Solaris 7 Reference

Solaris 7 Reference

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Most Solaris users rely on electronically published man pages as their command reference -- but these pages are written by a diverse, eclectic set of engineers, and rarely edited sufficiently to serve the needs a broad range of readers. Solaris Reference Guide gives every Solaris user fast access to all the information they need to get results quickly. Solaris Reference Guide starts with a convenient task-list cross-reference that points users to all the related commands they may need to perform a set of tasks, such as printing, file system management, system status, editing, or shell programming. Next, it provides comprehensive information and examples for over 450 Solaris commands. Solaris Reference Guide delivers more than 1,000 pages of rock-solid information that's never been delivered with more clarity, or organized for greater accessibility.
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  • Paperback | 1000 pages
  • 180.34 x 233.68 x 60.96mm | 2,245.27g
  • Prentice Hall
  • Upper Saddle River, United States
  • English
  • 0130200484
  • 9780130200488

Table of contents

A. Acctcom-Search and Print Process Accounting Files. Adb-General-Purpose Debugger. Addbib-Create or Extend a Bibliographic Database. admin, sccs-admin-Create and Administer SCCS History Files. Aedplot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. alias, unalias-Create or Remove a Pseudonym. answerbook2-Online Documentation System. Appletviewer-View Java Applets. Apropos-Locate Commands by Keyword Lookup. Ar-Maintain Portable Archive or Library. Arch-Display the Architecture of the Current Host. As-Assembler. Asa-Convert FORTRAN Carriage-Control Output to Printable Form. at, batch-Execute Commands at a Later Time. Atoplot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. Atq-Display the Jobs Queued to Run at Specified Times. Atrm-Remove Jobs Spooled by at or batch. Audioconvert-Convert Audio File Formats. Audioplay-Play Audio Files. Audiorecord-Record an Audio File. Awk-Pattern Scanning and Processing Language.B. Banner-Make Posters. basename, dirname-Deliver Portions of Path Names. Batch-Execute Commands at a Later Time. Bc-Binary Calculator. Bdiff-Big diff. Bfs-Big File Scanner. Bg-Control Process Execution. Bgplot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. Biff-Give Notice of Incoming Mail Messages. break, continue-Shell Built-in Functions to Break Out of Loops.C. Cal-Display a Calendar. Calendar-Reminder Service. Cancel-Cancel Print Request. case, switch, select-Shell Built-in Functions to Choose from a List of Actions. Cat-Concatenate and Display Files. Cc-C Compiler. cd, chdir, pushd, popd, dirs-Change Working Directory. cdc, sccs-cdc-Change the Delta Commentary of an SCCS Delta. Chdir-Change Working Directory. Checkeq-Typeset Mathematics Test. Checknr-Check nroff and troff Input Files for Errors. Chgrp-Change File Group Ownership. Chkey-Change User's Secure RPC Key Pair. Chmod-Change the Permissions Mode of a File. Chown-Change File Ownership. Cksum-Write File Checksums and Sizes. Clear-Clear the Terminal Screen. Cmp-Compare Two Files. Col-Reverse Linefeeds Filter. comb, sccs-comb-Combine SCCS Deltas. Comm-Select or Reject Lines Common to Two Files. Command-Execute a Simple Command. compress, uncompress, zcat-Compress, Uncompress Files or Display Expanded Files. continue, break-Shell Built-in Functions. Cp-Copy Files. Cpio-Copy File Archives in and Out. Cpp-C Language Preprocessor. Crontab-User Chronological Table File. Crtplot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. Crypt-Encode or Decode a File. Csh-Shell Command Interpreter with a C-like Syntax. Csplit-Split Files, Based on Context. Ct-Spawn Login to a Remote Terminal. Ctags-Create a Tags File for Use with ex and vi. Cu-Call Another UNIX System. Cut-Cut Out Selected Fields of Each Line of a File.D. date-Write the Date and Time. dc-Desk Calculator. delta, sccs-delta-Make a Delta to an SCCS File. deroff-Remove nroff/troff, tbl, and eqn Constructs. df-Report Number of Free Disk Blocks and Files. dhcpinfo-Display Value of Parameters Received Through DHCP. diff-Display Line-by-Line Differences between Pairs of Text Files. diff3-Three-Way Differential File Comparison. diffmk-Mark