Returning to Source

Returning to Source : Transcending the Bonds of Moral & Spiritual Manipulation

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In this first volume of the Rational Bible series, the authors set out to tackle some of Commercial Christianity's most pressing questions, such as: What Harm Can Religion Cause? (33), Were America's Forefathers Religious? (41), Are There Forbidden Foods? (87), Is the Bible Truly the "Word of God?"(89), Are Witch Hunts Ordained? (108), Is Shaving Forbidden? (109) Is Abortion Ordained? (121, 203, 204, 224), What about Genocide? (125, 137, 139, 142, 154, 156, 159, 168, 170, 173, 186), What about Slavery, Incest or Rape? (146 & 151) What about the First Born Rite? (147), Is Cross-Dressing Ordained? (148), Should Bastards and the Genital Mutilated be allowed to Attend Church? (151), Is the Bible Based on a "Might Makes Right" Mentality? (170), Does God Call for the Murder of Nonbelievers? (187), What about the Eating of Feces and Drinking of Urine During Fellowship? (188), What Do You Have to Do to "Get Right with the LORD" (189) Should One Beat their Children to Grant them Wisdom and Everlasting Life? (198), Does God Favor War? (207 & 225), Do Aliens Exist? (210), Why is Hell So Hot! (215), Is the Bible Steeped in Astrology? (226) Do Unicorns Exist? (235) What about Talking Snakes, (237) Talking Donkeys, (245) Cockatrices, (238) and Dragons (239)? This book confronts, once and for all, religion's most absurd and inconsequential concerns; leaving only one blaring question for consideration: "is there a truth buried deep within the muck of religious superstition, so profound as to forever alter the consciousness of even the most rational minded philosopher?" The answer to this paradigm shattering question leaves the reader spellbound, while setting the stage for volumes two (Unearthing Eden) and three (Gandhi's Jesus) of the Rational Bible series.
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