Top Tips in Urology

Top Tips in Urology

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The second edition of Top Tips in Urology provides highly clinical tips and rapid-reference "tricks of the trade" to the most common questions and problems that arise for both the practicing urologist and the urologic surgeon. Covering each of the major areas of urology and with contributions for experience practicing urologists and surgeons, this book is a unique book containing valuable information for all urologists dealing with patients on a day to day more

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Table of contents

Contributors Foreword Preface Sections Part 1: Open Urology 1. A technique to minimize the risk of ureteric injury in patients with an enlarged median lobe undergoing radical prostatectomy Nikhil Vasdev and David Chadwick 2. Novel methods to aid vesicourethral anastomosis in radical retropubic prostatectomy Lehana Yeo, Rajindra Singh and Jhumur Pati 3. Surgical technique to reduced intra-operative bleeding during open prostatectomy Nikhil Vasdev, Edgar Paez and Andrew C. Thorpe 4. Millin s prostatectomy Rob Jones and Ru MacDonagh 5. Cystectomy Patrick Keane 6. Salvage cystectomy and prostatectomy Senthil Nathan 7. Creating an ileal conduit Simon Fulford 8. Pre-fashioning an urostomy Richard Bell 9. A novel technique for parastomal hernia repair Jeetesh Bhardwa, Rob Gray and Hanif Motiwala 10. Parastomal hernia repair Derek Fawcett 11. Nephrectomy: Vascular control during caval thrombectomy Dan Wilby and Matt Hayes 12. Secure ligation of foreshortened large veins Dan Wilby and Matt Hayes 13. How to avoid dislodging the vascular clamp Asif Muneer 14. Ligating the renal artery David Cranston 15. Renal surgery using ice sludge using innovative technique Ruzi Begum and Hanif Motiwala 16. Making the best of a short suture length in a deep dark hole John McLoughlin 17. Anterior approach for a pyeloplasty John McLoughlin 18. Ureteric injuries lower third Adaptations of the Boari Flap John Kelleher 19. Radical orchidectomy for germ cell tumours David Hendry 20. Don t lose the lumen at urethroplasty Andrew Doble 21. Emergency call to the gynae / obstetric theatre John McLoughlin 22. Is it urine in the drain? Christopher Woodhouse 23. Cutaneous fistula Senthil Nathan 24. Post-operative abdominal drain Senthil Nathan Part 2: Laparoscopic and Robotic Urology 25. Modified Hassan technique in super-obese patients Tev Aho 26. A modification to the Hassan technique for securing pneumoperitoneum Ben Challacombe and Pardeep Kumar 27. Finger access is the safest Richard Napier-Hemy 28. Keep it simple Jon Cartledge 29. The Ten Commandments Peter Rimmington 30. Controlling a small hole in the IVC Richard Napier-Hemy 31. Remember Endoloops? Richard Napier-Hemy 32. Tips in laparoscopic urology Dominic Hodgson 33. Laparoscopic suturing Alan McNeill 34. Laparoscopic suturing Henry Sells 35. Laparoscopic suturing Chris Eden 36. Cholangiogram catheters can help antegrade wire placement at the time of pyeloplasty Richard Napier-Hemy 37. Laparoscopic nephrectomy: Introduction of balloon-tipped trocar (BTT) in obese patient Damian Hambury 38. Laparoscopic nephrectomy: Closing the exit site in an obese patient Damian Hambury 39. Laparoscopic nephrectomy: Port sites for left nephrectomy Damian Hambury 40. Laparoscopic nephrectom Peter W. Cooke 41. Laparoscopic nephrectomy Toby Page 42. Laparoscopic Nephrectomy : Renal vein Tony Riddick 43. Aiding dissection of the renal artery during a laparoscopic radical nephrectomy Adam Jones 44. Robotic assisted laparoscopic pyeloplasty (RALP) Prokar Dasgupta 45. Laparoscopic prostatectomy Peter W. Cooke 46. Use of the Endo Close device for prostatic elevation during robotic assisted radical prostatectomy (RALP) David Bouchier-Hayes 47. Additional points of note when performing prostate suspension during minimally invasive radical prostatectomy Ben Challacombe 48. Robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy Senthil Nathan 49. A technique to relocate the robotic prostatectomy retrieval bag to the mid-line camera port Muhammad Jamal Khan and Omer Karim 50. The rectal injury test Ben Challacombe 51. Identifying potential breaches in the rectum during minimally invasive surgery Justin Collins 52. The wrong plane Anonymous 53. Spreading tough tissue with robotic forceps Marc Laniado 54. Robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RARP) Prokar Dasgupta 55. Steps to free up robotic arm and assistant availability during robotic radical prostatectomy Adam Jones 56. Use of Ethicon vicryl foil and robotic camera lights to warm the robotic scope lens to prevent lens fogging M.J. Khan and Omer Karim 57. Management of anastomotic leak following radical prostatectomy R. Begum and Omer Karim 58. Identification of ureters during minimally invasive radical cystectomy Ben Challacombe 59. Maintaining pneumoperitoneum during minimally invasive female cystectomy Ben Challacombe 60. Robotic assisted laparoscopic cystectomy (RARC) Prokar Dasgupta Part 3: Upper Tract Endourology 61. Puncturing the calyx in order to obtain access for percutaneous nephrolithotomy: The three finger rule Gerald Rix 62. Prevention of migration of the Amplatz sheath during PCNL Oliver Wiseman 63. PCNL Sunil Kumar 64. PCNL Aasem Chaudry 65. PCNL Stephanie