Differences between Versions of a troff Input File. dircmp-Directory Comparison. dirname-Deliver Portions of Path Names. dirs-Change Working Directory. dis-Object Code Disassembler. disable-Disable LP Printers. dispgid-Display a List of All Valid Group Names. dispuid-dos2unix-Convert Text File from DOS Format to ISO Format. Download-Download Host-Resident PostScript Font. dpost-troff Postprocessor for PostScript Printers. du-Summarize Disk Usage. dumbplot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. dump-Dump Selected Parts of an Object File for Shell Scripts. dumpcs-Show Codeset Table for the Current Locale. dumpkeys-Dump Keyboard Translation Tables.E. echo-Write Arguments to Standard Output. ed, red-Text Editor. edit-Text Editor (Variant of ex for Casual Users). egrep-Search a File for a Pattern, Using Full Regular Expressions. eject-Eject Media such as CD-ROM and Diskette from Drive. elfdump-Dump Selected Parts of an Object File. enable, disable-Enable/Disable LP Printers. env-Set Environment for Command Invocation. eqn, neqn, checkeq-Typeset Mathematics Test. eval-Shell Built-in Functions to Execute Other Commands. ex-Display-Based Text Editor. exec, eval, source-Shell Built-in Functions to Execute Other Commands. exit, return, goto-Shell Built-in Functions to Enable the Shell to Advance Beyond Its Sequence of Steps. expand, unexpand-Expand Tab Characters to Space Characters, and Vice Versa. export-Shell Built-in Environment Variable Function. exportfs-Translate exportfs Options to share/unshare Commands. expr-Evaluate Arguments as an Expression. exstr-Extract Strings from Source Files.F. factor-Obtain the Prime Factors of a Number. false-Provide Truth Values. fastboot, fasthalt-Reboot/Halt the System Without Checking the Disks. fc-Process Command History List. fdformat-Format Diskette or PCMCIA Memory Card. fg-Control Process Execution. fgrep-Search a File for a Fixed-Character String. file-Determine File Type. filesync-Synchronize Ordinary, Directory, or Special Files. find-Find Files. finger-Display Information about Local and Remote Users. fmt-Simple Text Formatter. fmtmsg-Display a Message on Standard Error or System Console. fnattr-Update and Examine Attributes Associated with an FNS Named Object. fnbind-Bind a Reference to an FNS Name. fnlist-Display the Names and References Bound in an FNS Context. fnlookup-DIsplay the Reference Bound to an FNS Name. fnrename-Rename the Binding of an FNS Name. fnsearch-Search for FNS Objects with Specified Attributes. fnunbind-Unbind the Reference from an FNS Name. fold-Filter for Folding Lines. for, foreach, repeat-Shell Built-in Repeat Functions. from-Display the Sender and Date of Newly Arrived Mail Messages. ftp-File Transfer Program. function-Shell Built-in Command to Define a Shell Function.G. gcore-Get Core Images of Running Processes. gencat-Generate a Formatted Message Catalog. genmsg-Generate a Message Source File by Extracting Messages from Source Files. get, sccs-get-Retrieve a Version of an SCCS File. getconf-Get Configuration Values. getfacl-Display Discretionary File Information. getopt-Parse Command Options. getoptcvt-Convert to getopts to Parse Command Options. getopts-Parse Utility Options. gettext-Retrieve Text String from Message Database. gigiplot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. glob-Shell Built-in Function to Expand a Word List. goto-Shell Built-in Functions. gprof-Display Call-graph Profile Data. graph-Draw a Graph. grep-Search a File for a Pattern. groups-Print Group Membership of User. grpck-Password/Group File Checkers.H. hash, rehash, unhash, hashstat-Evaluate the Internal Hash Table of the Contents of Directories. hashcheck, hashmake-Report Spelling Errors. hashstat-Evaluate the Internal Hash Table of the Contents of Directories. head-Display First Few Lines of Files. help, sccs-help-Ask for Help Regarding SCCS Error or Warning Messages. history, fc-Process Command History List. hostid-Print the Numeric Identifier of the Current Host. hostname-Set or Print Name of Current Host System. hp7221plot, hpplot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters.I. iAPX286, i286, i386, i486, i860-Get Processor Type Truth Value. iconv-Code Set Conversion Utility. if, test-Evaluate Conditions. implot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. Indxbib-Create