The Sanctified Angels of Jesus Christ Will Govern Greater Kush. the Council of Angels.

The Sanctified Angels of Jesus Christ Will Govern Greater Kush. the Council of Angels. : Super-Administration and Supermanagement for the Empire of Africana. the Swarm.

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This is throughout Africa. Jesus at the top, then the second tier, Angels council, then at the third tier, the king of Kush, Highpriest of Kush and Highprophet, underneath them (fourth tier) is the Elder council or Senators, and the Chiefs, (Lords) tribal leaders council. Underneath them (fifth tier) are the clans and clan leaders and underneath the clan leaders are the (sixth tier) individual family heads of Kush in each tribe. (The seventh tier is yourself) Thats how the government of the empire of Kush will work. Every male will be king someday, they just have to wait their turn throughout their infinite lifetimes to become king. ( The days of one king according to Isaiah is 70+/- years) Women will be Queens. Forever is such a long time, that you will be picked again, twice to be king, actually forever is such a long time that you will be picked, hundreds, thousands, billions and trillions of times into infinity to rule Kush as king in your infinite lifetimes for everyone will live forever. No such thing as democracy where orators and plutocrats rule. Jesus will pick the leaders of Kush and the Angels will pick everyone else underneath. That ends corruption in Africa. What then do kings do if the Angels are running everything? They are just representatives. The Government has been outsourced to the Angels of Jesus Christ. I dont know what other nations will do, but this is what Kush will do. This way we will always obey Jesus and He in turn will guarantee our existence as a nation forever and ever. The land of 10,000 tribes. THE SWARM. Christians existed before the big bang and will exist after the collapse of this universe. Jesus has given Kush a Quintillion universes and the Angels will lead the nation into space to play among the stars and galaxies as a swarm. Jesus Christ is Lord and is worshipped in infinite multiple universes throughout infinity.The people of Africa, Dravidian tribes in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, Andaman tribes, black Cambodians, Papua.N. Guinea, Solomon Islanders, Melenesian Islands, Madagascar, Australia and wherever black folks live throughout the earth are tired of being ruled by Satan, demons and men. Now that Jesus has arrived the people of the empire of Kush will be ruled by God, Jesus, Sanctified Angels, Christian Church and Christian born again men who worship Jesus Christ. No more will Satan and his demons and goats rule the people of Africana.ANY CITIZEN OF KUSH WHO DISOBEYS THE ANGELS OF GOD WILL END IN PERDITION. The Angels of Jesus Christ are Super-administrators and they will build the nation of Africa from its ashes to a great empire of reknown. They are Super Managers and they know how every piece of the machinery or system of Africana's economy works. They will build the nation economically and the Church will build the nation of Africa social structure. Have you ever seen and heard men lament their government? Say that those people in such and such a position or higher up dont know what they are doing? Novice Political Engineers? Or someone has been bribed or only works for himself and not the public? Well in Africa corruption like Nigeria and systemic African corruption will cease to exist because the Angels run the nation now. NO MORE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE LEADERS FOR THEY ARE ANGELS, AND THEY WILL PICK ALL HUMAN SHEEP LEADERS WHO WILL WORK UNDERNEATH more

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