The Science of Intelligent Achievement

The Science of Intelligent Achievement : How Smart People Focus, Create and Grow Their Way to Success

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Smart strategies for pragmatic, science-based growth and sustainable achievement. The Science of Intelligent Achievement teaches you the scientific process of finding success through your most valuable assets:

* Selective focus - how selective are you with who and what you let into your life?

* Creative ownership - how dependent are you on others for your happiness and success?

* Pragmatic growth - how consistently and practically are you growing daily?

First, this book will show you how to develop your focus by being very selective with where you spend your mental energy. If you've failed to reach an important goal because you were distracted, misinformed, or overcommitted, then you know the role focus and selectivity play in achievement. Second, you will learn how to stop allowing your happiness and success to be dependent on other people and instead, start taking ownership over your life through creative work. Finally, you will learn the art of changing your life through pragmatic decisions and actions. Self-improvement is not the result of dramatic changes. Instead, science has shown that personal and professional change is initiated and sustained by consistent, practical changes. To grow, you must leverage the power of micro-decisions, personality responsibility, and mini-habits. Your own biology will not let you improve your life in any other way.

What do you currently value? What are working to attain? Have you been taught to value your job title or your relationship with some other person above all else? Have you been convinced that the most valuable things in life are your paycheck, the number of people who say 'hello' to you at the office, and the number of people who say 'I need you' at home? Or, have you become so passive in what you value that you let anyone and anything into your life, as long as whatever you let in allows you to stay disconnected from the cold hard truth that when things really go wrong in your life, the only person who will be able to fix it and the only person will be responsible for it is you. If so...welcome to fake success. Passivity, dependence, and the sacrifice of practical thinking and personal responsibility to fuzzy, grandiose ideals and temporary feelings - these are markers of fake success.

Intelligent Achievement, on the other hand, is not a moving target. It's not empty either. Instead, it's sturdy, full, and immovable. It's not something that's just handed to you. It's not something you're nudged to chase or coerced into wanting. Intelligent Achievement comes from within you. It's a collection of values that are aligned with who you are-values you have to protect and nurture. These values do not increase your dependence on other people and things. Instead, they relieve you of dependence. This kind of achievement is something that you have a part in building from the ground up-you know what's in it-you chose it, someone else didn't choose it for you.

Achieving real success means you must focus, create, and grow daily. The Science of Intelligent Achievement will show you how.
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Back cover copy

The key to success is learning the meta-language of learning. Learning how to learn Isaiah shows us how.
--James Altucher, Journalist and Author of Choose Yourself

Your smart strategies for achieving your goals.

Tap into the power of a proven scientific process of finding success through your most valuable assets: selective focus, creative ownership and pragmatic growth.

Discover the keys to sustainable achievement.

The Science of Intelligent Achievement shows you how to overcome distractions, misinformation and over-commitment, and become selective in order to achieve your goals. You can build your own guidepost of focus, creation and growth, and avoid the common mistake of chasing after fake success. Isaiah Hankel shows you how to: Define your values and align them with who you are. Stop depending on others for your happiness and success. Become selective with where you spend your mental energy. Initiate and sustain consistent, practical changes. Leverage the power of micro-decisions, personal responsibility and mini-habits.

Take ownership of your life and learn the art (and science) of positive change through pragmatic decisions and actions.

The book shows you that it's never too late to turn things around.
--Dr. Klodjan Stafa, Senior Scientist at Estée Lauder Companies

Reading this book is like a healthy punch in the gut. I dare you to read it and not come out transformed.
--Margo Aaron, Founder of That Seems Important
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Table of contents

