Thoughts of a Mad Man

Thoughts of a Mad Man : Poems, Songs & Tales for the Hopeless Romantic Who Refuses to Give Up Hope

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Why was this book written? From the hundreds of conversations with my fellow men and women and the lack of communication between the sexes. It was written for non-player male and female, from a male perspective. You know, that person at your job, school, gym, nightclub or wherever. The one who doesn't have all the smooth, charming words to say at just the perfect time, just to keep you laughing. Or the person who is a good person, but a little shy around people they don't know. Who, if you got to know them they might show you, life from a different angle. As a society, let's stop judging the book by the cover. Funny thing is; a lot of women think real men don't get hurt, cry or experience a heart break. Well, that's not true at all. Now we may not show this side to you, but it does exist. Sadly, society tells men, (or shall I say little boys) to ignore their feelings. If a little girl falls down, people run to see if she's ok. She's also typically referred to as, princess, baby girl or angel. Flip side-- if a boy falls down, he's typically told, -Boy, get up you're not hurt!- and he's called little man. As they grow older, as some women experience let down and heartbreak. Their friends spend countless hours encouraging them to express themselves emotionally. This usually lends itself to a quicker healing and general feeling of support. Conversely, when boys suffers heart ache/sadness, your friends say encouraging things like -You're better off without her!- or my personal favorite; -There are other fish in the sea.- Ignoring the fact that this particular fish is the one you desire. So fast forward several years, --both sexes, are living life. One day they end up married. Now suddenly the man is expected to express himself as well as the woman. Remember now, she spent her lifetime expressing herself. Normally, men aren't very good communicators--we just like to fix it. No matter what it is from the car, to the house, to our beloved problems no matter how big or small... much to the dismay of our loved ones. Who just wants him to listen, empathize and sympathize with her. With that said my goal is to show that men do have a full range of emotions, although we're better at repressing or ignoring than showing them. It's a double-edged sword unfortunately; if you get too emotional, you're labeled as gay or soft. So this is for all my brothers out there that can't seem to say the right thing or get her to understand how you feel. Hopefully there will be a poem(s) in here that can help you. If not in this book, then with your support maybe in the next book(s)! On a final note; all these poems are true and based on something that happened in my life at some point. The names of the guilty have been changed, but the essence is still intact. In some of the poems it may appear that I have given up hope. At the moment in time when it was written, my faith in love had floundered; however Love being the strongest forces on the planet, will always prevail in the end. I hope you enjoy reading this and that it helps someone out there that is struggling through a tough period in their life. Everyone has suffered from loneliness, from not knowing just how to connect. You are not alone! Even if none of your friends can fathom the depths of your pain right now. I have been there and you too can overcome, if you keep your faith and your eyes focused on Jesus more

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About Dc

Originally from the Midwest now residing in Los Angeles, California. Everything in this book is based on true events that either happened in my life or someone I once cared for. This all started with a dream I had back in 1989. I woke up & wrote it down. Not realizing what it would become if anything. I've been writing ever since to get things out of my head. I had no intention of sharing any of this. I started doing spoken word & surprisingly I got a good response from people. All of us have lost something or someone we loved... if not, keep living you will. Looking back I was often in a dark place, but I now see that it all had a higher purpose. I don't confess to have any idea of what God is planning on doing with me or this book. My intent is to reach out to people who are hurting & can't see it getting any better. Or the person who has been going through tough times & it's been longer than their friends think it should last and decided you aren't worth the effort any longer. Look up & see God is looking out for you & His time isn't ours. Even if you don't believe in Him, He still believes in you. I've overcome a lot and I often times forget just how far I've come. I still catch myself focusing on what I don't have or want instead of all I do have & the many blessings that happen every day. We just need to open our eyes to see more