Steel Bars, Sacred Waters

Steel Bars, Sacred Waters : Celtic Paganism for Prisoners

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An "all-in-one" pan-Celtic polytheist resource of cosmology, deities, virtues, history, rituals, meditations, magic and the future of Celtic Paganism, rooted in scholarly research. One of only three full-size books for incarcerated Pagans, Steel Bars, Sacred Waters also fulfills the need for a historically accurate guide to ancient Celtic religions that many have sought. Highlights include: rituals for 11 traditional holy times and seasonal changes based on Gaelic, Gaulish, Welsh and Manx practices; the Other Life/Otherworld; daily practices for the Celtic Pagan; Celtic virtues and how they can be lived today; Iberian Celtic deities never before included in a Pagan book; neglected Gaulish deities; how Celtic tribes adapted Roman religion to existing cults and created new ones; the cultural intermixing between Celts and Greeks, Celts and Germans, Celts and Norse Heathens; the "horse, head and hero" cult; making and working with prayer beads; invocations for 160 deities; modern and traditional meditations; documented Celtic magic; known teachings of the Druids; ogham divination guide; Celtic mythology in context; proto-Celto-Germanic-Finnish words used by some Indo-Europeans 4,000 years ago and the Gaelic, Germanic and Norse deities, rituals and magic that continued from them; moon rituals; working with ancestors; Celts in multicultural Roman society; Gaelic and Welsh mantras; the file; Celtic heroes and heroines; the Fianna; saining (Scottish purification); devotional polytheism and the community; the king-making ritual; the British Old North, a unique mixture of Britons, Angles, Gaels and Picts; pathworking (guided meditations); cloud scrying and other forms of divination; the Neolithic roots of the swine cult; instructions for making a St Brigid's Cross; ancient Celtic instruments; the importance of ecological issues in modern Celtic Paganism; journaling questions; pronunciation of deities' names and important terms; exploration of different Celtic cultures in time and space; shrines; explanations for why Celtic Paganism cannot be Folkish, racist, homophobic or limited to Ireland and the British Isles; Celtic Paganism and the 12 step program and CBT, DBT and ACT therapies; ways to work with a diverse Pagan group; drawing and creative writing exercises; ancient and modern art for Celtic Pagans; crossword puzzles; resources for incarcerated Pagans; and much more. Although written for Pagans in prison who are possibly alone with only paper, pencil and tap water, "outside" Pagans are provided with the background information to expand their own practices. A valuable tool for Pagan Prison Ministries, volunteers and penpals, Steel Bars, Sacred Waters was partially shaped by communication with Pagans in prison. Their needs were generally no different than those of frustrated Pagans on the outside seeking an accurate education about the Celts. The main difference was lack of access to books, services and especially the Internet, where so much research is scattered. Both communities needed that research organized, including the recent Iberian, Balkan, Gallo-Roman and Celto-Germanic discoveries. The result is a book that explores the ancient Celtic peoples and their religions from Ireland to Turkey, Portugal to Ukraine, and their role in over 1,000 years of European history. The Celts influenced the cultures with whom they interacted and were changed by those near them - including other Celts. All profits go to supplying Pagans in prison with copies of the book. The U.S. incarcerates 1% of its population, much more than almost any other nation. Most convictions are connected to addiction. The American prison population is 8-12% Pagan. Providing low cost, high quality information to Pagans in prison is the goal of Gullveig Press. Visit our website to learn more. Please note: The content by Laurie, Restall Orr and Butler-Ehle have been published elsewhere or are available online.
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About Donna Donovan

Raised off the grid with Hinduism's monoism and lots of mythology, nature, and arts, Heather Awen has been Pagan for 34 years since her family thankfully moved near diverse people and she met her first Pagan at age 13. Ms Awen started with Reclaiming Tradition and African Diaspora Religions, moving into Celtic Reconstructionism, Thelema, ADF Druidry and Heathenry. She began astrology classes at age 9 and Tarot studies at 13 and has taught both. Other Pagan work included consulting with clients at a famous Pagan apothecary in Manhattan when 19, reading Tarot at a Los Angeles Pagan boutique when 35, and writing essays published in magazines like Sage Woman and Reclaiming Quarterly. A former adult literacy worker, Head Start teacher for homeless children, GED teacher, Toronto Star reporter, William Burroughs Communications archive librarian, and professional psychic, her degrees, magna cum laude, are in Nonviolent Social Change and Community Organizing. An Actionist, Solutionary, artist, mystic, journalist, animist, rewilder, polytheist and social/spiritual practical anarchist, she currently battles ableism, Lyme Disease, babesiosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), while creating the, the largest international MCS/MCAS resource. Having lived in Toronto, Galway City, London, Ithaca, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, the SF Bay, Seattle, Cincinnati, Columbus, Burlington, and numerous small towns, Ms. Awen fulfilled her travel needs by sleeping on many nice people's couches in numerous other cities. She thanks everyone honorable who treated her with compassion and respect.
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