Strokes Slovakian 1+2 (Beginners)

Strokes Slovakian 1+2 (Beginners)

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With STROKES Easy Learning, achieving proficiency in a foreign language is made easy.

The STROKES highly interactive language software for PC or Mac is designed around natural dialogues in practical settings. It features easy-to-follow instructions, entertaining and educational exercises and video demonstrations that will have you talking and thinking like a native speaker in a flash.

The latest version of `The Strokes International' software is proven as the most complete self-teaching computer software training tool and reference suite on the market. Choose from 23 different languages with three comprehensive levels from beginner to business. With Strokes you also have the option of picking one of a few different languages to be taught from, which is perfect for language learners that don't have English as their first language.

STROKES allows you to immerse yourself in the sound and look of your new language. Its interactive design gives you the freedom to explore and practice at your own pace. You can listen to whole dialogues, repeat individual sentences and words as often as you like, as well as recording and listening to your own speech.

STROKES comparative language design was developed by internationally renowned language experts. Strokes offers natural and literal translations of all dialogues as well as cross linked grammar help. Click on any word for grammar summaries and definitions. This allows you to compare the structure and grammar of your new language with that of your mother tongue, so you can transfer your existing skills to your new language.

Superb, comprehensive, pronouncing learner dictionary includes interactive search function and pronunciation of every word in a sentence.

Strokes will cover every aspect of language learning from reading, writing, listening and speaking to vocabulary and grammar, leading the user to fluency. The student even has the option of creating their own lesson plan, personalising specifically what each individual wants to focus on in their language learning process. For example if the student is confident with their conversation but requires some in depth grammar tuition, then they can doctor their lesson plan to feature only what they stipulate.

STROKES also features an interactive vocabulary trainer, individualised course plans, pronunciation training, "Easy Memo" - the interactive memory game, and much, much more.

Strokes is perfect for long term learners who want flexible interactive learning. In addition to the software you receive a companion audio CDs as well as printable exercises to allow you to learn on the move.

The STROKES learning course will enable you to learn a foreign language quickly and easily.

Strokes is perfect for learners who want to develop solid or native like skills in a new language, but don't want to be trapped with a text book. The interface is easy to use, interactive and strongly audio focused. Simple commands allow you to repeat tricky words or phrases with the touch of a button.

The technology with Strokes is another feature aspect of the software. Advanced speech recognition technology allows the student to participate in a range of pronunciation training exercises as well as 300 interactive dialogues covering a wide range of topics immersing you in native speech as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The program will test your vocabulary with flashcards the most tried and tested vocabulary memorisation tool, and features the most extensive reference section seen on a self teaching package. This reference section features a full audio dictionary and complete verb conjugator. Everything you need to learn the language without using any other supplementary learning matter whatsoever.

If you happen to be away from your computer for some time then you have the option to print up all the lessons on the kit and export all the audio on to a CD or Mp3. Allowing you to learn on the go.

100 Beginner's Series

* Complete Beginner's course with reference tools (dictionary, grammar trainer, vocabulary trainer, pronunciation trainer)

The series 100 is a complete language course for beginners with no previous knowledge. The program enables you to master the basics of a new language and continue to develop far into the intermediate level whilst commanding proficiency and developing the ability to fully express yourself in any daily situation. With 100 real-life dialogues and a complete fundamental grammar, you will learn the most important forms of communication for everyday life. With average study sessions of one hour a day, you will learn to understand, speak and write the new language in only 100 days. Once you complete the Series 100, you can further consolidate your language skills with the Series 101 for advanced learners.

101 Advanced Series

* Intermediate-Advanced learning.

The course builds off of the series 100. Achieve a higher level of competency in the language. Be able to express yourself fluently in the target language in daily and professional situations.

201 Business

* Advanced language skills with some business terminology.

The series 201 is a special extension course for business and professionals - for everyone who would like to communicate professionally at the highest level of proficiency in the target language.

100+101 Beginner's and Advanced Combination Set

* Save $100! off the individual purchase of the 100 and 101 series.

The Combination Set with the Series 100 and 101 includes everything you need to develop from a beginner with no prior knowledge of the language to an integrated member of a foreign language community.

100 + 101 + 201

* Save $200! off the individual purchase of the 100, 101 and 201 series.

Take your language development through from zero to total language competence for business and professional use.


Windows PC, 2000, XP, Vista. Pentium 3, 128MB RAM, 700 MB Memory. Screen Resolution 1024x768
Macintosh operating systems.
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  • Board book
  • 146 x 201 x 43mm | 299g
  • Linz, Australia
  • Slovak
  • 2nd edition
  • 3708705998
  • 9783708705996