Soliton-driven Photonics

Soliton-driven Photonics

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It is ironic that the ideas ofNewton, which described a beam of light as a stream ofparticles made it difficult for him to explain things like thin film interference. Yet these particles, called 'photons', have caused the adjective 'photonic' to gain common usage, when referring to optical phenomena. The purist might argue that only when we are confronted by the particle nature of light should we use the word photonics. Equally, the argument goes on, only when we are face-to- face with an integrable system, i. e. one that possesses an infinite number of conserved quantities, should we say soliton rather than solitary wave. Scientists and engineers are pragmatic, however, and they are happy to use the word 'soliton' to describe what appears to be an excitation that is humped, multi- humped, or localised long enough for some use to be made of it. The fact that such 'solitons' may stick to each other (fuse) upon collision is often something to celebrate for an application, rather than just evidence that, after all, these are not really solitons, in the classic sense. 'Soliton', therefore, is a widely used term with the qualification that we are constantly looking out for deviant behaviour that draws our attention to its solitary wave character. In the same spirit, 'photonics' is a useful generic cover-all noun, even when 'electromagnetic theory' or 'optics' would suffice.
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Table of contents

Preface. Spatial solitons in modulated magnetooptic waveguides; A.D. Boardman, M. Xie. Experiments on Quadratic Solitons; G.I. Stegeman. Spatial Solitons in Liquid Crystals; M.A. Karpierz. Magnetic Solitons. On the Problem of Generation; N.V. Ostrovskaia. Nonlinear Photon Statistics of Pulse Amplification in Optical Fiber Amplifiers; G. Kahraman. Evolution of Concentrated Solution of Nonlinear Schroedinger Equations in Regular Non-Uniform Medium; Y.N. Cherkashin, V.A. Eremenko. Observation Nonlinear Effects of a Laser Beam Interaction with Waveguide Photosensitive AgCl-Ag Films; E.I. Larionova, et al. Features and Applications of chi(s) Vector Spatial Solitons; G. Leo, G. Assanto. Soliton Transmission through a Single-Mode Fiber; M. Aksoy, M.S. Kilickaya. Nonparaxial Propagation of Parametric Spatial Solitons; R. Petruskevicius. Spatial Solitary-Wave Beams in Kerr-Type Planar Optical Waveguides: Nonparaxial Vector Approach; K. Marinov, et al. Non-Recurrent Periodic Arrays of Spatial Solitons in a Planar Kerr Waveguide; C. Cambournac, et al. Polarization Properties of the Liquid Crystal Fibers; A. Szymanska, T.R. Wolinski. Interactions of Solitary Waves in a Photorefractive, Second-Harmonic Generating Medium; A.D. Boardman, et al. Analytical Description of Quadratic Parametric Solitons; A.A. Sukhorukov. Spatial Solitons in Saturating Nonlinear Optical Materials; B. Luther-Davies. Nonparaxial Solitons. Dynamics of Strongly Nonlinear Modes in Inhomogeneous and Non-Stationary Media; A.I. Smirnov, A.A. Zharov. Spatial Solitons on Nonlinear Resonators; C.O. Weiss, et al. Two-Color Multistep Cascading - Second-Order Cascading with Two Second-Harmonic Generation Processes; S. Saltiel, et al. TheDavey-Stewartson Model in Quadratic Media: A Way to Control Pulses; H. Leblond. Experiments on Seeded and Noise Initiated Modulational Instability in LiNbO3 Slab Waveguides; R.R. Malendevich, et al. Soliton Signal in the Magnetic Chain at the External Magnetic Field near to Critical Value; I.A. Molotkov. Observations of Dipole-Mode Vector Solitons; C. Weilnau, et al. Spatial Self-Focusing and Intensity Dependent Shift in LiIO3 using Tilted Pulses; B. Yellampalle, K.H. Wagner. Round-Trip Model of Quadratic Cavity Soliton Trapping; O.A. Egorov, et al. Spatial Solitary Waves and Nonlinear k-Space; S.M. Blair. Propagation of Short Optical Pulses in Nonlinear Planar Waveguides Pulse Compression and Soliton-Like Solutions; M.E. Pietrzyk. Parametric Emission of Radiation and Spatial Solitons Interaction; I.V. Shadrivov, A.A. Zharov. Observation of Induced Modulation Instability of an Incoherent Optical Beam; Z. Chen, et al. Quadratic Bragg Solitons; G. Assanto, et al. Effects of Nonlinearly Induced Inhomogeneity on Solitary Wave Formation; K. Marinov, et al. Instability of Fast Kerr Solitons in AlGaAs Waveguides at 1.55 Microns; L. Friedrich, et al. Extremely Narrow Quadratic Spatial Solitons; A.V. Pimenov, A.P. Sukhorukov. Soliton Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media with Sharp Boundaries; V.A. Eremenko, Y.N. Cherkashin. Photorefractive Photovoltaic Spatial Solitons in Slab LiNbO3 Waveguides; M. Chauvet, et al. Theory of CW Light Propagation in Three-Core Nonlinear Directional Couplers; P. Khadzhi, et al. Two Approaches for Investigation of Soliton Pulse in a Nonlinear Medium; I.A. Molotkov, N.I. Manaenkova. Photorefractive Solitons through Second-Harmonic Generation; A.D. Boardman, et al. Sh
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