an Inverted Index to a Bibliographic Database. Install-Install Commands. Intro, intro-Introduction to Commands and Application Programs. ipcrm-Remove a Message Queue, Semaphor Set, or Shared Memory ID. ipcs-Report Interprocess Communication Facilities Status. isainfo-Describe Instruction Set Architectures. isalist-Display the Native Instruction Sets for This Platform.J. jar-Java Archive Tool. javac-Java Compiler. javadoc-Java API Documentation Generator. javah-C Header and Stub File Generator. javald-Create Java Application Wrappers. javap-Java Class File Disassembler. jdb-Java Debugger. jobs, fg, bg, stop, notify-Control Process Execution. join-Relational Database Operator. jre-Java Runtime Interpreter. jsh-Standard and Job Control Shell and Command Interpreter.K. kbd-Keyboard Command. kdestroy-Destroy Kerberos Tickets. kerberos-Introduction to the Kerberos Security System. keylogin-Decrypt and Store Secret Key with keyserv. keylogout-Delete Stored Secret Key with keyserv. kill-Terminate or Signal Processes. kinit-Kerberos Login Command. klist-List Currently Held Kerberos Tickets. ksh, rksh-Korn Shell, a Standard/Restricted Command and Programming Language. ksrvtgt-Fetch and Store Kerberos Ticket-Granting Ticket, Using a Service Key.L. last-Display Login and Logout Information. lastcomm-Display the Last Commands Executed, in Reverse Order. ld-Link Editor for Object Files. ldapadd-ldap Entry Addition and Modification Tools. ldapdelete-ldap Delete Entry Tool. ldapmodify, ldapadd-ldap Entry Addition and Modification Tools. ldapmodrdn-ldap Modify Entry RDN Tool. ldapsearch-ldap Search Tool. ldd-List Dynamic Dependencies of Executable Files or Shared Objects. Linker for Dynamic Objects. let-Shell Built-in Function to Evaluate One or More Arithmetic Expressions. lex-Generate Programs for Lexical Tasks. limit, ulimit, unlimit-Set or Get Limitations on Available System Resources. line-Read One Line. lint-C Program Verifier. listusers-List User Login Information. ln-Make Hard or Symbolic Links to Files. loadfont-Display or Change X86 Video Card Font Information. loadkeys, dumpkeys-Load and Dump Keyboard Translation Tables. locale-Get Locale-Specific Information. localedef-Define Locale Environment. logger-Add Entries to the System Log. login-Sign On to the System. logname-Return User's Login Name. logout-Shell Built-in Function to Exit from a Login Session. look-Find Words in the System Dictionary or Lines in Sorted List. lookbib-Find References in a Bibliographic Database. lorder-Find Ordering Relation for an Object or Library Archive. lp-Submit Print Request. lpc-Line Printer Control Program. lpq-Display the Contents of a Print Queue. lpr-Submit BSD Print Requests. lprm-Remove Print Requests from the Print Queue. lpstat-Display Information about the Status of the Print Service. lptest-Generate Line Printer Ripple Pattern. ls-List Contents of Directory.M. m4-Macro Processor. Display the Processor Type of the Current Host. machid-Get Processor Type Truth Value. mail, rmail-Read Mail or Send Mail to Users. mailcompat-Provide Compatibility for Solaris Mailbox. mailq-Print the Mail Queue. mailstats-Print Statistics Collected by sendmail. mailx, mail, Mail-Interactive Message Processing System. make-Maintain, Update, and Regenerate Related Programs and Files. makekey-Generate Encryption Key. man-Find and Display Reference Manual Pages. mconnect-Connect to SMTP Mail Server Socket. mcs-Manipulate the Comment Section of an Object File. mesg-Permit or Deny Messages. mkdir-Make Directories. mkmsgs-Create Message Files for Use by gettxt. mkstr-Create an Error Message File by Massaging C Source Files. more, page-Browse or Page Through a Text File. msgfmt-Create a Message Object from a Message File. mt-Magnetic Tape Control. mv-Move Files.N. native2ascii-Native-to-ASCII Converter. nawk-New Pattern Scanning and Processing Language. neqn-Typeset Mathematics Test. newaliases-Rebuild the Database for the Mail Aliases File. newform-Change the Format of a Text File. newgrp-Log in to a New Group. news-Print News Items. nice-Invoke a Command with an Altered Scheduling Priority. nis+, NIS+, nis-New Version of the Network Information Name Service. niscat-Display NIS+ Tables and Objects. nischgrp-Change the Group Owner of an NIS+ Object. nischmod-Change