A Shade of Vampire

A Shade of Vampire

3.84 (58,265 ratings by Goodreads)
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  • 12-17
  • Paperback | 296 pages
  • 145 x 226 x 18mm | 408g
  • [North Charleston, N.C.?], United States
  • English
  • Illustrations, black and white
  • 1481280767
  • 9781481280761
  • 71,677

Rating details

58,265 ratings
3.84 out of 5 stars
5 36% (20,944)
4 30% (17,436)
3 21% (12,322)
2 8% (4,764)
1 5% (2,799)

Our customer reviews

First, I am completely and totally in love with this cover! I think that is what made me come back to this story over and over again. It is gorgeous in a creepy , shade of night sort of way, right? But then I started reading this story and yep, I fell in love all over again. A Shade of Vampire just sucks you right in, and you are immersed in the world of the royal vampires. We don't even get to see what kind of life Sophia has before she is kidnapped and taken to the island where all her dreams and nightmares seem to exist. After reading the entire and very short story, I see why we don't really go into much detail of Sophia's life before becoming a "slave" to the Novaks. And I say slave loosely, because she isn't treated like that from Derek's stand point; but being kept against your will is still considered slave behavior. Anyhoo, anyone else laugh when Sophia got the nice guards to talking? I was not expecting them to be like, "dude" at all. I was expecting a more refined demeanor so I think I was pleasantly surprised that the guards were cool. I know that had nothing to really do with the story at all but I don't know I liked it and it solidified that I really would like Bella Forrest's writing style. Small details like that, really make me happy because it shows me how the author can make everything flow easily through the story. Yea, I'm weird. I've accepted it. The characters are awesome in Shade of Vampire. I like Sophia a lot and I like that she really thinks through certain areas before doing some things. She is like a leader in her own right just as the sexy prince, Derek, is too. I love Derek! Although, I think he should have been more kick ass to certain people in the early pages of the book, but it still made for good entertainment. For such a small book, a teaser if you will, there is a lot of world building that really gives us a great view of The Vale. I love the tree house idea, especially since I never had tree house growing up. I now want one as an adult, just like the villas in A Shade of Vampire. Thank you, Bella Forrest for realizing my adult wish now! And then there is the one thing I didn't like about the story and his name is Ben. (Now, I know what you're thinking: that's who you didn't like? What about Lucas?) And yeah that's it. Lucas is the antagonist, of course he has to be a dick and I don't like him but he is still crucial to the story. But Ben? Uggh! He just gets in the way of my idea for the story everyone. I feel like he keeps Sophia from being herself and he thinks Sophia can't think for herself. I just don't like him at all. Sorry. Overall, though, A Shade of Vampire was a great story that made me shoot through it until I was shocked to know I read it in about an hour, and then reeling from the fact that I don't have the second one. Because the ending to this little morsel will have you saying, WHAAAAT???show more
by Amy Sanders
Cover: I'm a huge fan of this cover. It's so beautiful. Storyline: I didn't think I would like this book at first because of its somewhat slow and familiar start. But things got better as I got more into knowing the characters and the story. Summary: This is a story of a human and an ancient very powerful vampire who fall in love with each other. And yet it is no ordinary story. At first, we're with the main protagonist, Sofia and her best friend Ben on her seventeenth birthday. They're talking and enjoying the view of the sea when Sofia gets kidnapped by this mysterious good looking guy. Later on, she's in a strange place with her kidnapper. She knows that she's with vampires and that they're planning something big. At the same time we're switched to the point of view to the main guy protagonist Derek as he wakes up from a long slumber. As the story goes on, we get to see what these two characters are going through and how their affection is growing. This story is full of ups and downs but the way the characters deal with them is great. The end is speechless. How am I supposed to not know what happens next? I warn you, this book ends with a cliffhanger. What I loved: - The writing style is simple and intriguing. It combines the modern style and the classical one. I'm a big fan. - The plot is not something new but it is different and has its charm. I can say it had a mix of two of my favorite fictional worlds (vampires with a hidden coven society). I liked it. - The characters: especially Derek's and Sofia's. They're the opposite of each other and yet there great together. Derek is a vicious powerful predator and she's a strong, intelligent and brave