The Shade

The Shade

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The Shade

A female's voice hissed over my speakerphone. It's not Jayceon like I hoped it would be. Instead, this hood rat bitch tells me "Who the fuck is this?"

I'm used to these hos calling so I let her realize "Uh, excuse me, who tha fuck is you? Yo' called my phone! Tuh!" I rolled my eyes because it's probably some cracked out bitch trying to act like she stole Jayceon's love away, or mad because he didn't give her a deal on the rocks. But shit, me and mines gotta make our profit and these bitches always stay hating.

"It don't matter who I am cuz yo' mayne knows who I am!" She paused, really emphasizing "mayne" with her thick hood accent. Trying to talk a good game she says "I was all over his fine ass last night, suckin' his dick and he ate me out too, bitch! Did he already tell you we fucked?"

I sucked in sharp. To this hood rat bitch I had to put up a tough front but it was hard hearing that, Jayceon has cheated before and I still wonder if he creeps sometimes, but I'ma get to that in a few. Let me finish with this bitch.

"Tuh, bitch, he ain't want cha stank, crack head, nasty, STD pussy! Yo' must know who tha fuck I am, I'm Jayceon Michael's wifey, main bitch, and you ain't! He wouldn't even letchu touch his ass let alone swallow, so if yo' wanna stop playin dese phone games yo' know where we stay! Shit, if you really wanna do somethin' bout it den be 'bout it!"

I don't have time for this shit, hanging up the phone before she tries to throw some comeback at me. What I really need is Jayceon here, filling up another Grape White Owl and making me feel like his main bitch, his Shawtie. That's how we get our paper in these Chicago Streets from the trap houses that Jayceon runs.

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While Chantell knows it is fate meeting Jayceon, one of Chicago's biggest hustlers, a tragedy so deep threatens to shatter her soul and possibly their relationship. Good times roll in like their 'dro smoke and successful profits, until shots forever change their reality. Jayceon commits to determining the killer and uses his ruthless tactics to weed out fakes along the way.

The numbness from this murder isn't something new for Chantell. Will she stay trapped in her past, or is her new reality so beautiful that she can put it all behind her? Does Jayceon's motivated hustle, past demons, and one night sessions with hatin' hos and side chicks cause him to lose the one true love he's ever had?

Hit the block with Chantell and Jayceon. See if secrets turn deadly and determine if Chantell can keep the hustler and his love.
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  • Paperback | 154 pages
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  • English
  • 0996070443
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