Soulistry- Artistry of the Soul - Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality

Soulistry- Artistry of the Soul - Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality

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Soulistry - Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality encourages readers to re-connect with the intangible soul-essence of life and experience rich spiritual growth. Through a series of over 80 inspirational quotations from ordinary and extraordinary human beings around the world living in different centuries along with accompanying Soul-Questions, this creative book challenges, nurtures and nourishes spirituality. In today's culture, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of balance in their lives: physically (body), intellectually (mind) and spiritually (soul/spirit). There is a growing indefineable awareness that being spiritual is a vital component of being human, not only for those with a religious belief/practice, but also for those for whom there is no discernible connection with organized religion, no acknowledgment of the existence of God/Holy Other/Creator/Higher Power, no awareness or understanding of themselves as having a purpose in life.
This unique book encourages readers to realize their creative potential, deepen their awareness of the presence of the holy around them, recognize and celebrate their inner wisdom, and embrace life in new ways.
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Great work! One of the most difficult challenges in modern life is to make space for the soul, setting aside the eternal chatter that has invaded every niche of our existence. SOULISTRY is a marvelous method of finding the silence and attention that a healthy soul requires. If you are looking for greater depth, richness, and fulfillment in your life, this book will help you find it. (Dr. Larry Dossey is a distinguished physician; speaker; influential advocate of the role of the mind and spirituality in healthcare and author (including: The Power of Premonitions: Recovering the Soul)
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About June Maffin

The Reverend Dr. June Mack Maffin ( has a rich background as Educator, Anglican priest, Author, Hospital Chaplain, Creative Spirituality Artist and Spiritual Director and lives in British Columbia, Canada.
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June Maffin delivers what the subtitle of her book promises, "Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality". Starting with the invention of a new word "SOULISTRY" she guides her readers through the creation of a journal and lets them find their own "answers within". She brings to the writing of this book an impressive educational background (ordained Anglican priest, PhD in pastoral theology among others) and a wide range of experience. However, the impact of an illness she suffered and the process of her healing became the primary impulse for writing this spiritual autobiography. Her approach combines spirituality and creativity. The structure of the book offers a step-by-step guide to spiritual journaling. It is complex, yet easy to follow. The main and most important step is to move through the Journal Prompts and their Soul-Questions. This step is the crux and the purpose of the book. The 86 Journal Prompts are inspirational quotations from extraordinary people from different centuries. Among those represented are priests (Herbert O'Driscoll), writers (Mark Twain), poets (Rainer Maria Rilke), philosophers (Lao Tzu), mystics (Julian of Norwich), monks (Thich Nhat Hanh), artists (Michelangelo), as well as proverbs. Some of the quotations and their authors are well known, others less so. All of them prompt a thought provoking response. Each quotation has a title such as Mystery, Faith, Happiness, Peace Within. The following Chinese proverb prompts the feeling of happiness. " If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else." Each Journal Prompt is accompanied by Soul-Questions. Together they are meant to stimulate the reader's spiritual response and awareness. The title Happiness, for example, with its Chinese proverb prompt is followed by these Soulistry Soul-Questions: * Do "being happy" and "being joyful" have the same meaning for you? * If not, what is the difference? * What contributes to your happiness? * In your Soulistry Journal, reflect on a time in your life when you were happy. What was the occasion/circumstance? How did you feel? * How can helping another bring happiness to the helper? * What can you do to "help someone else" on a regular basis? * Are there individuals, or community/environmental/political/religious organizations you might help? Journal who they might be and how you might be able to offer to help them. In Dr. Maffin's own words her book will encourage the readers to connect more intimately with their spirituality and offer new ways to nurture their spirit. In the Epilogue she asks the last question: " Who are you?" Having journaled through the prompts and questions, the answer(s) may surprise the reader. The remaining parts of the book provide biographies of the quotation authors, listing of the prompts and soul-question titles, the Soulistry story and Soulistry retreats and workshops. Dr. Maffin's book is useful even for those who are not able to journal. It can be used at any time, any place, on any page at any prompt and it will immediately lead the reader to a moment of spiritual calm. SOULISTRY should be kept as a guide for contemplation. And that is where the value of this slender volume lies. Hana Komorous is Librarian at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, BC This review was published in the Diocesan Post (a section of the Anglican Journal).show more
