Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Treasures of Ancient Egypt

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Four thousand years before the birth of Christ, ancient Egypt was the cradle of modern civilization. Powerful pharaohs built great cities on the fertile banks of the Nile, and employed thousands of labourers to create lavish tombs and temples such as Thebes and the pyramids of the Giza plateau. Today the exceptional beauty and scale of ancient Egypt's antiquities is legendary and draws millions of visitors to Egypt's museums and monuments each year. Treasures of Ancient Egypt is a celebration of these wonders, from Tutankhamun's tomb to the pyramids, from ancient papyrus scrolls covered with hieroglyphs to golden amulets in the form of ankhs and scarabs.
Featuring 160 colour photographs, Treasures of Ancient Egypt tells the stories of the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, and the artefacts that have been found there. From necklaces to mummies, from wall paintings to statues, this is a fascinating, highly colourful exploration of a mighty ancient civilization.
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  • Hardback | 224 pages
  • 233 x 303 x 22.86mm | 1,380g
  • London, United Kingdom
  • English
  • 160 photos; 160 Illustrations, unspecified
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Table of contents

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The Old Kingdom
Cave of the Swimmers or Cave of the Beasts
General view of Nile
Narmer pallete
Noble's Mastaba
Pyramid of Djoser (step pyramid)
Reed tiles (turquoise) from Djoser palace
Meidum pyramid
Bent pyramid
Statue of Rahotep and Nofret
Meidum geese
Giza plateau (three pyramids)
Great pyramid of Khufu
Burial chamber Pyramd of Khufu Khufu solar boat
Queen's pyramids
Burial equipment (bed, etc) Hetepheres
Pyramid of Khafre (second pyramid)
Great Sphinx
Statue of Khaefre from the Valley temple
Pyramid of Menkaure
Triad of Menkaure, hathor and nome goddess
Pyramid texts, burial chamber, pyramid of Unas
Pepy I bronze statue Mererukas tomb

The Middle Kingdom
Montjuhotep II funerary temple
Statue of Montjuhotep II
White chapel of Senwosret I
Obelisk of Senwosret
Head of Senowsret III
Bracelets of queen Weret
Diadem of Sat Hathor
Head of Amenemhat III in white crown
Pectoral of Amenemhat III
Bracelets and anklets of Sithathoryunet
Cosmetic vessels of Princess Sithathoryunet
Model of Nubian archers, tomb of Mesehti
Statue of Auibra-Hor's ka
Model of Meketre census of cattle
Asiatics, tomb of Khnumhotep II
Model of Meketre granary with scribes
Statue of young woman carrying a basket
Tale of Sinuhe, ostracon
Stele of Abkau and Imemi Serabit al-Khadim

The New Kingdom
Ahhotep necklace with fly pendants
Hatshepsut memorial temple
Expedition to Punt
Red chapel of Hatshepsut - sacred barque scene
Hathepshut obelisk Karnak
Thutmose III statue standing
Thutmose III chapel Karnak
Chapel of Rekhmire
Djehuti tomb goods
Thutmose III tomb
Polychrome glass vase
Amenhotep III head
Solar court of Amenhotep III
Amenhotep son of Hapu
Four vases in the name of Yuya
Jewel box belonging to Tuya
Chair of Princess Satamun (tomb of Yuya and Tuya)
colossi of Memnon
Colossal statue of Akhenaten
Akhenaten with the royal family
Tutankhamun Mask
Tutanhamun throne (image of the Aten)
Tutankhamun, canopic jars in chest
Tutankhamun pendant
Tutnakhamun Gold fan with hunting scene
North wall, Tutankhamun tomb opening of the mouth
Hunting scene, Nebamun's tomb
Horemheb offers to Osiris
Horemheb before the goddess
Isis tomb of Ramose funeral procession
Sennefer and wife
Field inspectors, tomb of Menena
Ladies at banquet, tomb of Nakht
Blessed in the field of reeds, Sennedjem
Ceiling with bulls heads, Onuris-Kha tomb
Seti I and Rameses II Abydos
King lists Rameses II temple reliefs
Karnak - great hypostyle hall
Great Hypostyle hall - detail
Seti I tomb ceiling
Seti I tomb wall
Sarcophagus of Seti I
Rameses II blue crown
Ramesseum (aerial photo)
Ramesseum fallen colossus
Queen Meritamun colossus
Nefertari tomb makes offerings
Isis leading Nefertari
Nefertari tomb burial chamber
Papyrus of Ani - judgment of the dead
Abu Simbel Great Temple
Abu Simbel Small Temple
Banquet scene, tomb of Ramose
Ushabti of Merenptah
Stele of Merenptah's victory
First pylon, Medinet Habu
Rameses III hunting bulls
Prisoner tiles from RIII palace
Statue of Rameses VI with a prisoner
Casket of Rameses IX

The Late Period
Mirror with case, Pinudjem 21D
Pectoral, Sheshonq II (22D)
Stela of Djeddjehutyiuankh (22D)
Head of Shabaka
Triad of Isis, Osiris and Horus, Osorkon II
Statuette of Ososrkon III
Statue of Nefertem
Silver coffin of Psusennes I
Gold mask of Psusennes I
Mummy plaque, Psusennes I
Pectoral, Psunennes I
Cup belonging to Undjebauendjed 21
Statue of Isis wearing Hathor hesdress
Dyn. 26
Head of King Amasis (26 D)
Statue of Osiris, Tomb of Psamtek.
Avenue of sphinxes, Luxor
Greco-Roman Period
Head of Ptolemy I
Head of Cleopatra VII
Temple of Edfu, first pylon
Falcon statue of Horus
Cat mummy, Abydos
Dendera, entrance
Dendera, hypostyle hall, astronomical ceiling
Dendera, Zodiac
Dendera Roman birth house (mammisi)
Sarcophagus of falcon
Hypostyle hall
Kom Ombo Temple
King offers to Harwer, Horus the Elder
First pylon, Philae
Rosetta Stone
Colossal head of Augustus
Trajan's kiosk
Kom el-Shugafa catacombs
Pompey's column
Mummy of Artemidorus with portrait
Coffin cupboard of Padichons
Naos with falcon (Roman)
Temple of Kalabsha
Temple of Kalabsha (relief of Mandulis and pharaoh)
Villa of the birds
Kom el dikka, theater

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About Nigel Fletcher-jones

Nigel Fletcher-Jones, with a PhD in archaeological anthropology from Durham University, UK, was director of the American University in Cairo Press from 2012 to 2020. He is the author of Treasures of Ancient Egypt (2019), Abu Simbel and the Nubian Temples (2019), and Ancient Egyptian Jewelry (2020). He lives in Canterbury, Kent.
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