Social Economics

Social Economics

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Social Economics holds a place in the literature of the Austrian School such as John Stuart Mill's Political Economy holds in the literature of classical theory. It sums up, systematises and extends the doctrines developed by the founder of the school, the author and his fellow workers.
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  • Hardback | 494 pages
  • 138 x 216 x 32.26mm | 635g
  • Routledge
  • London, United Kingdom
  • English
  • Reprint
  • 0415313430
  • 9780415313438

Table of contents

Introduction 1. The Method of the Following Study 2. The Division of the Subject Matter Book I: Theory of the Simple Economy 3. Purpose and Power in the Economy 4. Human Needs 5. Gossen's Law of the Satiety of Needs 6. The Degrees of Human Needs 7. The Appraisal of Future Needs 8. Commodities 9. Building Up The Simple Economy 10. The Unity of the Economy 11. The Theory of Products 12. The Theory of Labour 13. The Theory of Capital 14. The Theory of Land 15. Cost Productive Means and Specific Productive Means, Cost Products and Specific Products 16. Marginal Utility of the Isolated Household and the Fundamental Law of Economic Computation of Utility 17. Marginal Utility In Idealized Production 18. The Law of the Cost of Production in the Simple Economy 19. Changes of Costs and the Computation of Utility 20. The Problem of Attribution of Yields 21. Common and Specific Attribution of Yields 22. The Economic Computation of Utility 23. Net-Yield and the Productivity of Capital 24. Capital Computation 25. Economic Value Book II: Theory of the Social Economy Part 1: Theory of Economic Society 26. The Economic Process and the Theory of Society 27. The Basic Forms of Social Action 28. The Individual in Economic Society 29. Social Institutions Part 2: The Institution of Exchange 30. Exchange 31. The Market 32. The Problem of the General Doctrine of Prices 33. The Fundamental Law of Price-Formation 34. The Stratification of Prices 35. The Demand-Index of Consumption and the Unity of the Household 36. The Fundamental Law of the Change of Price 37. The Formation of Prices in the Disorganized Market 38. The Price of Products (1) The Supply-Index of Costs 39. The Price of Products (2) The Competitive Price 40. The Price of Products (3) The Monopoly of Supply 41. The Price of Products (4) The Demand-Monopoly 42. The Price of Products (5) The Monopoloid Institutions 43. Personal (Subjective) Value-In-Exchange 44. Economic (Objective) Value-In-Exchange 45. The Conclusions of the General Theory of Price 46. Credit 47. The Means of Payment By Credit 48. The National Economic Community of Payment 49. The Developed Form of Money 50. The Economic (Objective) Exchange Value of Money or the Value of Money 51. The Monetary Material and the Bullion Value of Money 52. The Nominal Value of Money 53. The Law of Change in the Value of Gold 54. The Historical Changes in the Value of Money and the Disappearance of Natural Economy 55. Measuring the Value of Money 56. The Money-Form of Capital 57. The Process of Capital-Formation in the Money-Economy 58. The Capital Market 59. The Computation in Money Part 3: The Creation of the Community of Acquisition and the Formation of Income 60. The Division of Labour 61. The Localization of Industry 62. The Economic Stratification of Society 63. The Enterprise 64. Social Economy and Social Income 65. Agricultural Rent 66. Rent of Urban Lands 67. Productive Interest 68. Consumptive Interest 69. Entrepreneur Income and Entrepreneur Profits 70. Promoter's Enterprise and Promoter's Profits 71. Speculation on the Exchange and the Profits of Speculation 72. The Theory of Wages 73. The Formation of Wages in the Modern Labour-Market 74. Yield-Wage and the Value of Labour Part 4: The Constitution of the Private Economy 75. The Constitution of the Private Economy at the Dawn of the Capitalistic Era 76. The Domination of Capitalism in Modern National Economy 77. The Theoretical Foundations for the Domestic Policy of the National-Economy of the Present Day Book III: Theory of the State-Economy 78. The Public Economic Process 79. Value in the Economy of the State 80. The Economi
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