Tourism in South-East Asia

Tourism in South-East Asia

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South-East Asia has developed rapidly as a tourist destination, but what are the effects of this growth upon the peoples of the region? How far is it possible to control the impact of tourism whilst also supporting the industry's role in the region's development? This book, first published in 1993, attempts to answer these questions by providing a critical analysis of the nature of tourism as it has developed in the area. It questions commonly held assumptions about tourism both from a western perspective and from the point of view of policy makers in the region. It explores central issues such as the impact of tourism on the environment, culture and the economy, placing it within an historical and political context in order to assess the implications of current developments. The contributors use case studies from a variety of countries on such aspects as the sex industry, dream holidays and rural handicrafts, assessing tourist perceptions, both domestic and international, and policy decisions. By taking a long-term perspective it should provoke thought on the ways to develop sustainable tourism for the future.
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  • Paperback | 382 pages
  • 159 x 235mm
  • London, United Kingdom
  • English
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  • 9781138364424

Table of contents

1. Tourism in South-East Asia: Introduction Michael Hitchcock, Victor T. King and Michael J.G. Parnwell 2. Time and Tides in the Anthropology of Tourism David Wilson 3. Tourism, Culture and the Sociology of Development Robert E. Wood 4. Cultural Tourism in Bali: National Integration and Regional Differentiation Michel Picard 5. Tourism and Culture in Malaysia Victor T. King 6. Peter Pan in South-East Asia: Views from the Brochures Tom Selwyn 7. Packaging Dreams: Javanese Perceptions of Tourism and Performance Felicia Hughes-Freeland 8. Open-Ended Prostitution as a Skilful Game of Luck: Opportunity, Risk and Security Among Tourist-Oriented Prostitutes in a Bangkok Soi Erik Cohen 9. Tourism Policy-Making in South-East Asia Linda K. Richter 10. The Economics of Tourism in Asia and the Pacific M. Thea Sinclair and R.W.A. Vokes 11. Tourism and Economic Development in ASEAN John Walton 12. Tourism and Rural Handicrafts in Thailand Michael J.G. Parnwell 13. Early Tourism in Malaya A.J. Stockwell 14. Early Travellers in Borneo Graham Saunders 15. Environmental Issues and Tourism in Thailand Michael J.G. Parnwell 16. Dragon Tourism in Komodo, Eastern Indonesia Michael Hitchcock 17. Tourism and Conservation in Indonesia and Malaysia Janet Cochrane 18. Dialogue with the Hosts: An Educational Strategy Towards Sustainable Tourism Kadir H. Din
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