SAS and Elite Forces Guide Ropes and Knots

SAS and Elite Forces Guide Ropes and Knots : Essential Rope Skills From The World's Elite Units

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SAS & Elite Forces Guide to Using Ropes and Knots draws on the skills of the world'sbest soldiers to teach you how to use these essential tools in the wilderness. Tried andtested techniques used by the world's special forces give you field-tested advice onissues such as: how to take care of ropes, the most useful knots to use in a survivalsituation, how to make your own ropes out of animal tendons or plants, how to useyour rope effectively when climbing, how to lash together a log raft. A simple rope can be a lifesaver in a survival situation. Knowing how to use a ropeand make effective knots will help you in an amazing variety of ways - fromconstructing shelters and creating weapons, to fishing and hunting. Most important,ropes and knots act as literal lifelines in dangerous environments, such as whencrossing a fast-flowing river or scaling a mountainside.
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  • Paperback | 320 pages
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  • The Lyons Press
  • Guilford, United States
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Table of contents

Introduction 1. The Basics of RopecraftWhat rope is made from and the best type of rope to use, rope terminology, choosing the right knot, hitches for every occasion, lashings Types of Rope: Materials: Cotton, manila, sisal, hemp, jute, synthetic polymer rope/polyamide (nylon), yarn, codline, coir (coconut), flax, horse and camel hair, date palms, reeds, esparto grass, wool and silk, polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene. Construction: Laid, braided, plaited, sheath-and-core Manufacturing processes/tools: Netting needle, gripfid, hollow fid, wire loop, jeweller's pliers, round-billed pliers, marlinespike Choosing the right knot: Select for security, stability and strength Stopper knots for prevention of fraying; handholds or footholds; decoration Bends for joining two pieces of rope or string together Binding knots for binding together poles, logs, spars and so on Hitches for attaching a rope to a whole range of objects, including hooks, karabiners, rings, posts and so on Loop knots for creating a single or double loops at the end of a line 2. Using Ropes in the MountainsMaking an improvised seat harness, the use of belaying, procedure for belaying, the importance of rappelling, rappelling techniques, anchoring climbing ropes Knots for use in mountains or for climbing:Overhand bendFigure of eight (double or triple)Clove hitchFisherman's knotDouble fisherman's knotTriple fisherman's knotWater knotPrusik knotDouble Prusik knotBachman knotKleinheist knotItalian hitchAlpine butterfly bendBowlineBowline with stopperBowline with two turnsFigure-of-eight loopThreaded figure-of-eight loopBowline on the bightPortuguese bowlineCommon whippingFlemish bendAdjustable bendOne-way sheet bendHeaving line bendMariner's knotPeuberthy knotMunter friction hitchDouble Munter friction hitchDouble Munter muleHeddon knotDouble Heddon knotRelease hitch, top loadedRelease hitch, bottom loadedExtended French Prusick knotCh-Fi knotWrapped and Reef Knotted CoilAlpine coilFigure-of-eight coilFireman's coilFigure-of-eight loopAlpine butterflyThree-quarters figure of eight loopFrost knotDouble Frost knotTriple bowlineAdjustable loop3. Using Ropes to Build RaftsHow to make a brush raft, vegetation raft and log rafts 4. Using Ropes to Build SheltersPolar regions, A-frame shelter, pole preparation, lean-to shelter, willow frame shelter, sheltering in desert regions, challenge of the tropics. Knots for rafts and shelters:Marline hitchOklahoma hitchTransom knotPacker's knotSquare lashingSheer lashingDiagonal lashingPole lashingDouble constrictor knot 5. Using Ropes at SeaThe skills, terminology, and uses of ropes (known as lines) in a maritime environment. Tips and skills from naval and marine soldiers. Maritime knots:Overhand