Time Bomb 2000!

Time Bomb 2000! : What the Year 2000 Computer Crisis Means to You!

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The first edition of "Time Bomb 2000" was a "New York Times" best-seller. It may have done more than any other book to awaken folks about what Y2K might really mean. Perhaps the scariest thing about TIME BOMB 2000 was that the lead author is one of the world's top software engineering professionals. If "he" was worried...show more

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Review quote

Reader Review Letters to Ed Yourdon:From: Galen Brunner, Hartford, Wis.Ed,I just finished your new book and found it to be a masterpiece. You and Jennifer did an outstanding job. I'm the 72 year-old guy my daughter e-mailed you about (Page 337). We really got a charge out of your reference to her post. Thanks for the honor. I have your page bookmarked and check it out every day. Thanks for all the level-headed information. We need more like you.From: Don Oas Really, really enjoyed your book. Couldn't wait for the next installment. I was especially impressed with the fact that you did not specifically predict what was going to happen; you merely advised that we make our own judgement and plans. It was also unnerving to see a book of this nature coming from Ed Yourdon. You have my deepest respect and I have used your guidance in the past to keep up with the next wave of information technology. I would expect a book on how to handle the problem from a technology viewpoint. The fact that you spent your time on this type of a book was the single event that pushed me from a spectator of the Y2K problem to a participant. This puppy is for real. Your Chapter 12 was chilling and depressing. One person's opinion...I can see that a publisher would like the "Time Bomb 2000" title -- it's catchy, sensational and sums up the book quickly. However, I prefer the original title, "Fallback". Once you understand the issue, this title is even more emotionally disturbing. It reminds me of the title "Fail Safe". This problem needs ACTION - mostly from/for government. I don'twant the Ed Yourdon credibility wasted and you be labeled a "sensationalist". It is instructive to note what happened to the credibility of Gary Aldrich. Maybe he was wrong on one of his points; what about the other 299???By the way, I'm optimistic that industry will come through. We're doing O.K., and many of our partners are too. It might be rough, but there wouldn't be a purpose for your book if there wasn't at least one area that didn't go beyond the 3-day classification. I'm very worried about the government, and anarchy brings its own problems. Keep up the good work. I've been watching your schedule to see when there will be a public seminar on the "Death March" projects.From: Paul Bowman Subject:Outstanding..Hi,I just want to thank you for bringing this all to light in such an articulate manner. I've been saying for years to all the folks I know that this was going to be a really big problem and I got the usual response of "They'll fix it before then." Well, "then" is fast approaching and for the most part, "They" haven't fixed it. Funny how the programmers I run into in my day to day work say they're "leaving town" after they make their money. This is not very assuring. At least now I have something in writing that explains (in English) just what may transpire as well as several examples of things that HAVE gone wrong. You've both done a great job and I am buying your book as a way of saying thanks. If your book saves 1 life, then all the hassle of writing it will be well worth it. As a reader I thank you. Also, thanks for posting it up on the web.So what are YOU doing for the y2k New Year? Sincerely,Paul BowmanPS: Do you think Dr. North is on the mark? (Worse case scenario of course)I'm betting my future on it. After all, If nothing happens, GREAT!,.. but if it does and one isn't prepared,.......FROM: Roleigh MartinI want to buy initially anywhere from 50 to 101 copies of Time Bomb. What kind of discount an I get ordering direct from you? Ed Yourdon suggested contacting you directly (thanks, Ed!). I want to hand out copies to members of the press, local authorities, utility CEOs, etc., to make sure that Y2k problems are fully understood locally. Thanks! Will you take credit card and include how much shipping will cost me -- I want to compare your discount pricing with what it would cost to order from Amazon.com or elsewhere.