Access Rights on an NIS+ Object. nischown-Change the Owner of an NIS+ Object. nischttl-Change the Time-to-Live Value of an NIS+ Object. nisdefaults-Display NIS+ Default Values. niserror-Display NIS+ Error Messages. nisgrep-Search NIS+ Tables. nisgrpadm-NIS+ Group Administration Command. nisln-Symbolically Link NIS+ Objects. nisls-List the Contents of an NIS+ Directory. nismatch, nisgrep-Search NIS+ Tables. nismkdir-Create NIS+ Directories. nispasswd-Change NIS+ Password Information. nisrm-Remove NIS+ Objects from the Namespace. nisrmdir-Remove NIS+ Directories. nistbladm-Administer NIS+ Tables. nistest-Return the State of the NIS+ Namespace, Using Conditional Expression. nl-Line Numbering Filter. nm-Print Name List of an Object File. nohup-Run a Command Immune to Hangups. notify-Control Process Execution. nroff-Format Documents for Display or Line Printer.O. od-Octal Dump. on-Execute a Command on a Remote System, Using the Local Environment. onintr-Shell Built-in Functions to Respond to (Hardware) Signals. optisa-Determine Which Variant Instruction Set Is Optimal.P. pack, pcat, unpack-Compress and Expand Files. page-Browse or Page through a Text File. pagesize-Display the Size of a Page of Memory. passwd-Change Login Password and Password Attributes. paste-Merge Corresponding or Subsequent Lines of Files. patch-Apply Changes to Files. pathchk-Check Path Names. pax-Portable Archive Interchange. pcat-Compress and Expand Files. pcmapkeys-Set Keyboard Extended Map and Scan Code Translation for the PC Console in Text Mode. pcred-Proc Tools. pdp11-Get Processor Type Truth Value. pfiles, pflags-Proc Tools. pg-Files Perusal Filter. pgrep, pkill-Find or Signal Processes. pkginfo-Display Software Package Information. pkgmk-Produce an Installable Package. pkgparam-Display Package Parameter Values. pkgproto-Generate Prototype File Entries for Input to pkgmk Command. pkgtrans-Translate Package Format. pkill-Find or Signal Processes. pldd-Proc Tools. plimit-Get or Set the Resource Limits of Running Processes. plot, aedplot, atoplot, bgplot, crtplot, dumbplot, gigiplot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. pmap-Proc Tools. popd-Change Working Directory. postdaisy-PostScript Translator for Diablo 630 Daisy-Wheel Files. postdmd-postio postmd-Matrix Display Program for PostScript Printers. postplot-PostScript Translator for plot(4) Graphics Files. postprint-PostScript Translator for Text Files. postreverse-Reverse the Page Order in a PostScript File. posttek-PostScript Translator for Tektronix 4014 Files. pr-Print Files. prex-Control Tracing in a Process or the Kernel. print-Shell Built-in Function to Output Characters to the Screen or Window. printenv-Display Current Environment Variable. printf-Write Formatted Output. priocntl-Display or Set Scheduling Parameters of Specified Process(es). proc, pflags, pcred, pmap, pldd, psig, pstack, pfiles, pwdx, pstop, prun, pwait, ptree, ptime-Proc Tools. prof-Display Profile Data. prs, sccs-prs-Display Selected Portions of an SSCS History. prt, sccs-prt-Display Delta Table Information from an SCCS File. prun-Proc Tools. ps-Report Process Status. psig, pstack, pstop, ptime, ptree-Proc Tools. pushd-Change Working Directory. pvs-Display the Internal Information of Dynamic Objects. pwait-Proc Tools. pwd-Return Working Directory Name. pwxd-Proc Tools.R. ranlib-Convert Archives to Random Libraries. rcp-Remote File Copy. rdist-Remote File Distribution Program. read-Read a Line from Standard Input. readonly-Shell Built-in Function to Protect the Value of the Given Variable from Reassignment. red-Text Editor. refer-Expand and Insert References from a Bibliographic Database. regcmp-Compile Regular Expressions. rehash-Evaluate the Internal Hash Table of the Contents of Directories. remote_shell, remsh-Remote Shell. renice-Alter Priority of Running Processes. repeat-Shell Built-in Function to Repeat Actions. reset-Establish or Restore Terminal Characteristics. return-Shell Built-in Function to Advance Beyond a Sequence of Steps. rksh-Korn Shell, a Standard/Restricted Command and Programming Language. rlogin-Remote Login. rm, rmdir-Remove Directory Entries. rmail-Read Mail or Send Mail to Users. rmdel-Remove a Delta from an SCCS File. rmdir-Remove Directory Entries. rmic-Java RMI Stub Compiler. rmiregistry-Register