The encyclopedia contains about 850 major articles - Industrial Chemistry from A to Z: Chemicals ranging from "Acetaldehyde" to "Zirconium Compounds"; Materials ranging from "Adhesives" to "Zeolites"; Processes and Unit Operations ranging from "Abrasion" to "Ziegler Processes"; Methods ranging from "Activation Analysis" to "Zone Melting", active substances from "Acaricides" to "Vitamins" ... and much more, including brand-new topics, are waiting to be discovered! Approx. 400 articles have been revised or added since the completion of the 5th printed edition in 1997: Abrasives/ Absorption/ Acaricides/ Acetic Acid/ Acetic anhydride and mixed fatty acid anhydride/ Acetone/ Acetylene/ Acridine/ Acrolein and methacrolein/ Acrylic acid and derivtes/ activated carbon/ Acylation and Alkylation/ Adhesive; Thin Films/ Adhesives/ Adipic Acid/ Advanced Structural Products/ Aerogels/ Agricultural/ Air/ Alcohols/ Aldehydes/ aliphatic/ Aliphatic/ Aliphatic and Araliphatic/ Alkaloids/ Alkyl resins/ Allyl Compounds/ Aluminum Alloys;/ Aluminum Compounds/ Aluminum Compounds (Inorganic)/ Aluminum Oxide/ Amines/ Amino acids/ Aminophenols/ Ammonia/ Ammonium compounds/ Ammonium compounds/ Analgesics and Antipyretics;/ Aniline/ Anthelmintics/ Anthracene/ Antiallergic Agents/ Antiasthmatic Agents/ Antidiabetic Drugs/ Antiepileptics/ Anti-inflammatory and Antirheumatic Drugs/ Antimony and Antimony Compounds/ Antimycotics/ Antiulcer Drugs/ Arsenic and Arsenic Compounds/ Artists' colors/ Aviation Turbine Fuels/ Aziridines/ Azo Dyes/ Barium and Barium Compounds/ Barium Compounds/ Batteries/ Batteries/ Beer/ Benzenesulfonic acids and their derivatives/ Benzoic Acid and Derivatives/ Benzoquinone/ Benzoquinone and Naphthoquinone Dyes/ Benzylamine/ Bioremediation/ Bleaching/ Blood/ Blood Pressure Increasing Agents/ Boron Carbide/ Boron Nitride/ Bread and other Baked Products/ Butanals/ Butyrolactone/ Calcium Carbide/ Calcium Sulfate/ Cancer Chemotherapy/ Carbon/ Carbon/ Carbon (Fullerenes)/ Carbon Monoxide/ Carcinogenic Agents/ Cardiac Glycosides/ Cardiovascular Drugs/ Catalysis and Catalysts/ Cellulose/ Cellulose Esters/ Cement/ Cement and concrete/ Centrifuges Sedimentation/ Ceramics/ Cesium/ Chemical Conservation of Buildings/ Chitin and Chitosan/ Chlorinated Hydrocarbons/ Chlorine/ Chlorine Oxides/ Chocolate/ Choline/ Chromatographic Reactors/ Clays/ Cleansing Agents/ Cleansing Agents/ Coal/ Cobalt and Co comp./ Coffee/ Combinatorial Chemistry/ Concrete/ Confectionery/ Contraception/ Copper/ Cresols and Xylenols/ Crotonaldehyde and Crotonic Acid/ Crown Ethers/ Crystal Growth/ Custom Synthesis of Chemicals;/ Cyanamide/ Cyanates/ Cyanuric Acid and Cyanuric Chloride/ Cyclododecanone/ Cyclododecatriene and Cyclooctadiene/ Cyclohexanol and Cyclohexanone/ Cyclopentadiene and Cyclopentene/ Denditic Materials/ Dental Materials/ Dental materials/ Dermatotherapeutic Agents/ Design of Experiments/ Dextran/ Dialkyl Sulfates .../ Dimethyl Ether/ Disinfectants/ Disperse Dyes/ Diuretics/ Drying Oils and Related Products/ Dust Separation/ Electrochemistry/ Electrochemistry/ Electrochemistry (Electrochemical Nanotechnology)/ Electrophoresis/ Electrostatic Separation/ Environmental Management in the Chemical Industry/ Enzymes/ Enzymes/ Ethylbenzene/ Ethylen Glycol/ Ethylene/ Ethylene Oxide/ Explosives/ Fertilizers/ Fertilizers/ Fiber Optics/ Fibers/ Fibers (Survey)/ Fibers (Testing)/ Filtration/ Fire estingushing agents/ Flavours and Fragrances/ Floor Coverings/ Floor Coverings/ Fluorine Compounds/ Foods/ Formaldehyde/ Foundry Technology/ Fuel Cells/ Fungicides/ Furan and Derivatives/ etc.
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