Rosetta Stone German Set

Rosetta Stone German Set

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Best Value! Save over $90 when purchasing German 1 and German 2 combined as a set.&lt;br /&gt;<br />&lt;br /&gt;<br />Rosetta Stone teaches German through a step-by-step sequence of carefully structured lessons, called Dynamic Immersion. New words become associated with familiar objects, actions, and ideas. Words build to phrases and sentences in a systematic progression.&lt;br /&gt;<br />&lt;br /&gt;<br />Studies show that learning exclusively in the new languagewithout translation as a crutchis crucial if you want to communicate. Grammar drills and rote memorization never develop this skill. Dynamic Immersion helps you think in the new language and quickly develops the language skills and structures you need to for everyday communication.&lt;br /&gt;<br />&lt;br /&gt;<br />Levels 1 &amp; 2 Include&lt;br /&gt;<br />8,000+ real-life images and phrases in 210 lessons &lt;br /&gt;<br />An average of 450 hours of instruction depending on your learning style &lt;br /&gt;<br />A balanced curriculum including listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing &lt;br /&gt;<br />Speech recognition for accent perfection &lt;br /&gt;<br />Systematic structure teaches vocabulary and grammar naturally, without lists and drills &lt;br /&gt;<br />Previews, exercises, and tests for every lesson with automated tutorials &lt;br /&gt;<br />&lt;br /&gt;<br />A Sample of the Topics Youll Find&lt;br /&gt;<br />People and talking &lt;br /&gt;<br />Directions: How do I get to &lt;br /&gt;<br />Affirmative and negative verb forms &lt;br /&gt;<br />Food, eating, and drinking &lt;br /&gt;<br />Family relationships &lt;br /&gt;<br />Direct objects &lt;br /&gt;<br />Telling time &lt;br /&gt;<br />Numbers to 100 &lt;br /&gt;<br />Objects of prepositions &lt;br /&gt;<br />Clothing and dress &lt;br /&gt;<br />Vehicles, furniture, clothing, and instruments &lt;br /&gt;<br />Shapes, colors and locations &lt;br /&gt;<br />Greetings and conversations &lt;br /&gt;<br />Travel, transportation, and transactions &lt;br /&gt;<br />Verb tenses in the passive voice &lt;br /&gt;<br />Shopping and dining out &lt;br /&gt;<br />Asking questions; Forms of address &lt;br /&gt;<br />Imperatives &lt;br /&gt;<br />The weather and clothing &lt;br /&gt;<br />Office activities and terminology &lt;br /&gt;<br />Subjunctive and subordinate clauses &lt;br /&gt;<br />Common social conventions &lt;br /&gt;<br />Calendar conventions &lt;br /&gt;<br />The five senses; Sickness and health
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