Sixteen & Pregnant

Sixteen & Pregnant : She's Mine & I'm Keeping Her

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An inspirational, story author (Latoya) passionately wrote this book to share her unique story with others. In the beginning of her story Latoya wrote about when she was twelve years old and her mother moved her and her younger siblings from Houma, Louisiana to Hollywood, South Carolina. For Latoya being a new face in a new place and being extremely underweight, she became the target of her peers teasing and ridicule. As if going through those uncomfortable awkward teenage years, and becoming a young lady isn't hard enough for a teenage girl. Now she had to deal with these mean kids torturing her at school everyday. Basically her peers made Latoya feel like her life wasn't worth living. The longing for acceptance from her peers and the lack of getting accepted led Latoya to feel the only person she knows for a fact would accept and love her unconditional would be her own baby. Therefore Latoya prayed and asked God for a baby because she wanted to give and receive that love she had been longing for. After wanting a baby so badly, and even going so far as to asking God for a baby Latoya was only fifteen years old when she discovered she was pregnant. For some unknown reason the thought never entered Latoya's mind the baby she wanting so badly may not be the perfect baby she was expecting. Being only fifteen years old Latoya had no idea all the things that could go wrong with a real new born baby. In Latoya's mind her baby was going to be perfect just like her dolls. After going into preterm labor three month earlier than excepted Latoya gave birth to her precious gift from God! After the birth of her baby girl Latoya was allowed to go home two days later, but her baby had to stay at the hospital. Having to go home and leave her baby at the hospital was one of the hardest things Latoya felt she ever had to do. Before the doctors would even consider letting the baby going home her baby had to be strong enough to breathe on her own, suck a bottle on her own, and her weight had to be around the same amount of a full term baby's weight. One day while her baby was still at the hospital trying to get stronger, Latoya received a phone call from the doctor in charge of treating her new born baby. The doctor called Latoya and told her after blood test had been done on her baby, the baby was diagnosed with the disease known as sickle-cell. In that instant Latoya heart ached for her new born baby even though she was a young mother herself, she made the grown up decision to join with her baby and together they embarked on an unique and unusual fight that they never would've expected they would still be fighting today. This book is a very special book because the readers can relate to Latoya's story in many ways, she is a human being with real problems just like every other woman. Readers will read about Latoya's unexpected struggles, few set backs, minor knockdowns, and her strength to get through it all and still remain happy and humble. Very passionately written, this heartfelt book will give hope, inspiration, and motivation to everyone of all age & race. I encourage everyone battling with sickle-cell disease, every teenage girl that feels she need a baby to fill some type of void in her life, and every teenage girl that had been or that is currently pregnant, in fact I encourage everyone of all sex, age, and race to open their hearts and minds and read Sixteen & Pregnant: she's mine & I'm keeping more

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  • Paperback | 124 pages
  • 152 x 229 x 7mm | 177g
  • Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • United States
  • English
  • black & white illustrations
  • 1508658471
  • 9781508658474

About Latoya Nicole Mitchell-Lamark

I would love to start by telling my reader all about my four kids, whom I adore. First, are my oldest two kids who's my two beautiful daughters. Secondly, are my youngest two kids who's my two handsome sons. I want my readers to know I'm from Houma, Louisiana, I'm thirty-three years young and wrote my book to uplift, inspire, encourage, and motivate both teenage girls and women. Listen well, and trust me when I tell you my life has had it's own shares of ups and downs, ins and outs, but most of all I'm thankful there has been a lot more of ups than downs. I want my readers to know I am a strong believer in chasing, dreams if someone have a dream that they believe in, my advice to them would be to Never give up just (PUSH) Pray Until Something Happens. Mainly, I would love for my readers know, no matter what the situations are nor what the current circumstances are, always keep God first and he shall direct thou path. Once, this has been done all there's left to do is sit back and wait for the blessings to multiply. Lastly, watch how all the pieces that seem impossible to put together before will just fall into place like a prefect more