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For courses in Philosophy and Ethics.

This exciting revised custom publication gives instructors the opportunity to choose from an archive of more than 300 readings, while creating a customized reader that exactly matches their course content and teaching approach.
Symposia offers all the benefits of traditional readersquality scholarship and exceptional source materialswith two key advantages. The first is the much greater breadth and variety of readings that the Symposia database format allows. Rather than limit professors to the 50-70 readings found in even the most extensive philosophy readers, Symposia offers three to four times as many articles from which to choose. Even more importantly, each professor is able to tailor the contents of his reader specifically to the needs of his own course. And students are not obliged to pay for readings that may or may not be assigned.
The new Symposia online BookBuild system found at, is the quickest way to for instructors to build a custom composition reader and generate an ISBN. The site allows the professor to see and select their readings and to view the apparatus created to complement each reading. Readings can be quickly found using the robust multivariant search engine.
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Table of contents


Normative Ethics.

PHIL125 Reason and Divine Law, St. Thomas Aquinas. PHIL139 Aristotle's Eudaimonism: Nicomachean Ethics, (Books I, II, X) Aristotle. PHIL124 Nicomachean Ethics, (Book I) Aristotle. PHIL175 Nicomachean Ethics, (Books VIII-IX) Aristotle. PHIL100 Utility and Pleasure, Jeremy Bentham. PHIL099 A Critique of Utilitarianism, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL126 Naturalism and Virtue Ethics, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL104 Toward a Credible Form of Utilitarianism, Richard Brandt. PHIL105 Is There a Credible Form of Utilitarianism? Alan Donagan. PHIL145 Handbook Epictetus. PHIL140 Epicurean Hedonism, Epicurus. PHIL176 Principle Doctrines, Vatican Sayings, and Other Testimonia, Epicurus. PHIL110 Utilitarianism and the Virtues, Philippa Foot. PHIL130 Virtues and Vices, Philippa Foot. PHIL179 Civilization and It's Discontents, Sigmund Freud. PHIL148 Ancient Greek Ethics: Then and Now, M. Andrew Holowchak. PHIL181 A Puzzle About Happiness, M. Andrew Holowchak. PHIL128 Neo-Aristotelianism Rosalind, Hurthouse. PHIL109 Does Consequentalism Demand Too Much? Shelly Kagan. PHIL129 The Nature of the Virtues, Alasdair MacIntyre. PHIL133 Tradition and the Virtues, Alasdair MacIntyre. PHIL174 On Liberty, John Stuart Mill. PHIL101 Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill. PHIL112 Rawls and Utilitarianism, Jan Narveson. PHIL118 The Formula of the End in Itself, J. H. Paton. PHIL138 Apology, Plato. PHIL123 Republic, Plato. PHIL178 Symposium, Plato. PHIL103 Two Concepts of Rules, John Rawls. PHIL180 The Conquest of Happiness, Bertrand Russell. PHIL107 Is Act Utilitarianism Self-Defeating, Peter Singer. PHIL132 Some Advantages of Virtue Ethics, Michael Slote. PHIL106 Extreme and Restricted Utilitarianism, J. J. C. Smart. PHIL116 Kant's Moral Philosophy, David Stewart and Donald M. Borchert. PHIL102 The Interpretation of the Moral Philosophy of John Stuart Mill, J. O. Urmson. PHIL127 Virtue, Georg Henrik von Wright.

Applied and Professional Ethics.

PHIL163 Applying Kidders Ethical Decision-making Checklist to Media Ethics, Sherry Baker. PHIL338 The Aesthetic in Sport, David Best. PHIL209 Practices and Prudence, W. Miller Brown. PHIL156 Mapping Morality: Ethics and the Human Genome Project, Arthur Caplan. PHIL337 Where's the Merit if the Best Man Wins? David Carr. PHIL155 Principles of Justice: Rights and Needs, Larry Churchill. PHIL211 Virtue Lost: Courage in Sport, John Corlett. PHIL166 A Conceptual Analysis of Ethics Codes, Deni Elliot-Boyle. PHIL154 Allocating Scarce Medical Resources and the Availability of Organ Transplantation, H. T. Engelhardt. PHIL153 The Ethics of Fetal Tissue Transplants, Alan Fine. PHIL150 Organs from Anencephalic Infants: An Idea Whose Time Has Not Yet Come, Norman Fost. PHIL212 On Reaching First Base With "Science" of Moral Development in Sport, Russell W. Gough. PHIL214 Aretism and Pharmacological Ergogenic Aids in Sport: Taking a Shot at Steroids, M. Andrew Holowchak. PHIL340 The Mens Cultural Centre: Sports and Womens Oppression/ Mens Repression, Bruce Kidd. PHIL159 The Idea of Ethics in Journalism, Stephen Klaidman and Tom L. Beauchamp. PHIL151 Why Abortion is Immoral, Don Marquis. PHIL162 Against Photographic Deception, Edwin Martin. PHIL164 Justifying Journalistic Harms: Right to Know vs. Interest in Knowing, Christopher Meyers. PHIL343 Postscript: Sport in the Larger Scheme of Things, William J. Morgan. PHIL339 Women and Masculine Sports, B. C. Postow. PHIL210 A Matter of Life and Death: Some Thoughts on the Language of Sport, Jeffrey O. Segrave. PHIL108 The Famine Relief Argument, Peter Singer. PHIL342 Is Our Admiration for Sports Heroes Fascistoid? Torbjorn Tannsjo. PHIL152 A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thompson. PHIL161 Moral Justifications for Privacy and Intimacy, Samuel P. Winch. PHIL149 A Casuistry, Arthur Zucker.