Remote Java Objects. roffbib-Format and Print a Bibliographic Database. rpcgen-RPC Protocol Compiler. rsh, remsh, remote_shell-Remote Shell. rup-Show Host Status of Remote Systems (RPC Version). ruptime-Show Host Status of Local Systems. rusage-Print Resource Usage for a Command. rusers-Display Who Is Logged in on Remote Systems. rwho-Display Who Is Logged in on Local Systems.S. sact-Show Editing Activity Status of an SCCS File. sag-System Activity Graph. sar-System Activity Reporter. sccs-Front End for the Source Code Control System (SCCS). sccs-admin, admin-Create and Administer SCCS History Files. sccs-cdc, cdc-Change the Commentary of an SCCS Delta. sccs-comb, comb-Combine SCCS Deltas. sccs-delta, delta-Make a Delta to an SCCS File. sccsdiff-Compare Two Versions of an SCCS File. sccs-get, get-Retrieve a Version of an SCCS File. sccs-help, help-Ask for Help Regarding SCCS Error or Warning Messages. sccs-prs, prs-Display Selected Portions of an SCCS History. sccs-prt, prt-Display Delta Table Information from an SCCS File. sccs-rmdel, rmdel-Remove a Delta from an SCCS File. sccs-sact, sact-Show Editing Activity Status of an SCCS File. sccs-sccsdiff, sccsdiff-Compare Two Versions of an SCCS File. sccs-unget, unget-Undo a Previous Get of an SCCS File. sccs-val, val-Validate an SCCS File. script-Make Record of a Terminal Session. sdiff-Print, Side-by-Side, Differences between Two Files. sed-Stream Editor. select-Shell Built-in Functions to Choose from a List of Actions. Serialver-Show Serial Version. set, unset, setenv, unsetenv, export-Shell Environment Variable Built-in Functions. setfacl-Modify the Access Control List (ACL) for a File or Files. settime-Change File Access and Modification Times. sh, jsh-Standard and Job Control Shell and Command Interpreter. shell_builtins-Shell Command Interpreter Built-in Functions. shift-Shell Built-in Function to Traverse Either a Shell's Argument List or a List of Field-Separated Words. shutdown-Close Down the System at a Given Time. size-Print Section Sizes of Object Files in Bytes. sleep-Suspend Execution for an Interval. smart2cfg-Compaq Smart-2 EISA/PCI and Smart-2SL PCI Array Controller ioctl Command. soelim-Resolve and Eliminate .so Requests from nroff or troff Input. solregis-Solaris User Registration. sort-Sort, Merge, or Sequence Check Text Files. sortbib-Sort a Bibliographic Database. sotruss-Trace Shared Library Procedure Calls. source-Shell Built-in Function to Execute Other Commands. sparc-Get Processor Type Truth Value. spell, hashmake, spellin, hashcheck-Report Spelling Errors. spline-Interpolate Smooth Curve. split-Split a File into Pieces. srchtxt-Display Contents of, or Search for, a Text String in Message Databases. stop-Control Process Execution. strchg, strconf-Change or Query Stream Configuration. strings-Find Printable Strings in an Object or Binary File. strip-Strip Symbol Table, Debugging, and Line Number Information from an Object File. stty-Set the Options for a Terminal. sum-Print Checksum and Block Count for a File. sun-Get Processor Type Truth Value. suspend-Shell Built-in Function to Halt the Current Shell. switch-Shell Built-in Function to Choose from a List of Actions. symorder-Rearrange a List of Symbols. sysV-make-Maintain, Update, and Regenerate Groups of Programs.T. t300, t300s, t4014, t450-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. tabs-Set Tabs on a Terminal. tail-Look at the Last Part of a File. talk-Talk to Another User. tar-Create Tape Archives and Add or Extract Files. tbl-Format Tables for nroff or troff. tcopy-Copy a Magnetic Tape. tee-Replicate the Standard Output. tek-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. telnet-User Interface to a Remote System, Using the TELNET Protocol. test-Evaluate Conditions. tftp-Trivial File Transfer Program. time-Time a Simple Command. times-Shell Built-in Function to Report Time Use of the Current Shell. timex-Time a Command; Report Process Data and System Activity. tip-Connect to Remote System. tnfdump-Convert Binary Trace Normal Form (TNF) File to ASCII. tnfxtract-Extract Kernel Probes Output into a Trace File. touch-Change File Access and Modification Times. tplot, t300, t300s, t4014, t450, tek, ver-Graphics Filters for Terminal Output of Various Plotters. tput-Initialize a Terminal or Query