young woman. - The progression of the story. - There's suspense in almost every chapter that begs you to read the next one. - The story itself is short and yet full of events. - The story is told from the point of view of main two protagonists. And since they're different in character, it is really fun to know how each of them reacted to the other. - Sofia's sarcastic character. - The ending! Unlike other stories I can't predict Sofia's choice. This could go either way. What I disliked: - It had a somewhat slow start. - A lot of sexual tension! Don't worry there aren't any explicit scenes. - I wish the side characters were more present, mostly Vivian. We don't get to see much of her in the book and we're left without knowing anything about her until the epilogue, in which I was desperate to know more about her. The characters: -Derek Novak: A very powerful, ancient value prince. He's been known for his great work both against and for vampires. He wakes up from a long slumber and shows affection, love and attraction to one of his human slaves. I ended up living him, he's really nice, different and yet he shows loyalty, protectiveness and respect to his kind. -Sofia Claremont: A young girl with no family and one best friend. Her life changes when she's suddenly abducted into slavery in a vampire coven. Her life is always in danger because of a constant threat and yet she might've just found home. -Vivian Novak: Derek's sister. She's a lady. Gentle, caring, and loves her brother. She's smart, hard working and has a gift. -Lucas Novak: Derek's older brother. By my own conclusion, I think he's the main antagonist in this book. He's good looking and yet he's disrespectful, inappropriate and doesn't care much about family. For someone who usually sides with bad guys, I hate his guts! -Ben Hudson: Sofia's best friend. He's described by Sofia to be trustworthy, smart and logical. I seriously don't like him that much. -Other characters worth mentioning: Derek's father, of whom we know nothing. Claudia, a very beautiful and old vampire who has an affection for Derek and a grudge against Sofia and her friend Ben. Favorite quotes: Of course. How dare she interrupt your dinner. Happy birthday, Sofia. You just happen to be the birthday feast. --- Chapter 3: Sofia. Glowing atop the giant redwoods were networks of tree houses. Although from what I could see from the ground, to merely call them tree houses, would be a grave injustice. They were modern, high-end villas connected from one tree to another by glass-covered walkways and hanging bridges. How it was possible for them to build those things up there was beyond my comprehension, but there they were - luxurious villas built on trees. The very thought of going up there began triggering my non-existent fear of heights. --- Chapter 9: Sofia. "From the moment I got here, all I've wanted to do was escape and go back home, but Derek..." she leant toward me and placed a gentle kiss over my cheek "...you've begun to feel like home." --- Chapter 22: Derek. Conclusion: First, I have to thank Bella Forrest so much for accepting my request to send me this e-book, thanks to her I was introduced to a new and exciting world, thank you so much! In case you had no idea, I am a huge vampire books fan so trust me when I say: If you think this is your ordinary vampire book, then you're wrong. Yes, some things might seem familiar but there's nothing ordinary about this book. It's not just about a young girl who love a hot vampire. It's about more than this, and we don't even get to the half of it in this book. If you want a quick, yet suspenseful and romantic read (and sometimes it's even funny!), go ahead and read it, you won't be disappointed. I already got the rest of the series and can't wait to continue with it, I just hope the story isn't being dragged. It'll be sometime before I continue with it though, I'm known for jumping into long series and then getting bored because I'm in the same story for too long (Ahem, Pretty Little Liars!)... Anyways, this is definitely in my favorite vampire books collection :D.show more
by Randa Kerbache
A Shade of Vampire is a short story/novella about vampires. It's short but interesting and is a great first book setting up for what I hope will be a great series. Sofia is kidnapped on her birthday and brought to The Shade. It is a secret island that the vampires live on. She has been brought there to be part of the prince Derek's personal slaves. Derek has been asleep by a witch's spell for the past four hundred years and has just woken up. I was surprised by the way the story unfolded. I liked how it starts to build up but doesn't give too much away. I liked Sofia, she is very outspoken and seems to stand up to the vampires. Derek is drawn to Sofia right from the start and doesn't want to hurt her. Sofia doesn't come around to the idea of her and Derek until the end. There wasn't really any romance in this one, but there was action and suspense. Near the end there is a surprising person who shows up. We don't get much background information about the characters so I'm hoping in the coming books we do. Overall I enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to the reading the other books in this series. This e-book was provided to me by the author for review. This did not affect my review in any way.show more
