Sound Change

Sound Change

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As of Volume 9 (1994/95) John Benjamins Publishing Company is the official publisher of the Belgian Journal of Linguistics, the annual publication of the Linguistic Society of Belgium. Each volume is topical and includes selected papers from the international meetings organised by the more

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Table of contents

1. Introduction (by Dominicy, Marc); 2. Sound Change, Phonological Rules, and Articulatory Phonology (by McMahon, April); 3. New Ways of Analyzing Sound Change: Speech rate effects (by Sole, Maria-Josep); 4. Reconstructed Sound Change and Phonetic Plausibility: The development of the Proto-Indo-European voiced aspirates in Italic (by Stuart-Smith, Jane); 5. Implosive Consonants: Their representation and sound change effects (by Lloret, Maria-Rosa); 6. Spirantization and the 7-to-5 Vowel Merger in Bantu (by Schadeberg, Thilo C.); 7. The Role of Bilingualism in Nilotic Sound Change (by Dimmendaal, Gerrit J.); 8. Language Contact: Italian (?) geminates in Faetar (by Nagy, Naomi); 9. A Phonetic Study of Voice - and Segment - Quality Changes during Second Language Acquisition (by Bruyninckx, Marielle); 10. Sound Change in Aphasic Speech (by Simons, Berthold)show more