terminfo Database. tr-Translate Characters. trap, onintr-Shell Built-in Functions to Respond to Hardware Signals. troff-Typeset or Format Documents. true, false-Provide Truth Values. truss-Trace System Calls and Signals. tset, reset-Establish or Restore Terminal Characteristics. tsort-Topological Sort. tty-Return User's Terminal Name. type-Write a Description of Command Type. typeset, whence-Shell Built-in Command to Get/Set Attributes and Values for Shell Variables and Functions.U. u3b, u3b2, u3b5, u3b15, u370-Get Processor Type Truth Value. ucblinks-Add /dev Entries for SunOS 4.x Compatibility. ul-Underline Text on Terminal Display. ulimit, unlimit-Set or Get Shell Limitations on System Resources. umask-Get or Set the File Mode Creation Mask. unalias-Remove Command Pseudonyms. uname-Print Name of Current System. uncompress-Uncompress or Display Expanded Files. unexpand-Convert Space Characters to Tabs. unget-Undo a Previous Get of an SCCS File. unhash-Evaluate the Internal Hash Table of the Contents of Directories. unifdef-Resolve and Remove ifdef'd Lines from C Program Source. uniq-Report or Filter Out Repeated Lines in a File. units-Convert Quantities Expressed in Standard Scales to Other Units. unix2dos-Convert Text File from ISO Format to DOS Format. unlimit-Set or Get Shell System Resource Limitations. unpack-Compress and Expand Files. unset, unsetenv-Shell Built-in Functions to Determine Environment Variable Characteristics. until-Shell Built-in Functions to Execute Actions Until Conditions Are Evaluated True. unzip-List, Test, and Extract Compressed Files from a Zip Archive. uptime-Show How Long a System Has Been Up. users-Display a Compact List of Logged-in Users. uucp, uulog, uuname-UNIX-to-UNIX System Copy. uuencode, uudecode-Encode or Decode a Binary File. uuglist-Print the List of Available Service Grades. uulog, uuname-UNIX-to-UNIX System Copy. uupick-Public UNIX-to-UNIX System File Copy. uustat-uucp Status Inquiry and Job Control. uuto, uupick-Public UNIX-to-UNIX System File Copy. uux-UNIX-to-UNIX System Command Execution.V. vacation-Reply to Mail Automatically. val-Validate an SCCS File. vax-Get Processor Type Truth Value. vc-Version Control. vedit-Screen-Oriented Visual Display Editor Based on ex. ver-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters. vgrind-Format Program Listings. vi, view, vedit-Screen-Oriented Visual Display Editor Based on ex. view-Screen-Oriented Visual Display Editor Based on ex. vipw-Edit the Password File. volcancel-Cancel Request for Removable Media Not Currently in Drive. volcheck-Check for Media in a Drive. volmissing-Notify User That Volume Requested Is Not in the CD-ROM or Diskette Drive. volrmmount-Call rmmount to Mount or Unmount Media. vplot-Graphics Filters for Various Plotters.W. w-Display Information about Currently Logged-in Users. wait-Await Process Completion. wc-Display a Count of Lines, Words, and Characters in a File. what-Extract SCCS Version Information from a File. whatis-Display a One-Line Summary about a Command. whence-Shell Built-in Function to Get/Set Shell Variable and Function Attributes and Values. whereis-Locate the Binary, Source, and Manual Page Files for a Command. which-Locate a Command; Display Its Path Name or Alias. while-Shell Built-in Function to Execute Conditional Actions. who-Report Who Is on the System. whoami-Display the Effective Current User Name. whocalls-Report on the Calls to a Specific Procedure. whois-Internet User Name Directory Service. write-Write to Another User.X. xargs-Construct Argument Lists and Invoke Command. xgettext-Extract gettext Call Strings from C Programs. xstr-Extract Strings from C Programs.Y. yacc-Yet Another Compiler-Compiler. ypcat-Print Values in an NIS Database. ypmatch-Print the Value of Keys from an NIS Map. yppasswd-Change Your Network Password in the NIS Database. ypwhich-Return Name of NIS Server of Map Master.Z. zcat-Compress, Uncompress Files or Display Expanded Files. Zipinfo-List Detailed Information about a Zip Archive.
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About Janice Winsor

Janice Winsor is co-author of Jumping JavaScript and More Jumping JavaScript, both from Prentice Hall PTR, and a recognized expert in Solaris system administration.
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