by Unknown
A Shade of Vampire is a short book, only 147 pages. But I enjoyed each and every one. But it did feel more like an introduction to the series rather than the first book in a series. We're introduced to the world of the blood shade here and I felt that any action and real plot will take place in future books. Not that this wasn't a really good introduction, because it was. Sofia is walking along the beach when she's approached by a really good looking stranger, and before she knows it, he's injecting something into her neck. When she wakes, she discovers she's on the island of the blood shade. An island that is bewitched to be hidden from the enemy, known as the shadow hunters, and is constantly dark. They keep humans as slaves, for blood and for other uses. Sofia was taken as a gift, one of five blood slaves, for the prince, Derek Novak whose been asleep for 400 years but now needs to be awoken as the blood shade is in danger. But Lucas wants her for himself. He is cruel and evil and it appears he'll stop at nothing to get her. Derek seems to take a special liking to Sofia, and I felt that, in a kind of stockholm syndrome way, Sofia is unafraid and finds herself returning his feelings. While this didn't feel like insta love, it still felt like it happened too quickly. From the Sofia we meet at first, her actions with Derek appear out of character to me. This wasn't quite enough to turn me off though. A Shade of Vampire was a cute, short read and while not perfect, still really enjoyable and a series I look forward to continuing on with.show more
by Suzanne Finnegan
In Short - Although this is a short story I didn't feel this stopped me from getting into the story. - I very quickly got into the book and struggled to put it down. - Such a new unique twist to the vampire world. - Shade of a Vampire is an engrossing read with a great main character. In Long I have to admit that I tend to find I don't get into short stories that well so when I started A Shade of Vampire I never expected to get into the story so quickly and so much. Bella has fitted so much into 147 pages, I am in total admiration of her. When I read the blurb of A Shade of Vampire I loved the sound of the storyline, I haven't read a book like this and it totally took a new twist on the vampire world. Being only 147 pages I did wonder whether Bella would be able to get enough information about the island as well as the characters and storyline into the book. Within the first few pages I had been introduced to Sofia and felt like I knew more about her from these few pages than I know about some characters within a whole book. It was nice as I bonded with her and came to like her personality. I often find this is the problem with short books, the characters lack characteristics and personality, it definitely wasn't the case here. The storyline was really engrossing; I hated having to put my kindle down and just waited for the next opportunity to pick it up again. I found myself wondering what was going to happen next and desperate to find out. Final Thoughts A Shade of Vampire is a unique, thrilling book which I couldn't put down! It has everything from a unique storyline and setting to great characters which all add something to the story. I can't recommend it enough.show more
by Jodie Lane
After turning the last page, one word came to my mind: underdeveloped. Characters, plot, worldbuilding, you name it. A Shade of Vampire has all the ingredients to be a thrilling and heartwrenching paranormal romance, it is well-written, but I never felt like it reached its full potential. Maybe it's due to its unfavorable length, somewhere between a longer novella and short novel. The history of Shade, the vampire island, is touched on only briefly. Some more substance to the long-standing animosity between Derek, the vampire prince, and his brother Lucas or the antagonism between vampires and shadow hunters would have added some more flavor to the story, as well as some background and character development in Sofia. For the lack of it, I didn't see why she was so desperate to return to Ben, or why she fell so quickly for Derek. Everything happened so fast, and the emotional bond was lost on me, making it come across as insta-love. On another note, A Shade of Vampire sports the sort of vampires I love-cruel, unflinching, dangerous and dark. I need to know more about the history of Shade and the political background. Bella Forrest has set the foundations for an awesome story, I just wish it was longer and that every aspect of the novel received the attention it deserves. (Source: free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review)show more
by Ivana
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