Russia and the U.S.A. Will Each Receive a Quintillion Universes from Jesus Christ. the Lovingkindnesses of the Lord.

Russia and the U.S.A. Will Each Receive a Quintillion Universes from Jesus Christ. the Lovingkindnesses of the Lord. : On Earth Today Russia and the U.S.A. Have Been Cut in Half, But Each Will Receive Octillion Earthlike Planets in the Future from Jesus Ch

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The Russian people have suffered greatly in the Great Tribulation with being attacked by Satan in WWII and being ruled by Satan with Stalin. The Children had their parents put to death and the parents had their children put to death under Stalin just as the Bible said would happen in the last days.Russia suffered tremendously in the great tribulation. Also American theologians are saying that Russia is going to attack Israel as MaGog and Gog. They are wrong. Jesus loves the Russians and they are His people. Jesus is going to give Russia a Quintillion universes in the future if they want, and an octillion earthlike planets that speak Russian. Jesus also loves the U.S.A. They are the Mingled people and they have protected Israel when it was born in 1948 until today 2015. The Mingled people, or the U.S.A are a great people and God, The God of Israel has blessed them. They too will receive a Quintillion universes and an Octillion earthlike planets that speak American. But because they are of Shem, they have had some bruises in their past history, enslaving the blacks and exterminating the native Americans. But all that is forgiven since everyone volunteered for their role in the Invisible War and the great Tribulation. The Intergalactic U.S. empire and the Intergalactic Russian empire will coexist in this universe together in peace under the leadership of The Intergalactic Jesus Christ SuperStar- the StarChild. When this universe collapses as Einstein and the Bible agree on, the Mingled people and the Russians will have Quintillions of universes each if they want it, in Christ's googolplex universe cluster for the human race- The Kraal for the Sheep. Each universe has about 200 billion galaxies and each galaxy has about 200 billion stars. On the average their is one earthlike planet in each galaxy. That means there are 200 billion earths per universe. The Christian Church owns a googolplex universes for the human race. Russia and the U.S. the Mingled people each own a octillion earthlike planets from Jesus and Israel.Because the U.S.A and Russia are the Superpowers today, they are last to be served, as this is my 64th book. The Superpowers have been cut approximately in half on this earth because of the children of Japheth. I know this will make some angry, and only the Righteous people will accept my words, the Messenger of Isaiah, but Jesus is the Righteous One and He cannot tolerate injustice, and Japheth has been abused by Shem. The Hamites have also been abused by Shem, but we are going into Space and we are going to leave this earth behind us. The God of Israel created the human race from dust molecules, to single cell, to slime, to walking fish, to monkeys, to humans and now we are going into space to conquer the universe with our Creator Jesus Christ leading us. We have come a long way, whether we lose some of our lands on this earth is idiotic to worry about. It will all be burned up in a SuperNova in about 4 billion years. The universe will collapse in 70 to a 100 billion years, then the human race will be given a googolplex universes to inhabit forever. Other creatures live in the infinite universes that the God of Israel owns. We will be a speck of an atom in the vast ocean of infinite universes in God's Cosmos. Jesus is a Shemite, the sceptre will always remain with Shem, but Japheth, Ham andShem are always brothers. Jesus became a Shemite when Mary begat Him.Jesus has always existed in the infinite past. Christians existed before the big bang and will exist after the collapse of this universe. JESUS COMMANDS THE UNIVERSE TO EXPAND AND COLLAPSE WITH A WORD. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD AND IS WORSHIPPED IN INFINTE MULTIPLE UNIVERSES THROUGHOUT more

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