The Secret Diamond Sisters

The Secret Diamond Sisters

3.6 (1,309 ratings by Goodreads)
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Anne of Stamford has long been the keeper of her mistress's secrets, but when Lady Joan marries the King's son court life becomes ever more perilous. Sir Nicholas Lovayne has arrived to uncover the truth about Lady Joan's past, and Anne must do something - anything - to throw him off...

Longing to escape the intrigues at court, Nicholas hasn't counted on the way Anne distracts him - her refusal to accept pity for her club foot touches something deep inside him. Will he be able to follow his duty when every fibre of his being tells him to protect Anne?

Royal Weddings - A hint of scandal this way comes!
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  • 11+
  • Paperback | 368 pages
  • 126 x 198 x 24mm | 270g
  • Mira Ink
  • Richmond, United Kingdom
  • English
  • UK ed.
  • 184845287X
  • 9781848452879
  • 354,685

About Michelle Madow

Michelle lives in Boca Raton, Florida, where she is writing more novels for young adults. She enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, traveling, shopping, sunshine, Disney fairy tales, and Broadway musicals. She loves connecting with fans online, so be sure to follow her on Facebook (Michelle Madow), Twitter (@MichelleMadow), and Instagram (@MichelleMadow). For more information, visit her website,
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1,309 ratings
3.6 out of 5 stars
5 25% (325)
4 32% (424)
3 26% (342)
2 11% (145)
1 6% (73)