PHIL008 Virtue and Voluntary Action, Aristotle. PHIL119 Kant's Argument for God's Existence, Lewis White Beck. PHIL184 Anthropology and the Abnormal, Ruth Benedict. PHIL183 Ethical Relativism, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL196 Is Egoism an Ethical Theory, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL121 Kant on Immortality, C. D. Broad. PHIL192 The Refutation of Egoism, Sermon XI, Joseph Butler. PHIL191 Egoism, Thomas Hobbes. PHIL189 Ethical Relativism and the Facts of Cultural Relativity, Kai Nielsen. PHIL193 Beyond Good and Evil, Friedrich Nietzsche. PHIL187 Social Science and Ethical Relativism, Paul Taylor. PHIL188 The Ethical Implications of Cultural Relativity, Carl Wellman.


PHIL054 The Elimination of Metaphysics, Alfred Jules Ayer. PHIL050 Of the Principles of Human Knowledge, George Berkeley. PHIL046 Reality, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL014 Freedom and Determinism, Robert M. Chisholm. PHIL012 A Defense of Hard Determinism, Paul Edwards. PHIL049 First Principles of Materialism, Epicurus. PHIL013 Does Moral Responsibility Require the Possibility of Doing Otherwise? Harry Frankfurt. PHIL064 The Ontological Status of Theoretical Entities, Maxwell Grover. PHIL010 A Classic Statement of Compatibilism, David Hume. PHIL015 The Chance Objection, Robert Kane. PHIL034 The Crucial Relation in Personal Identity, Patricia Kithcher. PHIL035 Of Identity and Diversity, John Locke. PHIL036 On Parfits "Personal Identity," Thomas Magnell. PHIL038 Personal Identity, Derek Parfit. PHIL039 Personal Identity, Memory and Survival, Terence Penelhum. PHIL048 Republic, Plato. PHIL053 The Concept of Mind, Gilbert Ryle. PHIL009 Hard Determinism and the Experiential Argument for Freedom, Baruch Spinoza. PHIL041 Individuals, P. F. Strawson. PHIL042 Fundamental Persons, Joseph Tarala. PHIL040 Of Identity, Reid Thomas. PHIL065 Scientific Realism, Bas C. van Fraassen. PHIL043 Logical Problems for Locke Persons, David Welker. PHIL044 Are Persons Bodies? Bernard Willams.


PHIL082 A Contextualist Theory of Epistemic Justification, David B. Annis. PHIL076 Discourse on Method Rene, Descartes. PHIL084 What's Wrong with Reliabilism? Richard Foley. PHIL081 Foundationalism Versus Coherentism: A Dichotomy Disclaimed, Susan Haack. PHIL063 Two Types of Scientific Explanation, Carl G. Hempel. PHIL058 Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn. PHIL057 Conjectures and Refutation, Karl Popper. PHIL060 The Problem of Induction, Karl Popper. PHIL059 Two Dogmas of Empiricism, V. W. Quine.

Social and Political Philosophy.
Civil Rights and Responsibilities.

PHIL233 Is Democracy Special? Brian Barry. PHIL266 A Critical Examination of the Declaration of Rights, Jeremy Bentham. PHIL267 Human Rights, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL270 Civil Rights, Robert Bork and the editors of The New Republic. PHIL239 Majoritarian Democracy and Cultural Minorities, Bernard Boxill. PHIL262 The Republic and Laws, Cicero. PHIL236 The Justification of Democracy, Carl Cohen. PHIL314 Paternalism, Gerald Dworkin. PHIL271 Taking Rights Seriously, Ronald Dworkin. PHIL232 Majority Rule, Friedrich A. Hayek. PHIL263 The Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes. PHIL308 The Libertarian Manifesto, John Hospers. PHIL269 Why There Are No Human Rights, Douglas Husak. PHIL313 Liberty, Welfare, and Consent, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL237 Participation, Rational Inquiry, and the Justification of Democracy, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL264 An Essay Concerning the True Original, Extent and End of Civil Government, John Locke. PHIL275 Why Should We Care About Group Inequality, Glenn Loury. PHIL310 Liberty and Harm to Others, David Lyons. PHIL268 Rights, H. J. McCloskey. PHIL229 Considerations on Representative Government, John Stuart Mill. PHIL305 On Liberty, John Stuart Mill. PHIL311 Does Equality Destroy Liberty? Richard Norman. PHIL238 Feminism and Democracy, Carole Pateman. PHIL228 The General Will, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. PHIL309 A Theory of Freedom of Expression, Thomas Scanlon. PHIL231 Classical and Modern Theories of Democracy, Joseph Schumpeter. PHIL272 Basic Rights, Henry Shue. PHIL276 Equality and the Rights of Women, Elizabeth Wolgast. PHIL261 Historical Documents Listing: Human Rights.


