Structural and Functional Aspects of Transport in Roots

Structural and Functional Aspects of Transport in Roots : Third International Symposium on `Structure and Function of Roots' Nitra, Czechoslovakia, 3-7 August 1987

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Third International Symposium on `Structure and Function of Roots', NITRA, Czechoslovakia, August 3-7, 1987
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  • Hardback | 292 pages
  • Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • English
  • Partly reprinted from PLANT AND SOIL, 111:2, 1989
  • 292 p.
  • 0792300602
  • 9780792300601

Table of contents

Session 1: Structural characteristics of roots with respect to absorption and transport of solutes and water.- Pathways and processes of water and nutrient movement in roots.- The vascular system in the roots of barley and its hydraulic aspects.- Experimental control of cellular patterns in the cortex of tomato roots.- Determination of vascular tissue in roots of dicotyledonous plants.- The heterogeneity of root tip cells and tissues as revealed by in situ enzyme localization and isoenzyme patterns: A comparison of proteo- and esterolytic activities.- Significance of the exodermis in root function.- Seed hydration as a trigger of cell elongation in bean hypocotyl and radicle.- Ultrastructure of cortical cells in the primary root of barley during germation.- Chromatin structure in various tissues of the primary root of Zea mays L..- Activity and polymorphism of enzymes in different root tissues.- Three-dimensional distribution of plasmodesmata in the rhizodermis of Trianea bogotensis Karst.- Session 2: Absorption, transport and utilization of ions.- Effect of auxin on growth, proton secretion and transmembrane electron transfer in intact maize roots.- Separation of wheat root microsomal membranes by countercurrent distribution: An evaluation of plasma membrane markers.- Effects of K+ status and phytohormones on K+ transport in wheat.- Transport and distribution of solutes in sugar beet roots.- Ecto Ca-ATPase of plasma membrane fraction from barley roots.- ATPase localization in the phloem of the Ricinus root.- Electrical conductivity and capacitance of root tissues in different condition of energetic metabolism.- Abscisic acid promotes passive fluxes of vacuolar solutes in excised sunflower roots.- The role of maize root tissues in sulphate absorption and radial transport.- Effect of light intensity on root growth, mycorrhizal infection and phosphate uptake in onion (Allium cepa L.).- The participation of the primary maize root on the assimilation of NH4+ ions.- A simulation model of root and shoot growth at different levels of nitrogen availability.- The relationship between phosphate absorption and root length in nine wheat cultivars.- Characteristics of NO3- uptake in Lemna and Pisum.- Variation in the rate of root respiration of two Carex species: A comparison of four related methods to determine the energy requirements for growth, maintenance and ion uptake.- Session 3: Absorption and transport of water.- Water transport in roots.- A biophysical model for water movement in roots: Root exudation and root pressure.- Plant root water extraction studies using stable isotopes.- Rectification of radial water flow in the hypodermis of nodal roots of Zea mays.- Patterns of long-distance movement of water in roots.- Water uptake in the root system of Gramineae.- Session 4: Root-shoot relationships with respect to transport processes.- Competition for nutrients between fruits and roots of tomato.- Effects of internal and external cytokinin concentrations on root growth and shoot to root ratio of Plantago major ssp pleiosperma at different nutrient conditions.- Root-shoot relationships in sorghum and maize plants with different numbers of seminal adventitious roots.- Shoot/root ratio during the early heterotopic growth of barley as influenced by mineral nutrition.- Nitrogen and carbon utilization in shoot and roots of nitrogen-limited Pisum.- The effect of shoot-root ratio and temperature on K+ influx in rye.- Session 5: Effects of stress on function of roots.- Root functioning under stress conditions: An introduction.- Anatomy and gas exchange of the roots of wheat seedlings following root anaerobiosis.- Quantification of air-filled root porosity: A comparison of two methods.- Influence of oxigen deficiency on growth and function of plant roots.- Effects of soil temperature and water on maize root growth.- Changes in the osmotic potential of the root as a factor in the decrease in the root-shoot ratio of Zea mays plants under water stress.- Induction of abscisic acid in excised maize roots by osmotic and salt stress.- Ionic composition and metabolic changes in salt stressed roots.- Physiological responses of lupin roots to soil compaction.- Physiological and structural changes under flooding of whole corn plants.- Recovery of ultrastructure in water stressed root epidermal cells of Zea mays.- Growth, root respiration and phosphorus utilization of normal and Agrobacterium rhizogenes transformed potato plants.
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