Search for God & Self

Search for God & Self : (Body, Soul, Mind, Dreams & Death)

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Search for God & Self Author has interestingly raised the question "Who Am I," which is puzzling the whole humanity since the beginning of the time. He has successfully explained and answered it. This is most valuable for the yogis to understand the fundamentals and the real aim of Yoga. Author has scientifically and interestingly explained the difference between our physical body and our own self i.e. ego 'I'. After reading the book the readers will clearly understand that they are not the physical body, which generally they presume, but an immortal soul, which is a spark of God. This book helps us to understand our basic nature, identity and existence of our real self-ego 'I'. We all are puzzled by the eternal question 'Who am I'. We want to know who really we are. From where we have come in this world and where will we go after death? We are sure that we are not the physical body we have. What really we are? Who created us? What does God want to achieve from us? What is our role in our life? We all are in search to know our own-self (soul) and the creator God. This book is an answer to our basic quest to remove our ignorance. God has created us out of Himself thru His Maya. Maya has separated us from God and created ignorance to forget our real identity. But we are the part & parcel of God. We have lost our real identity due to Maya. This book is a practical guide to remove the curtains of Maya, so that we can know our self and merge back into Brahman (un-manifested God). Then only we can say that 'I am Brahman' or 'So-ham' or 'Thou Art I am'. The book provides the wider perception of God. God is not like a human being sitting alone on a thorn in the heaven having wives & children. The whole universe is the physical body of God on which He has a complete control. God is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and has Omni-watching eyes too, without any physical body and sense organs. You can also become That, if you wish and follow the instructions given in this book.
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About MR Dharam Vir Mangla

About the Author Sh. D.V. Mangla, M.Sc. M.Ed. PGDCA, retired Principal got his master's degrees from University of Delhi. He is religious and extraordinary combination of spiritual and scientific bent of mind. He is practicing 'Kriya Yoga' since 1969 & has opportunity of the company and blessings of great saints. He has devoted his life in the pursuit of God, spiritual studies and yoga. He served as lecturer in Mathematics at University of Aden and worked as Principal in Delhi. He is a scholar of Scriptures, Science, Mathematics, Education and Philosophy. He has the ability to correlate Sciences, Shastras, Spiritual Science and God. His books are rare masterpieces based upon his spiritual inner experiences and vast studies, which are useful for both believers and non-believers. Besides his scientific-cum-spiritual discourses he conducts seminars on yoga & stress management. He is founder of the 'God Realization Foundation' (GRF), and gives spiritual guidance to the members on the basis of various e-Spiritual Tests. His writings are commendable research work and a reservoir for further spiritual researches. He is a renowned author of various advanced level twelve spiritual books, which have been appreciated by thousands of reputed readers throughout the world. You may visit his websites: &
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