Foreword xix

Preface: A Fool's Guide to Fake Success xxiii

Acknowledgments xxix

About the Author xxxi

Introduction:What is Intelligent Achievement? xxxiii


1 WhyMental Energy is YourMost

Valuable Asset 3

The Fight for Your Mental Energy 4

Protecting Your Mental Energy 6

Surround YourselfWith Mental Energizers 7

2 How Busyness Leads to Burnout and

Manipulation 9

The Busy Life Versus the Productive Life 10

Busy People Become Average 11

Busy People Are Followers, Not Leaders 13

Why Busy People are Easily Manipulated 13

3 The Infection Known as "Other People's

Opinions" 16

You KnowWhat's Best For You 17

You Are BiologicallyWired to Copy Others 19

Negative Opinions Can Rot Your Brain 20

4 How Small-Minded People Block Big Goals 26

The Power of Suggestion 27

Your Brain's Herd Mentality 28

The Liberating Power of Defiance 29

5 Scientific Proof That 50% of Your

Friendships are Fake 31

Why Fake Friendships are Irrational 33

Signs You Are Stuck in a Fake Friendship 34

6 How to DealWith Negative People

Without Becoming Negative 38

The Fog Technique Versus the Investment

Technique 40

Negativity Versus the Void 42

Case Study #1: Rome Scriva 43

7 Why You Need to Go on a Relationship Fast 46

You Have to Say Goodbye First 47

What YouWill Learn During a Relationship Fast 48

Why Your Entire Life is Your Fault 50

8 Automaticity, Scaling, and the Rise ofMental Loops 52

Self-Regulation Versus Automaticity 54

How Mental LoopsWill Improve Your Life 55

9 Tracking Emotions and Predicting Feelings 59

When are Your Energy Levels and Emotions

Peaking? 60

Emotional Predictions Protect Against

Emotional Decisions 62

10 How to Label and Close Your Brain's

Open Loops 64

How the Zeigarnik Effect Affects Your

Energy and Emotions 65

How to Start Closing Off Your Brain's Open

Loops 66

11 Keep it and Clarify it, or Delete it From

Your Life Completely 69

Actively Delete Your Open Loops, Don't Just

Passively "Let Go" 70

How to Make Your Open Loops Actionable 71

Case Study #2: Yuri Klyachkin, PhD 73


12 WhereMillennials and Baby Boomers Meet 79

How Experience and Equity Combine

to Create True Value 82

ExperiencesThat Create Equity andWealth 83

13 "Entre-Employee" and Temp-Employee

are the Only Career Options Left 86

What Is an Entre-Employee? 89

Why EmployersWant to Hire Entrepreneurs 90

WhyThe Temp-Employee Class is Growing

Exponentially 91

Finding Creative Ownership in

Entre-Employment 93

14 ContentMarketing Is Creative Ownership 97

What is Content Marketing? 99

15 LeveragingWalt Disney's Secret System of Creativity 101

What You ShouldWrite (or, Overcoming Writer's Block) 104

Video Blogs are Not Just for theWriting Impaired 105

16 Finding Your Voice and Letting the Right Audience Pick You 108

What's the Message of Your Content? 110

Finding Your Voice in a NoisyWorld 111

17 Why a Good StoryWillMake YouMore MoneyThan a Great Product 115

How Storytelling Creates Influence and Ownership 116

The Hero's Story 118

Add Credibility and Practicality to Your Story 120

Choosing the RightWords 121

18 TheMagic of Turning YourMessage into aMagnet 125

Lead Magnets Create Two-Way Value 126

How to Create an EBook Lead Magnet 128

19 How to Build up Your Virtual Rolodex 132

Squeeze and Splash Your Followers 133

What is a CTA Feature Box? 134

Case Study #3: Tim Bushnell, PhD 136

20 Developing and Automating a Message-Driven Content 139

How to Leverage an Email Subscription List 141

Why Email MarketingWill Always be Valuable 142

Email Marketing and the Last Gatekeepers 144

21 Turning YourMessage into aMinimum Viable Product 147

What is a Minimum Viable Product? 148

Remember the "M" in MVP 150

Growing an MVP into a Flagship Product 152

22 What Happens When Your MVPMeets YourMarket? 154

The Prelaunch Phase of a Product Launch 155

The Launch Phase of a Product Launch 157

How to Fulfill an Online Product 159

23 The Addiction of Vanity Analytics and How to Really Use SocialMedia 162

Social Media is a Means of Brand Awareness and Brand Protection Only 164

The Big Five Social Media Platforms and How to Use Them 165

24 The Laws of Convergence, Replication, and Accelerated Returns 170

What is the Law of Convergence? 171

What is the Law of Replication? 172

Case Study #4: Franco Valentino 174


25 Turning Pain into Productivity Through Pragmatism 179

Transform PainThrough Pragmatic Thinking 180

How to Use Your Negativity Bias to Your Advantage 182