Our customer reviews

If you like fast paced teen drama this book is for you!! Itâ??s a quick read and itâ??s really fun. Four point-of-view characters (three sisters and then another girl from school) that are incredibly distinct, if you like Pretty Little Liars, you will like this! And there is something in each of the girls that you can find yourself relating to when you read their chapters. Quick preview...! Peyton, the oldest sister, has been hurt by people in the past and itâ??s made her have a hard time trusting, angry and cynical. Courtney, the scholarly, motherly, responsible middle sister who takes care of the others, but needs to take some time for herself. Savannah, the innocent and na�¯ve youngest sister who wants to be pretty and popular and is well on her way! Madison, I will admit, in the beginning, I was a little wary of her, but she grew on me so that I liked her as much as the others. Outwardly, she's the mean popular girl, but inwardly she's full of turmoil, and you can't help but feel for her! I canâ??t pick my favorite, because whenever Iâ??m reading from one POV, that character, at that time, seems to be my favorite. While itâ??s YA/teen reading, I think adult readers will enjoy as well. I would recommend it for older teens, not so much younger teens, because it does deal with issues (like drinking and sex) that might not be appropriate for a younger audience. Iâ??ve never been to Vegas, but the lavish settings in this book made me want to go out there and see it for myself! Itâ??s fast paced and you could probably read it in one sitting (and probably would want to, because itâ??s [more than] a little addicting). So, if youâ??re looking for a quick, fun read for your kindle before heading to the beach this summer, I recommend this book! Canâ??t wait till the next one comes out!show more
by Jacqueline
Life without a father has been difficult for Savannah, Courtney and Peyton. Their mother has her own problems and the three sisters barely manage to make ends meet. That is until their father comes back into their lives after being absent for over fifteen years. And whilst they may have wondered about their dad their whole lives - nothing could have prepared them for the reality that their father is one of the wealthiest, well-connected, hotel owners in the world and he wants them to transplant their lives from the middle of nowhere to their own private penthouse suites on the Las Vegas strip. The Secret Diamond Sisters is a novel which follows four very different teenage girls. There is Savannah - the youngest Diamond sister who has only dreamed of this kind of life and aims to enjoy it as much as she can. Courtney, the studious middle sister, is appreciative of all her father can provide but feels odd having money without working for it. The oldest sister, Peyton, is resentful of her father and is counting down the days until graduation and she can go back to the life has had to abandon. Finally there's Madison - the queen bee of the Vegas teen social scene who appears to be rather resentful about the new girls in town. Each of them has their own problems and Ms. Madow has interwoven them delightfully. In a novel which reads a little like Annie meets Gossip Girl, this book shows off all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and those who live there full time. From those who grew up in the city that never sleeps to the new transplants - they all experience the city in a different way. There are books you read which could be moved and set anywhere but this is a book which utilizes the setting in a great way. The themed hotels, musicals, shopping and the ability to find a place which has karaoke at some insane hour of the night - The Secret Diamond Sisters shows off what Las Vegas has to offer. As a first book in a series, this novel does a great job at introducing the characters and their circumstances. From the girls who tell the story to the boys they are involved in and the parents which allow the teens their extravagant lifestyles. Romantic complications, interesting backstories, sisterly bonding, awkward step-parents to be, addictions and disorders - and this is just the beginning. But I wanted more. I'm glad this book is part of a series because it ends just as it starts to get interesting. Everyone has their own problems and the girls have only been in Vegas for less than a fortnight! I couldn't quite understand why Mr Diamond walked out of all obligations to his family all those years ago. If he is the tycoon they say he is then I find it reprehensible for him to let his children grow up in way they did - especially considering he knew just how bad things were. And to be honest - the way their father treated them in the past and his behaviour in the present is why I gave this book a three instead of a four. All four girls - Savannah, Courtney, Peyton and Madison - have their own things going on and I can't wait for the next book to see just how everything plays out next. This series is one that I know is just going to get better with each more
by Kate @ Fictional Thoughts
I first became aware of Michelle Madow's writing a few years ago, when I heard about her book Remembrance. The synopsis intrigued me - Taylor Swift inspiring a YA book? Hell yeah! - and I enjoyed it, so much, I made a mental note that I wanted to keep an eye on whatever Michelle published in the future. So when I heard that she had written a book about hotel heiresses moving to one of my favorite cities, I was desperate to read this book. Fortunately for me, Lisa at Harlequin kindly accommodated my request! Things that worked: Characterizations: The first thing that readers should know, is that this book is written from multiple POVs. Not only do you have the POVs of the Diamond sisters, the book also includes the POV of secondary characters, as well. While I'm generally wary of multiple POVs - it typically reduces the length/room for an author to fully develop a character - Madow definitely doesn't have this problem. Savannah, Courtney and Peyton are introduced to the readers with different voices, different hopes and aspirations, and you can't help but fall in love with them instantly. While I can't wait for everyone to meet the Diamond sisters themselves, I definitely have to say: I related the most to Savannah. I could understand her eagerness to take full advantage of her new situation, and her quick realization that this is a world that has some strings. The relationships: The Secret Diamond Sisters is very much a book about relationships. There's the relationship between the Diamond Girls and their father, the relationships that they form with the new people they meet in Vegas, and of course, their relationships