Tax Trees the Landscaper's Bible

Tax Trees the Landscaper's Bible : Entire World's Forests

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Not only do you get the TAX TREES book on paying less taxes, you also have the HOW TO PAY OFF THE ENTIRE US NATIONAL DEBT IN 24 HOURS book.Military can go with PLAN B choice with my lists after dividing tonnages & prices by 3-8X below & recalculating ship quantities. All units are stealth & nuclear powered. Try to keep my 3 total branch values the same.Use 20, 800sdt PANAMAX WW2 museum Essex style battle carriers. 7 3500std museum PANAMAX LPD BBs have Montana hulls, 4th turret, deploy army/supplies, use Burke DD chimneys, 4&quot; secondary's & BB35 class lead. They're the Montana Class fleet flags. Hunter recon subs with 4&quot; railguns raid cargo while SSBNs are battle subs. C3 flagship Olympia is a battle destroyer rebuilt identical but bigger for 400 sdt-16K max std with 2 3X4&quot; guns. Same yet bigger BB35 has 5 dwarf 2X16&quot;, sails with Olympia & add 2 new BBs from museum CGs. DD museums are 4&quot; DD Destroyers & 2&quot; DD minesweepers with railguns in USNC. 5 fleets X 5 oceans with 4 salvage CVs, 2 BBs with 4&quot; X51 Mark 7 ammo, 8 maintenance river minesweepers, 10 DDs for salvage search and 14 subs.USAF uses nuclear V8 props from lists, &quot;RAH66&quot; Hueys not cobras, 1300 Stealth Reapers patrol border not F4Us with thermal/night vision, T38 trainers not P51s that help our parks & dwarf VTOL F22C MRF-ASIs not F14s with 12 weapon mounts and naval scouting. Use carrier capable, abrams tank capable, folding wing C130s for tanker/CAS with sea landing not B17s. During peace they aid USCG frigates, border drones, embassy supply, ocean patrol for US civilians & can have E8/RAVEN ability lead by Victor 12 for all US research bases covering Antarctica. AF1 is 3 carrier capable dwarf 747s with folding wings. All aircraft are semi VTOL. Dimples 82 has B50 upgrades, is a C-1 phantom fortress & USAF flag. 500 AH Hueys not cobras are on embassies and USNC ships & the rest are with the USCG. 2/3rds F22 naval, 1/3rd leading 500 trainers patrolling inner US land.USCG units have 2&quot; guns. cargo escort frigates, cruise ship escort corvettes, OPV/FAC cutters & 120, 40 ton PT Elco landing ships for river icebreaking & patrols are all &quot;DE&quot;. USCG Baltimore II Class are DD museums as the new CGX program & ditches Battle term for &quot;DL&quot;. They're PANAMAX icebreakers at 70sdt for 8 LHDs or 140sdt for 4 flag hospital cruisers both with 15K ton max displacement. Each lead fleets, accept landings, help embassies & outshine 12 America LPAs. Cutters restore reefs & underwater caves, salvage sunken metal & do everything. Frigates during setup wartime cargo convoys. Army cuts 2-8X of my tonnages with amphibious tetmire units including MLRS border SAMs, coastal SPGs assisting cutters, M270 HET trucks for NASA/supply, howitzer base ABMs, IFV transports & MBT base patrols with 4&quot; guns. Scrap NASA jets for nuclear V8 prop C5. Game wardens use 300+ amphibious advanced light strike vehicles with 50 mile thermal/night vision. Add 1 medevac dark horse for each park, not biplane.Use 30-06 sounding 308 WIN & name M16A6 a battle carbine not rifle. Add mg/carbon to tetmire bulked with aluminum, molybdenum/bismuth to tungmore. Use aluminum for cans, rebar & cement. USCG buys all sailing museums for fireworks fort/ship cannons. Use <6X government with 5.1m rear & 2.4m active troops. Sell/refine all fossil fuels, nonprecious metal reserves. Keep current merchant marine size.Parks are 30% of land, are at all natural water, caves, mountain tops & military desert badlands. Don't do real estate or timber, just recreation. 30% public, 65% farmland, 5% civilization. Ideal population: 80 million Native Americans built by 4 kids by 2 generations.Walking cities overlook parks with 2000sqft balcony apartments. All local government passes legislation for future suburb property transactions to have underground power, native forest greenbelts between backyards & major roads with 1-5 acres or 1/3rd+ acre lake houses. $10t GDP, $10t currency, $100t more

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