26 One Non-Negotiable isWorth a Thousand To-Dos 186

To-Do Lists are Time-Wasters 187

How to Leverage the Power of "No" 189

Going Beyond "No" to "Never Again" and "Non-Negotiable" 191

27 The Real Theory of Relativity and the Law of Relaxed Productivity 194

YourWorld is Relative to Your Mood, Focus and Motivation 195

The Three Non-Relative Relativity Exceptions in Life 196

The Law of Relaxed Productivity and How to Follow it 197

28 Avoiding Drama, FOMO, and "Blind Spot Ignorance" 200

What is FOMO andWho has it? 201

How Selective "Blind Spot Ignorance" Leads to Disaster 202

Two Keys to Keeping Your Blind Spots in Full View 204

29 Preventing the Deadly Eight Productivity Pitfalls 208

Are You Living Your Life Eight Distracted Hours at a Time? 211

Case Study #5: Catherine Sorbara, PhD 214

30 Is Everyone a Narcissist Now? 218

Narcissism is a Buzzword for Self-Pity 219

31 Seeing Through the Victim Illusion 222

How to DealWith PeopleWho Play the Victim (Yourself Included) 224

32 How Decision Fatigue ReducesWillpower 227

How Are You Spending Your Decision-Making Units? 229

33 Hacking and StackingMini-Habits to Success 232

The Habitual Mouse Gets the Cheese 235

Hacking and Stacking Mini-Habits 236

Turn Deliberate Action into a Habit 238

Case Study #6: Jamie Johnston, R.M.T. 239

34 Leveraging Boredom and Filling the Mental Void 242

Using Boredom to Build a More Creative Future 244

Filling the Void with Vitality and Adventure 246

Conclusion: A Practical Guide to Intelligent Adventure 250

Epilogue: Legacy 256

Bonus: Achieving Alignment 259

Index 261
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Review Text

"throws up plenty of little nuggets for improving life and generating wealth." (Global Payroll Association, May 2018)

"This is a good read full of personal insights from the author, but also ideas we can all adopt." (FT Adviser, May 2018)
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Review quote

"throws up plenty of little nuggets for improving life and generating wealth." (Global Payroll Association, May 2018)

"This is a good read full of personal insights from the author, but also ideas we can all adopt." (FT Adviser, May 2018)
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About Isaiah Hankel

Isaiah Hankel is the founder and CEO of Cheeky Scientist, a career training company that specialises in helping PhDs and other advanced degree holders transition into corporate careers. He is also a managing partner of Expert Cytometry, a technology company that specialises in flow cytometry-based cancer research. Through these ventures, Isaiah has spoken and trained on career development, employee management, entrepreneurship, focus, and motivation at many of the worlds largest companies including Merlin Entertainment, Merck, MedImmune, T-Mobile, Pfizer, and Amgen. He has also been invited to speak at top institutions including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the UK Cancer Research Center, Marie Curie Institute France, Harvard Medical School, MIT, Stanford University, and the St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. In addition to his consulting work, Isaiahs personally branded website ( attracts employees and entrepreneurs across all industries and levels with his scientific approach and tangible methodology to the pursuit of purpose, focus, and professional growth. Isaiah has developed a membership and training program under the Cheeky Scientist umbrella named the Cheeky Scientist Association, which now has over 2,500 active members worldwide. He has also developed a membership and training program under the Expert Cytometry umbrella named the Flow Cytometry Mastery Class, which has over 1,000 active members worldwide. Through his training programs, Isaiah has developed corporate sponsorships with ThermoFisher, Beckman Coulter (a Danaher company), MedImmune, Regeneron, Merck, and the SickKids Foundation. Isaiahs first book, Black Hole Focus: How Intelligent People Can Create a More Powerful Purpose for Their Lives, has sold over 11,000 copies internationally. He has been featured as an expert on mental focus, behavioral psychology, and career development in The Guardian, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur Magazine. He has delivered corporate presentations to over 30,000 people in the US and internationally, including over 300 workshops and keynotes worldwide in the past 5 years.
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