Social Issues Researcher Biographical Sketches & Research Summaries

Social Issues Researcher Biographical Sketches & Research Summaries : Volume 1

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This book compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of social issues research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field.
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  • Hardback | 274 pages
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Table of contents

Preface; PART I: RESEARCHER BIOGRAPHIES; PART II: RESEARCH SUMMARIES -- Music Induced Emotions: Some Current Issues & Cross-Modal Comparisons; Einsteins Violin & the Cognitive Roots of the Scientific Revolution; Enhancing Middle School Learners Literacy Skills through Multiple Musical Experiences; The Importance of Planning Music Education from the View of Integral Development of the Child's Personality; Music Education: A Way for Developing Effective Communication Skills & Social Functioning in Children; Linking Physical Space with the Riemann Tonnetz for Exploration of Western Tonality; Knowing through Music: Implications for Research; Chopin & Chopsticks: Economic & Family Experiences of Music Teachers in Hong Kong; Evidence-Based Music for Human Health; Role of Musical Leisure Activities in Dementia Care: Applicability & Benefits Perceived by Caregivers; Role of Musical Stimuli in Dopaminergic Brain Function; Listening to Music as a Noninvasive Pain Intervention; Music & Cognitive Processing of Emotions: Individual Differences & Psychopathology; Music Education & Transfer of Learning; A Brief Anti-Oppressive Analysis of Music Pedagogy, the Professional Musician, & the Music Business: A Case for Music Therapy; The Art of Happiness: Perspectives on Music as a Lifelong Resource; Sakara Music & Presentation of Life Issues: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Yusuf Olatunjis Yegede; Health Benefits for the Mother & Child from Music Intervention in Pregnancy; Music as a Political Force in Islamist Organisations; Benefits of Music on Health & Athletic Performance; Songwriting & Improvisation in Acute Psychiatry: Clinical Considerations; Counseling: From the Past through the Present towards the Future; The Prevention Imperative & the Work of the Counselor; Colorblind Versus Multicultural Ideologies: Implications for Mental Health & Counseling; Applying Emotional Intelligence in Clinical Psychology; Family of Origin & Career Development; Adaptive Counseling Theory: A New Perspective for Career Counseling; A Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Perceptions of the Role that Education Plays in Their Self-Definition; Racial Identity Profile Patterns of White Mental Health Practitioners: Implications for Multicultural Counseling Competency in Research & Practice; Life Designing & the Adaptability Needs of an Unwed Pregnant Teenager: A Case Study; Interdisciplinary Views on the Art Making Process in Treatment; Emotional Intelligence & Mediation: New Perspectives for Psychological Counseling Intervention; Cognitive Barriers to Rational Home Loan Decision Making: Implications for Mortgage Counseling; Identifying the Palliative Care Needs of Home-Based People with End-Stage Dementia & Their Caregivers; Mental Distress in AIDS-Orphaned Children: The Efficacy of Natural Mentoring Palliative Care; Quality of Sexual Life of Nursing Home Residents; Back to the Future: A Research Journey in Haematology & Palliative Care; The Changing Role of the Licensed Practical Nurse in Nursing Home Care; Special Considerations for Providing Care for Obese Nursing Home Residents; Palliative Care & Dementia: Is a Good Death Possible at Home?; Where & How Non Oncological Respiratory Patients Die: A Palliative Answer; Can Data Envelopment Analysis Be Used to Study Performance Efficiency in Nursing Homes?; Quality of Life for Older Persons Living in Nursing Homes: A Cross-Sectional Study; Neonatal Palliative Care: New Practice, New Challenges; Depression & Mood Distress Among Female Patients with Gynecological Cancer in a Program of Palliative Cancer Care; Providing Hospice Care to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Populations; Sociological Explanations for the Quality of End-of-Life Care in Finland; Renal Considerations in Palliative Medicine; Using Evidence-based Measures to Document Decline in Hospice Patients: Regulation Meets Clinical Practice; Implementation of Hospice & Palliative Medicine Training in the United States to Meet Patients End-of-Life Needs; Bridging the Gap in End-of-Life Care Decision Making; Understanding the True Burden of Cancer in American Indian & Alaska Native Communities; Understanding Cardiovascular Disparities between Maori & Non-Maori in New Zealand: Is There a Way to Reduce These Disparities?; Reducing Health Disparities of Culturally-Diverse Minority Populations through Transcultural Nursing in the Home; Health Disparities: Creating Equity through Addressing Trauma; Dismantling Racism to Improve Health Equity; The Impact of Language Barriers on Healthcare Utilization among Hispanic Construction Workers; Making an Informed Decision about Colorectal Cancer Screening: A Closer Examination of Patient-Provider Communication; Socioeconomic & Sex