by Hana Komorous
Reading Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul is a bit like dining at a fine restaurant where only the choicest entrees are offered, vegetables are local and fresh, deserts light and yet to-die-for. Through the care and knowledge of the chef there exists a commitment to integrity and well-being, to separate ingredients brought together into a healthy whole. Educator, spiritual director and Anglican priest June Mack Maffin does much the same in Soulistry - Artistry of the Soul as she offers readers a lively palette of quotes from theologians, world leaders and native people, together with accompanying questions to lead the reader further into healing and wholeness. Here's an example, from Swiss philosopher Henri Amiel: "Life is short and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel the way with us. So, be swift to love and make haste to be kind." Maffin then provides six questions, including, "Have you been conscious of 'gladdening the hearts' of others in your life?" And, "How can you be more 'swift to love' in your life?" Directions are given on how to make and keep a journal, so impressions, thoughts, and reflections begin to form a coherent whole. The work may be done daily, stretched out over months or even years. Sometimes books are written as an intellectual exercise. That is clearly not the case here, for Soulistry sings from the heart and soul of June Mack Maffin. She writes that that the book began from a place of great pain some seven years ago, as she experienced the effects of mercury poisoning. As her muscles atrophied (arms, legs, voice), she found creative expression as a path to healing and hope. When reading this book, I was reminded of the time that Jesus fed the crowd of 5000 with five loaves and two fish. After everyone was full, he directed that the leftovers be gathered and the disciples brought back twelve baskets of "broken pieces." That is the way it is with Soulistry - Artistry of the Soul. None of life's experiences are wasted or dismissed. All are put into the basket and blessed. by Lindsay Hardin Freeman www.scarletcordbook.comshow more
by Lindsay Freeman
"Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul" Book Review Many of us yearn for spiritual connection or, once connected, spiritual growth, but don't know how to begin on that path. Some of us don't know how to look at our lives, without automatically seeing only the negative - the imperfections and what hasn't been accomplished. Others of us have done some spiritual work and then stopped - uncertain how to continue. Many of us strive for greater understanding of how the spirit operates in our lives and how to nurture that spirit. Or, we feel stuck and yearn to become unstuck and to develop a practice to follow. For seekers such as these, The Rev. Dr. June Maffin's Soulistry - Artistry of the Soul, will be a great gift. The practice Maffin outlines begins with buying or creating a Soulistry Journal (instructions provided), and writing in it. Journal entries are personal, not necessarily to be shared. The practice includes considering quotations from individuals whose wisdom Maffin has found useful (called Journal Prompts) and Soul-Questions which, together with the Prompts, can spark a thought, a memory, a question, together challenging the seeker to connect more intimately with one's spirituality. The act of responding to the Prompts and Soul-Questions is itself a spiritual task, for Maffin states that order is not important. Find a Soul-Question that "speaks" to you, she says. Journaling these responses may be a new experience or something you've done before, perhaps under other circumstances or with other intentions. "Soulistry" is a coined word combining two words - soul and artistry - and was created by Maffin together with her son, hence the references to Soulistry Journal, Soul Space, and Soul-Questions. Some will find these words helpful, others, incidental. What all will find nurtures the spirit is the prompting of the quotations, and - especially for those who were feeling stuck, the list of Prompts/Questions already prepared for consideration. The care with which Maffin has developed the series of activities is made evident by the instructions for making a Soulistry Journal: she describes what's required, what's optional, where to cut, fold or sew, and how to complete the Journal. Even those who consider ourselves inept will discover how easily we can accomplish this task. Since journal writing is meant to be a personal conversation with oneself and God, writing responses to the Journal Prompts and Soul-Questions help clarify what you believe. Even here, Maffin offers options to consider. It's not obligatory that journal writing be solely personal; some might find it helpful to seek guidance from a counselor or spiritual director, she writes. The sources of the quotations - what Maffin refers to as Journal Prompts - are wide-ranging, some from the Christian tradition, others not; some names known to all, others, less familiar. These include spiritual leaders such as Thich Nhat Hanh, philosophers Martin Buber and Gerald Heard, Chief Seattle, poets Anne Sexton, Robert Frost and Langston Hughes, thinker/educator Confucius, Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, Gandhi, musician Gordon Lightfoot, Thomas Merton and Herbert O'Driscoll. And Jesus. And many others. My efforts with the practice Maffin has outlined taught me that the Prompts do indeed prompt reflection. And the Soul-Questions do cause one to dig deeper. A final gift to the reader is Maffin's description of how this book came to be. Illness, healing, 'stepping out in faith': lived experience. Book Review by Brenda Berck, St. Mary's Kerrisdale, Diocese of New Westminster, Anglican Church of Canada Published in TOPIC, Diocese of New Westminster newspaper (click on left side of screen for PDF link to the Summer 2011 issue of TOPIC where the above book review can be more
