The Space Fabric

The Space Fabric : A Lifetime Journey: Through Firsthand Experience, the Author Explains How He Came to Uncover the Intricacies of a Subtle and Parallel Field on Which He Stumbled and with Which He Interacted Over the Years; A Field That Forms Part of Us and of Everything Th

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"An overwhelming condition took hold of me. I felt as though I was rotating clockwise from a bird's eye view and at the same time experienced a gentle purr which was accompanied by a strong tingling sensation that engulfed my whole body and was causing me to be less in control of my physical senses." Through first hand experience, the author explains how he came to uncover the intricacies of a subtle and parallel field on which he stumbled and with which he interacted over the years; a field that forms part of us and of everything that exists. He also provides simple methods for the reader on how to get in touch with and feel such a field. In his efforts to authenticate its presence the author was able to connect the field to prevailing scientific theory. A phenomenon that provides the background or the space fabric on which string theorists base their findings. With such fundamental features, the field's impact on health, religious experience and human perception are also discussed with insight into the author's lifetime more

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About Mokbel / M Kayed / K Shukri

What I am about to reveal here is not at all strange or paranormal. My interaction over the years with a parallel world that is part and parcel of all that exists comes as one focuses her/his mind on the unseen. As infants we usually focus our senses on the physical. The physical provides us with our daily needs; be it food, toys, clothing, even love by hugging the physical person or doll that we love. At a later stage this is further reinforced by acquiring means of security, shelter, social and psychological needs all of which depend on our interaction with the physical. This interaction however, is further reinforced through scientific advancement which pushes the horizon for what is possible to see, hear or touch to a higher level whereby through the use of special tools and gadgets it becomes possible to see the unseen and hear the unheard. Seeing the electromagnetic waves beyond the visible light spectrum for example; or looking into the atomic structure of atoms using electron microscopes and catching their motion at femtosecond speeds; or hearing the remnants of the Big Bang through specialized antennas all became possible to fathom. Yet our minds have always been successful in using electric impulses passed to our neurons via our sense organs in revealing the kind of world we live in. Is it not possible to use the same or a parallel mental system in perceiving a field so far undetectable by available tools? Our mere dependence on these tools and equipment pushed us evermore from developing our own inherent abilities in discovering that parallel world. All it takes however is a little change in our approach and we will be able to touch and interact with this fantastic realm. In 1973, I took Yoga as my daily early morning routine. After a few years my curiosity in the led me to investigate their existence by using my eyesight in front of a mirror while meditating. When this failed I used my sense of touch and was able to feel the unseen. I still was very skeptical about what I was feeling. Was my mind fantasizing for me something that was not there or was that a true feeling? With time however, the chakras and the subtle body became part of the normal and a part of a bigger fabric that connects us to each other and to the Universe at large. Using my trained sense of touch, I am able to manipulate and affect the state of the fabric that engulfs and forms the foundation of our very more