Inequalities in Health of Japanese Civil Servants with International Comparisons: Role of Job Strain, Work Hours & Work-Family Conflicts; Sex, Age, & Class Influences on Quality of Life in Chinese Cities; The Impact of Social Risk Factors on Pregnancy, Childbirth & Postpartum Period: What Should We Know About the Personal Situation of Pregnant Women in Antenatal Care?; On the Predictive Validity of Measures of Modern Racism: The Moderating Role of the Salience of Racial Bias; Socio-Economic Conditions & Health in Europe: A Comparison Among the 27 EU Countries; On Social Inequalities; Social Inequalities in the Nutritional Status of African Women; Diabetes, Marginality & Gender Identity: Challenges & Contradictions in Mens Diabetes Care in Northeast Brazil; Socio-Economic Aspects of Health Service in the Southern-Periphery of Israel; The Quest for Higher Socioeconomic Status & Adolescent Health Risk Behavior: Case Study from a Migrant Population in the United Arab Emirates; Socioeconomic Status & Health Implications; Socioeconomic Status & Individual Adjustment in Early Adolescence; How Deprivation Affects Life Expectancy in France & Italy: Comparative Evidence from a Factorial Analysis; Japanese Womens Health Related to Job Stress: A Review Focusing on Gender Role; Hidden Costs Incurred by Family & Friends of Patients with Low Health Literacy; Cultural & Socioeconomic Contexts & Nutritional Transitions: The Anthropology of Global Overweight & Obesity Trends of Older Adults; International Comparisons of Migration, Place & Health: Ethnic Density Effects among Caribbean People in the US & England; Using Existing Data to Conduct International Comparisons of Ethnic Inequalities in Health: A Developmental Project Comparing the UK & the Netherlands; Access to Health Care & Health Outcomes for Asylum Seekers in Denmark; Hearing the Community Voice: Methodological Issues in Developing Asthma Self-Management Educational Materials for Immigrant Communities; Screening for Anaemia & Haemoglobinopathy before & during Pregnancy: A Question of Ethnicity?; Developing Ethnic Identities & Ethnic Attitudes in Children: Theory & Research in Context; Ethnicity, Social Development & Wellbeing in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Conceptual Review; Ethnicity & Subjective Qualityof Life in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Ghana; Before the Big Decision: Psychological Theories on Premigration Motivation; The Socio-psychological Profile of Prospective Emigrants: Singaporeans leaving Singapore; The Emigration Intentionality Prediction Based on Psychological & Contextual Variables in Mexican Adolescents; A Sociocultural Analysis of U.S. Immigration Law & Psychology; Illegal Immigration from an Economic Point of View: A Review; Political Identification & Acculturation Orientations towards Valued & Devalued Minorities in Israel; Power, Group Dominance, & Factors Influencing Willingness to Provide Assistance to Immigrants; Immigration Issues, Challenges & Policy: A View from New Zealand; Immigration & Intercultural Interaction Strategies in Post-Soviet Russia; Immigration, Acculturation & Adaptation; A Review of the MIDA Model & Other Contemporary Acculturation Models; Cultural Identities of Immigrants: Their Formation in the Pre-migration Period & their Transformation During Adjustment to the Host Country; Two Perspectives on Diaspora Migrant Identities: The Case of Ingrian Finns; The Geographic Variation of Earning Differentials in Canada: A Comparison of Immigrants & the Canadian-Born in 2006; The Effects of Psychological, Micro-Social & Macro-Social Factors on Immigrant Health: Studying the Mental Health of Immigrants in Spain; Pole with a Twist: The Performance of Class, Gender & Ethnicity of Polish Women Living in New Zealand; A Mixed Methods Perspective into Varying Trajectories of Performance of Newcomer Adolescents; An Interactive Model of Immigrant Parents Socialization Strategies, Teachers Integration Expectations & Identity Dynamics Among Minority Adolescents; Radicalizing Muslim Youth: A Conceptual Analysis & Consequences for Interventions; Education Needs Science: Is Medicine a Suitable Source of Inspiration?; Capacity Building for School Improvement: I Can Do It, You Can Do It & Together We Can Achieve Our Goals; Unique Challenges in Developing Capacity in Rural & Remote Australia: Arts Utility in Growing Rural & Remote Places; Women with Disabilities in Urban Cambodia & Vocational Training: Truly Promoting Capacity Development & Self-Determination?; Trajectories from Deviance to Conformity? Vocation Training, Capacity Building & Sex Workers in Phnom Penh; Capacity-Building in Old Industrialised Regions: A Success Factor in Regional Development?; Capacity-Building in Nonprofit Organizations Using Blended Learning as a Gateway to Practitioner Education; Enhancing Research Capacity at the National & Community Levels within the Caribbean; Internet Addiction in Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood: A Comparison between the United States & China; PIU Construct Development: Factorial Analytic & Definitional Issues; On-Line Pathological Gambling: A New Clinical Expression of Internet Addiction; Index.
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