with one another. Madow does a strong job of interweaving those relationships with the steady hand of a master weaver. You can see how and why certain people relate to one another the way that they do, and how all of these relationships come together to form the bigger picture. I was especially intrigued with the relationship that she's developed between the three sisters. They've depended on each other for so long, and have fit into such specific roles, it's going to be interesting to see how they react if/when they start developing their own lives in Vegas. Writing/world building: I already thought Madow was a pretty strong writer in Remembrance, but she clearly kicks it up a notch here. Her world-building is beautiful, and her descriptions of the Strip and various hotels made me feel like I was driving down the street with the characters. (Also, the Diamond Hotel totally needs to be an actual place). Her writing was incredibly strong as well; I loved her character development, plotting and just how tightly knit the world was. I felt like I could literally step into the world of the Diamonds, and that's not a feeling I always get when reading. The romance factor: Romance is a pretty big factor in The Secret Diamond Sisters, and Madow basically hands the readers a steady stream of cute boys. I totally loved the relationships and potential relationships that she's cooked up for all three of the sisters and the secondary characters. Not only are they intriguing, but I think readers will appreciate the fact that a lot of these relationships are putting the girls in positions where they can learn new and different things about themselves. Of special note: Madow introduces a relationship that made me raise my eyebrows a little. However, she fleshes it out so thoroughly, you can absolutely see how the characters got to that point. I loved this attention to detail, and the fact that she clearly knows the motivations of these characters inside and out. The ending: While Madow has tied up a few story lines nicely, she's also left enough lingering questions to make a reader go "?!" and want the sequel immediately. I know I definitely can't wait to find out how the girls are going to continue to adjust to their new lives! Madow also totally gets bonus points for not having a cliffhanger ending. This makes it far less annoying for me as a reader - I'm looking at you, book where the book literally ended in mid-sentence - and it also makes it easier to wait for the sequel! Final verdict: I breezed through The Secret Diamond Sisters in a record two hours, largely because I didn't want to put the book down. This is a fun book that brings us into rich, glittering worlds which most of us only dream about, but Madow also makes sure to give her characters a lot of heart. I wanted to stay in Savannah, Courtney and Peyton's world, watching their triumphs and failures, as they adjusted to the glittering, sparkling world of Las Vegas. I predict that this will be one of those books where you'll close the book and think: A) Why can't my life be like this? (Because seriously, who can't use a Centurion card?) and B) When does the sequel come out?! (October 28th, 2014 - according to Goodreads!) I highly, highly recommend this for fans of contemporary fiction, especially for fans of Kate Brian's Private series. You're going to love more
by Jessamyn Y Huang
This is definitely one of those "it�¢??s not you, it's me" books. Some people will love it and find it fun, while others will find it annoying. The Diamond sisters never knew their dad. When their mother has to go to rehab, they go to live with their dad. Well, it turns out that their dad is really rich, and they get to live on the top floor of his huge-ass hotel on the Vegas Strip. There are a couple of guys, one bitchy girl, and a load of expensive brands mentioned. Yep, that�¢??s pretty much it. The characters all start off likable. Savannah--the youngest sister at fifteen--seems a little immature and materialistic, but realistic for her age. Courtney (sixteen years old) seems likeable and hardworking. Peyton (seventeen years old) is a bit bitter and has strong opinions, but her emotions seem justified. Then they get to Vegas and all start to go downhill. Savannah becomes more and more annoying as her immaturity and shallowness starts to show. Courtney becomes boring. Peyton becomes an outright bitch, and her opinions that previously seemed justified just seem bitchy and extreme. Savannah, Courtney, and Peyton are nothing when compared to Oliver and Damien. Two guys who I cannot tell apart for the life of me, they�¢??re complete jerks who show up way too much. They aren�¢??t even interesting jerks (yes, it is possible for a jerk to be interesting). They�¢??re just complete douches for no reason whatsoever. Adrian Diamond (the girls�¢?? father) doesn�¢??t really appear much. He hands the girls black American Express cards, Macbooks, and iPhones before pretty much telling them to do whatever the hell they want as long as they don�¢??t cause bad press. Honestly, to tell that to a bunch of teenage girls is pretty unrealistic. Madison is the typical mean girl, but she is tolerable and smart. I wanted her to be more fleshed out, because she had so much potential to be an interesting antagonist. Instead, she just acts like a complete snob and hates on the Diamond Sisters for no reason. You know, people aren�¢??t mean for no reason. There�¢??s always some sort of backstory that causes someone to become bitter and cruel. The lack of plot in this novel is astounding. It features little more than the sisters traipsing around the rich areas of Vegas and going to clubs. Oh, and there�¢??s heaps of boy drama, none of which is any good. People who do not like reading about boy drama and rich people living their lives should be wary of this book, because it does not feature much more than that. Also, I want to bring up a really, really annoying part of the book: why the hell is everyone drinking all the time? Yes, it is normal for teenagers to drink a little. But it is not normal for a bunch of teenagers to walk around the hottest clubs in Vegas drinking every night. They don�¢??t even use fake IDs, but they manage to drink all the time. Oliver manages to gamble and get hammered all the time. While some people might find this aspect of the book fun and interesting, others will find it unrealistic and laughable. A book that definitely will not appeal to everyone, I recommend this to fans of TV shows/movies/books about rich people and boy drama. I won�¢??t be reading the next book. An ARC was recieved from the publisher via Netgalleyshow more
by Donna Huang
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