J. Symons 66. Encrusted nephrostomy tubes James Hall 67. Reaching stones in the kidney during flexible ureterorenoscopy with a large renal pelvis Gerald Rix 68. The advantages of using the Peditrol during flexible and rigid ureterorenoscopy Sunil Kumar 69. Flexible renoscopy and stone fragmentation Bo Parys 70. A novel technique to treat large mid or upper ureteric stones Asif Raza and MJ Khan 71. Rigid Ureteroscopy Matthew Bultitude 72. The Boston Shouldered Stent Bo Parys 73. Ureteroscopy Nimish Shah 74. The Pin Hole Scope part 1 Sunil Kumar and Peter Malone 75. Use of the dual lumen catheter Oliver Wiseman 76. Flexible ureteroscopy Stephen Gordon 77. Lasering stones Senthil Nathan 78. Renal pelvic stones Anthony Blacker 79. Difficult urethral stricture encountered at ureteroscopy James Hall 80. General tips for a simpler and safer ureteroscopy Sunil Kumar 81. Flexible ureteroscopy / retrograde study of the right collecting system post cystectomy Senthil Nathan 82. Optimising the view for difficult stent insertion John McLoughlin 83. A novel technique for stent change over an ileal-ureteric anastamosis Rob Gray and Hanif Motiwala 84. Stents Peter W. Cooke 85. Placing a stent in a female patient without having to re-load the cystoscope or performing a stent change in a female patient with a flexible cystoscope only Gerald Rix 86. Paired JJ stents for retroperitoneal fibrosis John McLoughlin 87. Four tips relating to ureteric stenting Sunil Kumar 88. Insertion of Double J stent Senthil Nathan 89. Basketing of stones Senthil Nathan 90. Back loading guide wires David Hendry 91. Insertion of a guidewire into the ureter Senthil Nathan 92. A solution for stent-related bladder symptoms Paul Halliday Part 4: Lower Urinary Tract 93. HoLEP: Laser Technique Tev Aho 94. HoLEP: Safe morcellation Tev Aho 95. Holmium cystolitholapaxy Sunil Kumar 96. Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) Nikesh Thiruchelvam 97. Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) Peter W. Cooke 98. Transurethral vapourisation of the prostate Senthil Nathan 99. Use of catheter introducer Derek Fawcett 100. An alternative way to pass a urethral catheter post Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) Ben Ayres and Gary Das 101. The 17F Integral Cystoscope Graham Sole 102. Non Irrigating Resectoscope Graham Sole 103. Urethral strictures Anthony Blacker 104. Optimising the view for stent insertion John McLoughlin 105. Assessment of paediatric urethral strictures A.M. Peracha 106. The Pin Hole Scope part 2 Sunil Kumar and Peter Malone 107. How to remove air bubbles in the dome of the bladder David Hendry 108. Resecting multiple bladder tumours Senthil Nathan 109. Primary TURBT Aasem Chaudry 110. Trawling for flat superficial bladder tumour John McLoughlin 111. Resecting bladder tumours Richard Bell 112. Never use an Ellick in a clot retention Simon Bott 113. Displaced suprapubic catheter Dan Wilby and Matt Hayes Part 5: Andrology 114. Glans droop following the insertion of a penile prosthesis Asif Muneer, Suks Minhas and Alex Kirkham 115. The key to a successful epididymectomy: The Bungee manoeuvre John McLoughlin 116. Haemostasis for Nesbit s procedure Suks Minhas 117. Nesbit s procedure John McLoughlin 118. Tension free vasectomy reversal Asif Muneer 119. Intracorporeal perforation during penile implantation Suks Minhas Part 6: Female Urology 120. Recurrent cystocele and rectocele repair using modified mesh: New Technique Rob Gray and Hanif Motiwala 121. Eroded Transvaginal Tape Rizwan Hamid 122. Mid-urethral tension free tapes Neil Harris 123. Treatment of TVT mesh eroding the bladder Georgina Wilson Part 7: General 124. Circumcision Andrew Doble 125. Dressing a circumcision Simon Bott 126. Post circumcision dressing: The Gauze sporran Andrew Doble 127. Difficult reduction of paraphimosis Andrew Doble 128. Round bodied needles Richard Bell 129. Bladder clots Ling Lee 130. Performing a flexible cystoscopy for a bladder which is full of debris Asif Muneer 131. Passing a urethra catheter across a stricture after a guide-wire is passed via the flexible cystoscope Ling Lee 132. Inserting a catheter over a guidewire Simon Bott 133. Cryoanalgesia for prostate biopsy. Simon Robinson, and Hanif Motiwala 134. Pain relief in epididymo-orchitis Andrew Doble 135. Hydrocele Senthil Nathan 136. Epididymal cyst Senthil Nathan 137. Shape of the male urethra Simon Bott 138. Local anaesthetic injection through skin Paul McInerney 139. Transrectal ultrasound John McLoughlin 140. Modified transrectal biopsy of prostate Ruzi Begum, Rob Gray and Hanif Motiwala 141. Transperineal biopsy probe set up 142. Changing a difficult or encrusted supra-pubic catheter John McLoughlin 143. How to predict the difficult catheter? Use the Force! K Mozolowski and John Calleary 144. Urodynamics Sara Wood Part 8: Clinical Management 145. Neuro-urology Philip Van Kerrebroeck 146. Managing urinary tract damage due to ketamine abuse Dan Wood 147. Top tips for foreskin assessment Dan Wood 148. LUTS progression Mark Speakman 149. Top 10 tips: Management of Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CP/CPPS) J. Curtis Nickel 150. Uro-gynae tips Glyn Constantine 151. Psychological problems and surgery Paul McInerney 152. Use of analogies to assist with explanation of urological problems David Nicol Indexshow more