PHIL324 The Various Types of Justice, Aristotle. PHIL292 Distributive Justice: An Overview, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL332 Tort Liability and the Limits of Corrective Justice, Jules L. Coleman. PHIL329 Comparative Justice, Joel Feinberg. PHIL297 Liberty Versus Equal Opportunity, James Fishkin. PHIL328 Social Justice, Welfare Rights, and Charity, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL333 Criminal Justice and the Negotiated Plea, Kenneth Kipnis. PHIL290 An Essay Concerning the True Original, Extent and End of Civil Government, John Locke. PHIL293 The Communist View of Society, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. PHIL291 On Liberty, John Stuart Mill. PHIL325 Social Justice and Utility, John Stuart Mill. PHIL302 Equality and Partiality, Thomas Nagel. PHIL295 Anarchy, State, and Utopia, Robert Nozick. PHIL330 Justice and Gender, Susan Okin. PHIL326 Justice as Rational Choice Behind a Veil of Ignorance, John Rawls. PHIL294 A Theory of Justice, John Rawls. PHIL298 Universal Welfare Rights and Empirical Premises, Daniel Shapiro. PHIL331 Feminist Justice and Family, James Sterba. PHIL299 Preferential Treatment, Richard Wasserstrom. PHIL301 A World of Social Atoms, Elizabeth Wolgast.


PHIL279 The Province of Jurisprudence Determined, John Austin. PHIL254 Natural Law: A Functional Account of Law, Theodore M. Benditt. PHIL256 The Relationship of Law and Morality, William Blackstone. PHIL284 Legal Positivism and Natural Law Reconsidered, David Brink. PHIL285 Negative and Positive Positivism, Jules L. Coleman. PHIL255 The Moral Content of Law, Philip Davis. PHIL251 Three Conceptions of Natural Law, A. P. D'Entreves. PHIL282 The Model of Rules, Ronald Dworkin. PHIL259 "Natural Law" Revisited, Ronald Dworkin. PHIL252 The Morality of Law, Lon Fuller. PHIL288 Legal Validity and Legal Obligation, Roscoe Hill. PHIL283 Legal Positivism, Rules, and Adjudication of Hard Cases, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL257 Moral Basis for Social Acceptance of Rules in a Legal System, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL258 Moral Aspects of Legal Theory, David Lyons. PHIL286 Negative Positivism and the Hard Facts of Life, Charles Silver.


PHIL068 Poetics, Aristotle. PHIL074 Aesthetics and Modernism, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL069 The Sublime and the Beautiful, Edmund Burke. PHIL336 Of the Standard of Taste, David Hume. PHIL073 Art and the Will to Power, Friedrich Nietzsche. PHIL067 The Republic, Plato. PHIL072 The World as Will and Idea, Arthur Schopenhauer.

Continental Philosophy.

PHIL216 Borderlands? La Frontera: The New Mestiza, Gloria Anzaldua. PHIL217 Simulations, Jean Baudrillard. PHIL218 The Post-Colonial and the Post-Modern, Homi Bhabha. PHIL219 Sorties: Out and Out: Attacks, Way Out and Forays, Helene Cixous. PHIL220 A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology and Socialist Feminism in the Late 20th Century, Donna Haraway. PHIL221 Postface 1982: Toward a Concept of Postmodernism, Ihab Hassan. PHIL243 Being and Time, Martin Heidegger. PHIL222 Postmodern Blackness,Bell Hooks. PHIL223 Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, Fredric Jameson. PHIL245 Philosophy of Existence, Karl Jaspers. PHIL241 Concluding Unscientific Postscript, Soren Kierkegaard. PHIL224 The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge, Jean-Francois Lyotard. PHIL248 Existentialism, Alasdair MacIntyre. PHIL246 Conversations, Gabriel Marcel. PHIL226 I Flutter Between Worlds: Postmodernity, Exile, and the Politics of Alienhood, Katarzyna Marciniak. PHIL225 Postmodernist Fiction, Brian McHale. PHIL242 The Joyful Wisdom and Beyond Good and Evil, Friedrich Nietzsche. PHIL244 Existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre. PHIL247 Existential Phenomenology, David Stewart and Algis Mickunas.