by Brenda Berck
"The key words of this book are "soul" and "artistry", being fused into the word "Soulistry" in the title and throughout the text. It is a "dipping" book, like an anthology of poetry. The main text devotes a page to each over 80 quotations from well-known and lesser-known authors, and from Cherokee legends, Chinese and Sanskrit proverbs and Navajo chants. Each quotation illustrates a different subject, such as "Trusting the Unseen" and "Laughing at Ourselves" - to pick a couple at random. Each is meaningful and relevant to our inner lives, to the deep thoughts we ponder when quietly alone, prompting the many questions that follow. To get the most out of the book it is recommended that the reader keep a personal "soulistry" journal in which to answer the soul-searching questions. Most quotations are short. As an example, from Joy Harjo, "I walk in and out of many worlds" prompts ten questions to answer. Some questions prompted by the quotations are comfortable to think about while others may be less so. Some pages will be very timely and personally relevant while others will be skipped as having no relevance at the time, but may be helpful at a later date. The purpose of the book is to be a challenging and inspiring aid to spiritual growth, always available to nurture and expand the spiritual experience of the reader. The quotations are arranged randomly but can be accessed through the subject index or by author in the biographical index. This can become a treasured bedside book, or be at hand beside a favorite armchair for dipping into in quiet moments, snatched from busy lives. It is non-denominational and fully ecumenical, so will appeal to seekers of deeper spirituality of any religious persuasion. Sheila Waters is a gifted teacher, author and calligrapher�?????�????�???�??�?�¢?�?????�????�???�??�?�¨ more
by Sheila Waters
Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality by June Maffin is a book of journal prompts and questions that are intended to make you think more deeply about the spiritual aspects of your being. She stresses the importance of the Soul-Questions as being that of clarifying what you believe and think about relationships, issues, life, and yourself. The guide is broken up into a number of short chapters, each consisting of a prompt on a specific topic and related questions. Each prompt consists of a relatively short quotation of a few lines that Maffin has taken from the work of a wide range of spiritually informed and wise teachers who have shared their deepest thoughts with their disciples and followers over the ages. These individuals, for whom she provides a short biography at the end of the book, come from across the world, across cultures and across religions. The topics that Maffin covers include all the basic human emotions, including fear, joy, gratitude, and love, as well as a host of other spiritually related aspects of being. The number of questions that she asks per topic is less than ten, and usually four or more. You could either consider them by yourself, or in a small encounter group or workshop. Each question is probing and direct, being meant to stimulate your thinking and to advance your journey towards spiritual awareness and health. Maffin has found, over the years, that she has experienced spiritual growth as she has asked Soul-Questions of herself, and that is the purpose of this guide to greater spiritual awareness: she wishes to encourage you, the reader, "to connect more intimately with your spirituality." Maffin's approach is logical and rational-she provides you with guidance every inch of the way, so that throughout the book she acts as your spiritual mentor and guide. Maffin recommends that, when reading this book, you should keep a journal in which to record your responses to the Soul-Questions that she asks, after you have reflected on the Soulistry Journal Prompts that she provides. If you have never before done any form of journaling, she provides a brief and simple guide on how you can set about doing so. The Journal can also be used for any other questions that arise from those already asked. Maffin also teaches you how physically to make a soulistry journal from basic materials. Maffin concludes Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul by explaining how, when she was suffering from mercury poisoning, she found that developing her artistic potential enabled her to overcome the pain that she was experiencing at the time. Using her own learning curve as an educator, Creative Spirituality Artist, writer, and spiritual director / soul friend, she came to develop a series of Soulistry Workshops and Retreats, which she has held since then all over North America and Europe. Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul encapsulates such work and makes it available to a wider audience than might otherwise have been possible. All those who are keen to advance their spiritual awareness would be well advised to acquire this helpful and thought-provoking more
by LoiswriteReview1b3t21Reviews21
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