Revelation : The Whole Theological Web of Lies Concerning the Second Coming Unravels Because There Is No Rapture. Where Is the Rapture Theologians? Everything Falls Apart. My Gospel Is Truth from Jesus.

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The book of Revelation as described by Protestants is the future as revealed by Jesus Christ. It is Christ's only prophetic book, the other prophecy books are by The God of Israel- Old Testament. Revelation actually has two time zones. From the cross of Jesus, a 2000 year Tribulation that ended in 2015+/- then the Second Coming of Jesus. That is the first time zone. After the Second Coming, the Second time zone starts- from the Second Coming, the 1000 yrs, then WWIII, then the end comes with the collapse of the universe-about 70 billion years. The first time zone is 2000+/- years and the second time zone is 70 billion years. The 1000 years is really 40 billion+/- years until the universe goes into blueshift where the universe will implode instead of expand. WWIII in the second time zone is 40 billion+/- years from 2000AD+/-. There is a 40 billion year gap between Revelation chpt 12 and Chpt 13 Revelation. Just like there is a million year or a long gap between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 as Dr. Grey Barnhouse explained in his book "The Invisible War." The whole of Christian history is summed up as - The Invisible War. Jesus scrambled Revelation as Chpt 22 Isaiah prophesied about the "Valley of visions" of the Second Coming being distorted such that Theologians and Satan would not know how it was going to happen. Jesus put chpt 10,11 Revelation in the wrong sequence to fool Satan, the two witnesses are really after the 1000 year for WWIII is after the 1000 years, but Jesus put the chpts in the first zone of time instead of the second zone of Revelation. That confused Satan and Theologians for they thought WWIII would be before the Second Coming, with a rapture theory. This has been a disaster for the Church and Satan. The good news is Jesus is coming back in 2015-2018 in a peaceful return. The AntiChrist is really an angel a poltergeist who was created to destroy nations by the God of Israel for He does not do that kind of work Himself. God introduces him in Isaiah 54:16 as the "Waster" or "Smith."This angel rebelled against Jesus and as a soldier has been helping Satan throughout history. This angel led Rome, Islam, Nazi Germany and the U.S.S.R to military victories. He will be thrown into the Bottomless pit at the Second Coming for 1000 Christ years or 40 billion human years until the universe goes into blueshift. Then WWIII will be fought and this angel will be taken out of the Pit as the Beast 666 and he will fight Christ and the Church again. A Asian king will be wounded and die from a sword, then the Poltergeist will enter his body and come back to life in three days and people will see the miracle and they will worship the image of the Beast, the dead corpse that came back to life. The false prophet will have a demon inside him and Satan and the Beast will also have frogs in them as their spokesmans. You will find out why in this book. The Lake of fire is the fiery core of smashed galaxies and stars, the center of an imploding universe. The false prophet was thrown into the Lake of fire.The false prophet, the Beast and the Lake of fire all coexisted. In order for this coexistence to happen- the universe must be in blueshift- WWIII is billions of years from today 2000 AD+/-. So in between Chpt 12 Revelation and Chpt 13 Revelation is 40 billion+/- years. There is no Rapture or war before the Second Coming, the S. Coming is in the first time zone.When Jesus returns, (2015-2018+/-) you as Christians should help Jesus by (1) going to Church (2) bury the dead, the "Taken" (3) go back to work. This will help Jesus to govern the earth with His Angels.Intergalactic Jesus Christ SuperStar is returning soon for His more

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