knotSlipped Overhand knotDouble Overhand knotFigure-of-eightSlipped Figure-of-EightStopper knotSink stopperStevedore knotMonkey's fistCrown knotWall knotMatthew Walker KnotManrope knotDiamond knotDouble diamond knotSailor's crossReef knotSlipped Reef knotSurgeon's knotClove hitchClove hitch tied in a bightClove hitch tied with a working endConstrictor knotDouble constrictor knotSheet bendDouble sheet bendOne-way sheet bendCarrick bendHunter's bendAshley's bendFisherman's knotDouble Fisherman's knotWater knotRolling hitchRound turn and two half hitchesBuntline hitchThree-way sheep bendPoldo tackleVersatackleBraid knotFisherman's bendCow hitch with toggleSheepshankSheepshank man o'warMarlinespike hitchHighwayman's hitchWaggoner's hitchSheer lashingPrusik knotAlpine butterflyBowlineFigure-of-eight loopBowline on the bightPortuguese bowlineSpanish bowlineAngler's loopJury Mast knotBack spliceEye spliceShort spliceLong spliceCommon whippingFrench whippingSailmaker's whippingPalm and needle whippingWest Country whippingFlemish bendZeppelin bendHeaving line bendRacking bendSeizing bendBowline bendTwin bowline bendPedigree cow hitchCow hitch variantGround line hitchOssel hitchOssel knotGaff topsail halyardSnuggle hitch bendBoom hitchTimber hitchLighterman's hitchIcicle hitchBale sling hitchAnchor bendHalter hitchMooring hitchChi-Fi knotKnife lanyard knotWrapped and reef knotted coilAlpine coil Figure-of-eight coilFireman's coilConstrictor knot tied with an end/tied with a bightEskimo bowlineDouble bowlineWater bowlineBrummycham bowlineMidshipman's hitchDirectory of KnotsA comprehensive directory of all of the most useful knots, from the half hitch and reef knot to complex slip knots and unusual splicesStopper knotsOverhand knotSlipped overhand knotMultiple overhand knotOysterman's knotStevedore's knotFigure-of-eight knotHeaving line knotMonkey's fistWall knotCrown knotMatthew Walker knotDiamond knotManrope knot BendsDouble grinner knotSheet bendFisherman's knotDouble Fisherman's knotFigure-of-eight bendCarrick bendAshley's bendHunter's bendHarness bendBlood knotWater knotNail knotNeedle knotRacking bendBowline bendFlemish bendZeppelin bendAdjustable bendSurgeon's knotStrop bendHeaving line bendAlbright specialSimple Simon OverSimple Simon UnderShake HandsTumbling Thief knotAlpine butterfly bend HitchesHalf hitchTimber hitchCow hitch (ring hitch, Lark's head, girth knot)Ring hitchCat's PawClove hitchRound turn and two half hitchesFisherman's bendRolling hitchHatter hitchHighwayman's hitchMooring hitchBarrel hitchBachmann knotPrusik knotItalian hitchBarrel slingWaggoner's hitchTucked half blood knotGrinner knotTurle knotFigure-of-eight hitchBuntline hitchGround line hitchOssel hitchGaff Topsail Halyard BendSnuggle HitchBoom hitchLighterman's hitchPile hitchIcicle hitchBale sling hitchRing hitchAnchor bendHalf blood knotPalomar knotJansik specialTurle knotTrue lover's knot Binding knotsReef knotSurgeon's knotConstrictor knotMarline hitchOklahoma hitchTransom hitchPacker's knotSquare lashingsSheer lashingDiagonal lashingCommon whippingFrench whippingWest Country whippingSailmaker's whippingSeizing Loop knotsAngler's loopFigure-of-eight loopBowlineEskimo bowlineWater bowlineBlood loop dropper knotFarmer's loopManharness knotAlpine butterflyThree-quarter figure-of-eight loopFrost knotSpanish bowlineBrummycham BowlineTriple figure-of-eightTriple bowlineBowstring knotMidshipman's hitchTarbuck knotAdjustable loopHangman's nooseArbor knotBimini twistPortuguese bowlineTom Fool's knotHandcuff knotFireman's chair knot Glossary Equipment Requirements Useful Websites Index
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About Alexander Stilwell

Alexander Stilwell has written and edited numerous books on sports and outdoor pursuits. He previously spent five years in the English Army, where he gained invaluable training in survival skills, first-aid procedures, and escape and evasion techniques. In his spare time, he enjoys cross-country and marathon running.
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