Structured C for Engineering and Technology

Structured C for Engineering and Technology

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This widely applauded book provides a step-by-step presentation, with programming examples and problems drawn from a variety of technology disciplines. Readers will learn good programming practices and will develop an understanding of systematic problem solving through top-down modular programming. This text meets the needs of most employers for students adequately trained to be effective problem-solvers. Thus, important features of this new edition are troubleshooting techniques at the end of each chapter and Ken Koder scenarios describing typical job situations. Working with employers and academics teaching C programming, the authors believe that this book will better prepare students for success in their jobs. The companion CD-ROM contains all of the source and executable files for every programming example in the book. In addition, a free 32-bit C/C++ compiler is also included, which will allow the student to begin writing and compiling code as quickly as more

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  • Hardback | 885 pages
  • 191 x 233.2 x 32.5mm | 1,473.03g
  • Pearson Education (US)
  • Pearson
  • United States
  • English
  • 4th edition
  • 0130206822
  • 9780130206824

Table of contents

1. C Fundamentals. The C Environment. Why C? Program Structure. Elements of C. The printf ( ) Function. Identifying Things. Delcaring Things. Introduction to C Operators. More printf ( ). Getting User Input. Example Troubleshooting Techniques.2. Structured Programming. Concepts of a Program Block. Using Functions, Part 1. Inside a C Function. Using Functions, Part 2. Using #define. Making You Own Header Files. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: AC Series RL Circuit.3. Operations on Data and Decision Making. Relational Operators. The Open Branch. The Closed Branch. Bitwise Boolan Operations. Logical Operations. Conversion and Type Casting. The switch ( ) Statement. One More switch ( ) and the Conditional Operator. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: A Robot Troubleshooter.4. Looping and Recursion. The for Loop. The while Loop. The do while Loop. Nested Loops. Recursion. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: Series Resonant Circuit.5. Pointers. Internal Memory Organization. How Memory is Used. Pointers. Passing Variables. Scope of Variables. Variable Class. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: Electronic Sketchpad.6. Strings. Characters and Strings. Intializing Strings. Passing Strings between Functions. Working with String Elements. String Handling Functions. String Sorting. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: Text Fromatter.7. Arrays. Numeric Arrays. Introduction to Numeric Array Applications. Sorting with Numeric Arrays. Multidimentional Numeric Arrays. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: Eight-Queens Puzzle.8. Data Structures. Enumerating Types. Naming Your Own Data Types. Introducing to Data Types. Introduction to Data Structures. More Data Structure Details. The union and Structure Arrays. Ways of Representing Structures. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: MiniMicro.Disk I/O. Disk Input and Output. Disk I/O Using Records. Streams, File Pointers, and Command-Line Arguments. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: Parts Database.Color and Techinical Graphics. Text and Color. Graphics Mode. Knowing Your Graphics System. Built-In Shapes. Bars and Text in Graphics. Graphing Functions. Example Programs: Virtual Maze and Waveform Viewer. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: Sine Wave Generator.Hardware and Language Interfacing. Inside Your Computer. Assembly Langauge Concepts. Memory Models. C Source Code to Assembly Language. Pseudo Variables and Inline Assembly. Programming Utilities. BIOS and DOS Interfacing. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techniques. Case Study: Printer Controller.An Introduction to C++. C++ Fundamentals. The cout Function. Getting User Input with cin. Calsses and Objects. Contructors and Destructors. Multiple Objects and Destructors. Multiple Objects of the Same Class. Private Members and Friend Functions. Inheritance, Virtual Functions, and Pure Vitual Functions. File Objects. Example Programs. Troubleshooting Techinques. Case Study: Card Casino.Answers. Appendices. C Reference. ANSI C Standard Math Functions. ASCII Character Set. An Introduction to Visual more