Surface Acoustic Waves in Inhomogeneous Media

Surface Acoustic Waves in Inhomogeneous Media

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Surface Acoustic Waves in Inhomogeneous Media covers almost all important problems of the interaction of different types of surface acoustic waves with surface inhomogeneities. The problems of surface acoustic wave interaction with periodic topographic gratings widely used in filters and resonators are under careful consideration. The most important results of surface wave scattering by local defects such as grooves, random roughness, elastic wedges are given. Different theoretical approaches and practical rules for solving the surface wave problems are presented.
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Table of contents

1 Basic Types of Surface Acoustic Waves in Solids.- 1.1 Rayleigh Waves.- 1.2 Gulyaev-Bleustein Waves.- 1.3 Love Waves and Other Shear Surface Waves.- 1.4 Waves in Plates and Layered Structures.- 1.5 Surface Waves in Crystals.- 2 Interaction of Surface Acoustic waves With Electrons and Influence of Substrate Environment on Wave Propagation.- 2.1 General.- 2.2 Acoustoelectronic Amplification of Surface Waves.- 2.3 Nonlinear Acoustoelectronic Effects.- 2.4 Interaction of Surface Waves in Piezoelectrics with Electron Beams in a Vacuum.- 2.5 Acoustic Transfer of Charges.- 2.6 Rayleigh Wave Attenuation Caused by Gas Load.- 2.7 Stoneley Waves on the Interface between a Solid and a Fluid.- 2.8 "Viscosity" Shear Surface Waves.- 3 Impedance Method in the Theory of Surface Waves in Inhomogeneous and Layered Media.- 3.1 Concept of Surface Impedance.- 3.2 Equation for the Surface Impedance Matrix.- 3.3 Layered Anisotropic Medium.- 3.4 Energy Relations.- 3.5 Layered Isotropic Elastic Medium.- 3.6 Impedance of a Piezoelectric of Class C6v.- 3.7 Energy Flux and Density for Classical Types of Surface Waves.- 3.8 Scattering of Surface Waves by Weak Inhomogeneities in Born's Approximation.- 4 Scattering of Surface Waves by Local Irregularities.- 4.1 Impedance of a Layered Half-space with a Thin Irregular Layer.- 4.2 Scattering by Irregularities of a Projection and a Hollow Type.- 4.3 Angles of Zero Scattering.- 4.4 Scattering of Rayleigh Waves.- 4.5 Transformation into Bulk Waves.- 4.6 Scattering of Gulyaev-Bleustein Waves by Two-dimensional Boundary Irregularities.- 4.7 Impedance of Elastic Half-space with Bulk Irregularities.- 4.8 Scattering by Cylindrical and Wedge-like Irregularities..- 5 Second Order Effects in Surface Wave Scattering by a Rectangular Projection.- 5.1 Iteration Method.- 5.2 Equation for the Surface Impedance.- 5.3 A Rectangular Projection in the Case of Horizontally Polarized Waves: An Exact Solution for Surface Impedance.- 5.4 Second Order Effects in a Scattered Field of Horizontally Polarized Waves.- 5.5 Parameters of Scattering for Love Waves.- 5.6 A Rectangular Projection in the Case of Vertically Polarized Waves.- 5.7 Scattering of the Rayleigh Wave.- 6 Propagation of Surface Acoustic Waves in Small Scale Periodic Structures.- 6.1 General Notion.- 6.2 Surface Transverse Waves on a Rough Surface.- 6.3 Shear Waves on a Periodically Perturbed Interface.- 6.4 Surface Skimming Bulk Waves and Surface Transverse Waves in Crystals.- 7 Bragg Reflection of Surface Waves.- 7.1 Background of the Problem.- 7.2 Reflection of Rayleigh Waves from Sinusoidal Irregularities on a Substrate Surface.- 7.3 Weighted Reflectors.- 7.4 Bragg Reflection in the Case of Oblique Incidence on a Grating.- 7.5 Case of Finite Beam Aperture.- 7.6 Two-dimensional Reflecting Structures.- 7.7 Bragg Reflection of Gulyaev-Bleustein Waves.- 8 Mutual Transformation of Bulk and Surface Acoustic Waves by Periodic Irregularities.- 8.1 Brekhovskikh Damping.- 8.2 Crystal Anisotropy Effect.- 8.3 Role of Second Order Effects.- 8.4 Structural Transducer.- 8.5 Damping Interference of Scattered Waves for Shear Surface Waves Propagating in Gratings with Period Equal to Half the Wavelength.- 9 Rayleigh Waves on Curved Surfaces of Arbitrary Form.- 9.1 History of the Problem.- 9.2 Analysis of Rayleigh Wave Propagation along a Curved Surface by the Method of Parabolic Equations.- 9.3 Anisotropy of the Rayleigh Wave Velocity due to Surface Curvature.- 9.4 Geometrical Acoustics of Curved Surfaces.- 9.5 Rays and Caustics of Rayleigh Waves on Surfaces of Varying Curvature.- 10 Topographic Waveguides.- 10.1 Rectangular and Triangular Ridges on the Surface of a Solid as Waveguides.- 10.2 Waves Propagating along the Edge of an Elastic Wedge (Wedge Acoustic Waves).- 10.3 Geometrical-acoustic Approach to the Theory of Wedge Waves.- 10.4 Scattering of Wedge Acoustic Waves.- 10.5 Smooth Topographic Waveguides.- 11 Thin Film Waveguides for Surface Acoustic Waves.- 11.1 Impedance Method for Determining Fields and Dispersion Equations.- 11.2 Fundamental Rayleigh Mode.- 11.3 Fundamental Love Mode.- 11.4 Rayleigh Wave Radiation by a Thin Film Waveguide in the Case of Love Wave Propagation.- 12 Scattering of Surface Acoustic Waves at the Boundaries of Wedge-like Regions.- 12.1 History of the Problem.- 12.2 Rayleigh Wave Reflection and Transmission in Acute Angle Elastic Wedge in the Case of Normal Incidence.- 12.3 Rayleigh Wave Reflection from Wedge Edge in the Case of Oblique Incidence: The Effects of Caustic Phase Shift.- 12.4 On the Applicability Conditions for the Geometrical Acoustics Approximation for Solid Wedges.- 12.5 Characteristic Properties of Surface Wave Scattering in Obtuse-angle Wedge.- 13 Waves on Rough Surfaces.- 13.1 Background.- 13.2 Statement of Surface Wave Scattering Problems by Use of Integral Equation.- 13.3 Born series: The First and Higher Approximations of the Theory of Scattering.- 13.4 The Rayleigh Wave Attenuation on a Rough Surface.- 13.5 The Rayleigh Wave Dispersion due to Roughness.- 14 Interaction Between Electrode Structures and Surface Waves in Piezoelectrics.- 14.1 Statement of the Problem.- 14.2 Relation Between Surface Charge Distribution and Parameters of Scattered Waves.- 14.3 Integral Equation for Surface Charge Distribution.- 14.4 Approximate Methods for Solving the Integral Equation for Charge.- 14.5 Self-consistent Solution.- 14.6 Narrow-electrode Approximation.- 14.7 A Single Electrode.- 14.8 Two-electrode Transducer.- 14.9 Multi-electrode Structures.- 15 Waves in a Half-space with Account of Surface Effects.- 15.1 Gibbs' Definition of Surface Effects.- 15.2 Surface Stress Tensor: Surface Elasticity and Density.- 15.3 Nonclassical Boundary Conditions Incorporating Surface Effects.- 15.4 Surface Effects and Rayleigh Waves.- References.
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