(I also have a web site where I heavily promote this book-- http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/roleigh_martinhttp://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/roleigh_martin/bkstore. It gets significant traffic.)Personally, I believe that Ed Yourdon should get a Nobel Prize for doing this book, I believe history will consider this book that significant (or at least, I hope it does).From: Bruce WebsterEd:My copy of Time Bomb 2000 arrive from Amazon.com yesterday (I've had it on order for some weeks). I'm about 1/3 of the way through...just wanted to stop and tell you that it's well-written and, more depressingly, just confirms my own thoughts and fears. I also wanted to pass on a few more of the Y2K tidbits that we tend to anticipate and dread:While attending lunch at the Government Y2K conference (where I gave the "Darker Than You Think" talk), I was at a table that included two women from Sweden. The issue of airplanes and Y2K came up, and someone mentioned the then-recent announcement by KLM that it would be restricting flights during the week surround the Y2K rollover. One of the women then made a statement that I haven't been able to verify but which sounds all too feasible: that there isn't enough room at all the world's airports for all the world's commercial airplanes to be on the ground simultaneously. Now, I suspect that with advance planning, accommodations can be made, but to the extent that both air traffic control and on-board systems lead to a drastic scaling back of flights at the end of 1999, we could see some degree of gridlock at commercial airports worldwide that could take weeks or months to recover from. Speaking of gridlock: one of the examples I used in my talk for an analogy of possible Y2K consequence has been that of the gridlock and congestion that Union Pacific Railroad has experienced with regard to its merger with Southern Pacific, due in part to the problems in getting the two firms' IS systems hooked together (e.g., see http://cgi2.nando.net/newsroom/ntn/biz/100197/biz15_16953_body.html andhttp://www.chron.com/cgi-bin/auth/story/content/chronicle/business/97/12/31/union.2-0.html).T here was a Y2K tremor on this past New Year's Eve. Some time last year, Computer Automation (CA) sent out a Y2K patch for its CA 7 Scheduler application. Come midnight in Australia on New Year's Eve, CA 7 Scheduler installations shut down and proceeded to do so in successive timezones around the globe as midnight struck. Turns out the patch, while fixing the 1/1/00 problem, _broke_ CA 7 Scheduler for 1/1/98. Here in the US, several hours ahead of the crashes, CA 7 Scheduler sites were getting calls from CA on New Year's Eve to see whether they had installed that patch. A taste of things to come.... So...I see you're now living in Taos, NM. Some of your own Y2K preparations? And, by the way, when would you like to come address the Washington D.C. Year 2000 Group? Take care, and stay in touch. ..bruce..(Member, Fannie Mae Year 2000 Team and Chair, Washington DC Year 2000 Group)From: Gail H. ByarsEd,Just finished reading "Time Bomb 2000". What a great resource you have created. My husband and I decided, after reading your book, to order an additional 20 copies to give to friends, family and business associates.Took a look at your web site today, and it looks great. (located at: www.yourdon.com)Keep up the good work.Reader Reviews on Amazon.comTimothy Barney from Ann Arbor, MI , 11/03/97, rating=10:Best Analysis of Y2K available for laymen...Among the many writings on the problems computers will face with the Year 2000, this is by far the best. This book is one of those rare writings that are a marked contribution to society, alerting us to a real danger and offering helpful suggestions on what we as individuals can do to prepare for it. Ron Rohrssen of Cedar Rapids IA A simple layman approach to understanding the Y2K issues. This is one of the most practical books that I've read on Y2K issues to date. ... Ed and Jennifer Yourdon offer sound reasoning on the scope of the Y2K problems that we will all face. I would suggest that you get several copies of this book and pass it around to friends and relatives. Mike Gunderloy of Seattle, WA If you only read one year 2000 book, this should be it... This is not a book for techno-geeks, but rather a treatment for the man in the street. If you're concerned as to how the "Year 2000 Bug" will affect YOU, you need to read this book.show more

