The Routledge Companion to Marketing Research

The Routledge Companion to Marketing Research

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This single volume reference provides an alternative to traditional marketing research methods handbooks, focusing entirely on the new and innovative methods and technologies that are transforming marketing research and practice.

Including original contributions and case studies from leading global specialists, this handbook covers many pioneering methods such as:

Methods for the analysis of user- and customer-generated data, including opinion mining and sentiment analysis

Big data

Neuroscientific techniques and physiological measures

Voice prints

Human-computer interaction

Emerging approaches such as shadowing, netnographies and ethnographies

Transcending the old divisions between qualitative and quantitative research methods, this book is an essential tool for market researchers in academia and practice.
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Table of contents

Foreword by Jane Frost, CBE (Market Research Society)

Part A: Conceptual

1. Marketing research evolution

Merlin Stone, Len Tiu Wright and Luiz Moutinho

2. Combining big data and marketing research to create customer insight

Len Tiu Wright, Merlin Stone, Robin Robin and Eleni Aravopoulou

3. Interactive marketing, customer information and marketing research

Merlin Stone, Eleni Aravopoulou, Neil Woodcock, Paul Laughlin and Ryan Stott

4. Business models and marketing research

Brett Parnell, Ryan Stott, Merlin Stone and Eleni Aravopoulou

Part B: Methods

5. Why and how to use mixed methods research

Pantea Foroudi, Maria Palazzo and Merlin Stone

6. Case studies as a research methodology

Abraham Joseph and Suraksha Gupta

7. Establishing validity and reliability in case study research projects

Samina Sumrin and Suraksha Gupta

8. Encouraging information disclosure on social media platforms

Robin Robin, Hazem Gaber and Len Tiu Wright

9. Artifical intelligence in marketing and marketing research

Merlin Stone, Luiz Moutinho, Yuksel Ekinci, Ashraf Labib, Geraint Evans, Eleni Aravopoulou, Paul Laughlin, Matt Hobbs, Jon Machtynger and Liz Machtynger

10. Data management and marketing research

Merlin Stone, Tony Mooney and Paul Laughlin

11. Deciding on and using research data

Merlin Stone, Len Tiu Wright, Robin Birn and Luiz Moutinho

12. Archive of Market and Social Research: Looking backwards to look forwards

Robin Birn, Merlin Stone, Nektarios Tsempelikos, Kaouther Kooli and Emmanuel Kosack

13. Key issues in managing marketing research and customer insight

Robin Birn and Merlin Stone

Part C: Techniques

14. Brain's valuation networks and consumers' neuroscience methods in the fuzzy front-end innovation process

Jyrki Suomala and Pekka Berg

15. An introduction to the use of EEG in marketing research

Reem Mahmoud and Richard Bagozzi

16. How brand interest mediates the relationship between cross-media investments and word-of-mouth and purchase intention: a mixture-amount moderated mediation model

Patrick De Pelsmacker, Nathalie Dens, Peter Goos and Leonids Aleksandrovs

17. The effect of voice emotion response on brand recall by gender

Wan-Chen Wang, Maria Helena Pestana and Luiz Moutinho

18. Identifying the drivers of shopper attention, engagement and purchase

Raymond R. Burke and Alex Leykin

Part D: Applications

19. Researching older citizens and their attitudes towards smart homes

Merlin Stone, Eleni Aravopoulou and Geraint Evans

20. Marketing research and customer loyalty in an Islamic banking culture in the Middle East: a case study of Jordan

Ala'Omar Dandis and Len Tiu Wright

21. Smart cities and smart transport: the role of data and insight

Merlin Stone, Eleni Aravopoulou, Jonathan Knapper and Geraint Evans

22. Design, innovation and marketing research

James Woudhuysen, Emmanuel Kosack and Merlin Stone

23. Advantage of low quality in short life cycle products

Yang Sun, Helen Cai, Rui Su, Qianhui Shen and Merlin Stone

Part E: Reflections and Futures

24. Futurology in market research

Sergio Brodsky

25. Marketing research: fakes and futures

Merlin Stone, Eleni Aravopoulou, Ashraf Labib, Yuksel Ekinci, Liz Machtynger, John Machtynger, Geraint Evans, Paul Laughlin and Matt Hobbs

26. Futuring on marketing research: Strategy

Luiz Moutinho

27. Futuring on marketing research: Techniques

Luiz Moutinho

28. A Practitioner's View of Customer Insight: Past, Present and Future

Tony Mooney

29. A Practitioner's View of Customer Insight: Past, Present and Future

Paul Laughlin

30. Epilogue: a more strategic look at the future of marketing research

Merlin Stone, Len Tiu Wright and Luiz Moutinho
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About Len Tiu Wright

Len Tiu Wright is Editor-in-Chief of Cogent Business and Management and Emeritus Professor of Marketing at De Montfort University, UK.

Luiz Moutinho is Visiting Professor of Marketing at University of Suffolk Business School, UK, and Adjust Professor at the Graduate School of Business at University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

Merlin Stone is Visiting Professor at the University of Portsmouth and St. Mary's University, both based in the UK, and Professor and Research Director at Apsley Business School, UK.

Richard P. Bagozzi is Dwight F. Benton Professor of Behavioral Science in Management at Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, USA.
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