Nonwestern Philosophy.

PHIL202 Old Gods, New Worlds, Kwame Anthony Appiah. PHIL204 Time in Yoruba Thought, John A. A. Ayoade. PHIL087 Chinese Philosophy: A General Overview, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL316 Confucianism Ethics, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL086 Is Chinese Thought Philosophy? H. Gene Blocker. PHIL198 The Question of African Philosophy, P. O. Bodunrin. PHIL205 Akan Concept of a Person, Kwame Gyekye. PHIL200 An Examination of the Universalist Trend Regarding the Nature of African Philosophy, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL201 The African Philosophical Tradition, Lacinay Keita. PHIL322 Taoism Selection, Laozi. PHIL318 Mengzi Selection, Mengzi. PHIL206 Person and Community in African Traditional Thought, Ifeanyi Menkiti. PHIL321 Mozi Selection, Mozi. PHIL207 Consciencism, Kwame Nkrumah. PHIL199 On an African Orientation in Philosophy, Kwasi Wiredu. PHIL319 Xuni Selection, Xuni. PHIL097 Neo-Confucianism, Wang Yangming. PHIL096 Neo-Confucianism, Zhu-Xi. PHIL320 Dong Zhongshu Selection,Dong Zhongshu.

Library of Liberal Arts Archive.

LLA08 Selected Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Thomas Aquinas. LLA04 Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle. LLA07 The New Organon, Francis Bacon. LLA14 Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous. George Berkeley. LLA16 Meditations on First Philosophy, Rene Descartes. LLA12 Reason in History, G. W. F. Hegel. LLA10 Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes. LLA13 An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding, David Hume. LLA23 Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanuel Kant. LLA09 Prolegomena and Any Future Metaphysics, Immanuel Kant. LLA05 An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke. LLA11 The Second Treatise of Government, John Locke. LLA27 The Prince, Machiavelli. LLA01 Selections, Karl Marx. LLA17 On Liberty, John Stuart Mill. LLA25 Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill. LLA24 The Use and Abuse of History, Friedrich Nietzsche. LLA02 Pensees Blaise, Pascal. LLA20 The Apology, Plato. LLA21 Crito, Plato. LLA19 Euthyphro, Plato. LLA22 Meno, Plato. LLA18 Phaedo, Plato. LLA06 The Republic, Plato. LLA15 Symposium, Plato. LLA26 Social Contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. LLA03 Monadology and Other Philosophical Essays, Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz.

Critical Skills.

PHIL001 How to Study Philosophy: An Introduction, John F. Petrik. PHIL002 The Study of Philosophy, John F. Petrik. PHIL003 Short Course in the Art of Thinking: Logic and Language, John F. Petrik. PHIL004 How to Read Philosophy, John F. Petrik. PHIL005 Writing Philosophy, John F. Petrik. PHIL006 Philosophical Research, John F. Petrik.

Introductory Essays.

PHIL085 Chinese Philosophy: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL315 Confucianism Ethics: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL289 Distributive Justice: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL190 Egoism: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL182 Ethical Relativism: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL066 History of Aesthetics: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL260 Human Rights: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL045 Metaphysics: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL122 Naturalism and Virtue Ethics: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL056 Philosophy of Science: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL098 Utilitarianism: An Introduction, H. Gene Blocker. PHIL344 Business Ethics: An Introduction, Greg Emery. PHIL158 Applied Ethics in Journalism: An Introduction, Patricia Ferrier. PHIL134 Major Currents in Greek Ethics: An Introduction, M. Andrew Holowchak. PHIL172 Philosophical Perspectives on Happiness: An Introduction, M. Andrew Holowchak. PHIL208 Philosophy of Sport: An Introduction, M. Andrew Holowchak. PHIL352 Affirmative Action: An Introduction, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL197 African Philosophy: An Introduction, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL227 Democracy: An Introduction, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL323 Justice: An Introduction, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL278 Legal Positivism: An Introduction, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL304 Libertarianism: An Introduction, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL249 Natural Law: An Introduction, Polycarp Ikuenobe. PHIL075 Justification: Foundationalism and Beyond: An Introduction, Andrew Latus. PHIL215 Postmodernism: An Introduction, Katarzyna Marciniak. PHIL007 Freedom and Determinism: An Introduction, James Petrik. PHIL240 Existential Philosophy: An Introduction, David Stewart. PHIL113 Kant's Ethics of Duty: An Introduction, David Stewart. PHIL033 Personal Identity: An Introduction, Joseph Tarala. PHIL149 Medical Ethics: An Introduction, Arthur Zucker.
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