Table of contents

1. Year-2000 Fallback Planning Overview. Introduction. Risk Management. Severity of the Problem (Day, Month, Year, Decade). "Bottom Line" Advice. Endnotes.2. Year-2000 Impact on Jobs. Introduction. How Could the Year-2000 Problem Cause All of This? Fallback Advice: The Two-Day Shutdown. Fallback Advice: The One-Month Shutdown. Fallback Advice: The One-Year Shutdown. Fallback Advice: The Ten-Year Shutdown. Endnotes.3. Year-2000 Impact on Utilities. Introduction. How Could Such Failures Happen? The Electrical System. Additional Year-2000 Problems for Utility Companies. Fallback Advice: The Two-Day Failure. Fallback Advice: The One-Month Failure. Fallback Advice: The One-Year Failure. Endnotes.4. Year-2000 Impact on Transportation. Introduction. Automobiles. Public Transportation: Trains and Buses. Planes. Another Transportation Problem: GPS Rollover Failures in 1999. Fallback Advice: Two-Day Problems. Fallback Advice: One-Month Problems. Fallback Advice: One-Year Problems. Fallback Advice: Ten-Year Problems. Endnotes.5. Year-2000 Impact on Banking/Finance. Introduction. Year 2000 and the Banking System. More Serious Banking Problems. What's the Fed Doing About All of This? Credit Cards. The Stock Market. Recap: Could Things Really Be This Bad? Fallback Advice: The Two-Day Failure. Fallback Advice: The One-Month Failure. Fallback Advice: The One-Year Failure. Fallback Advice: The Ten-Year Failure. Endnotes.6. Year-2000 Impact on Food. Introduction. Delivery of Food. Fallback Advice: Two-Day Failures. Fallback Advice: One-Month Failures. Fallback Advice: One-Year Failures. Fallback Advice: Ten-Year Failures. Endnotes.7. Year-2000 Impact on Your Home PC. Introduction. Hardware Vulnerability. Operating System Vulnerability. Application Vulnerability. We Have Met the Enemy, and He Is Us. Fallback Suggestions-the Two-Day Failure. Fallback Suggestions-the One-Month Failure. Fallback Suggestions-the One-Year Failure. Fallback Suggestions-the Ten-Year Failure. Endnotes.8. Year-2000 Impact on News Info. Introduction. Television and Radio. Newspapers and Magazines. Fallback Advice-Two-Day, One-Month, One-Year, and Ten-Year Failures. Endnotes.9. Year-2000 Impact on Health/Medicine. Introduction. Medical Devices and Hospital Systems. Doctors. Medicare, Insurance, and Hospital/Doctor Paperwork. Prescription medicines. Fallback Advice-Two-Day Failures. Fallback Advice-One-Month Failures. Fallback Advice-One-Year Failures. Fallback Advice-Ten-Year Failures. Endnotes.10. Year-2000 Impact on Government. Introduction. Social Security. Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicare, etc. Internal Revenue Service. The Defense Department. Other Federal Agencies. State and Local Agencies. What is Government Doing About the Year-2000 Problem? What Should the Government Be Doing About Year-2000? Fallback Advice-Two-Day Failures. Fallback Advice-One-Month Failures. Fallback Advice-One-Year Failures. Fallback Advice-Ten-Year Failures. Endnotes.11. Year-2000 Impact on Embedded Systems. Introduction. Fallback Advice-Two-Day Failures. Fallback Advice-One-Month Failures. Fallback Advice-One-Year Failures. Fallback Advice-Ten-Year Failures. Endnotes.12. Year-2000 Impact on Education. Introduction. Fallback Advice-Two-Day Disruptions. Fallback Advice-One-Month Disruptions. Fallback Advice-One-Year Disruptions. Fallback Advice-Ten-Year Disruptions. Endnotes.13. Year-2000 Impact on Telephone and Mail Services. Introduction. Telephone, Fax, and E-mail. Mail and Parcel Post-FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the U.S. Postal Service. Fallback Advice-Two-Day Disruptions. Fallback Advice-One-Month Disruptions. Fallback Advice-One-Year Disruptions. Fallback Advice-Ten-Year Disruptions. Endnotes.14. Conclusion. Introduction. Do Your Own "Reality Test". Make Your Own Assessment of Year-2000 Consequences. Most Important: Maintain Flexibility. A Final Thought. Endnotes.Appendix A. What the Year 2000 Problem Is All About. Appendix B. The Ripple Effect of the Year 2000 Problem.show more

About Edward Yourdon

Edward Yourdon is an independent consultant, author and widely-known developer of the Yourdon Method of structured systems analysis. He is author of The Rise and Resurrection of the American Programmer, Death March, and several other best-selling Prentice Hall PTR titles. Jennifer Yourdon received a B.A. in economics from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and did graduate work in economics at NYU. She has worked in research on Wall Street for five years, and is currently employed by a major investment bank. She lives in New York City.show more

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