The Reality of Climate Change

The Reality of Climate Change : The Biggest Threat to All of Humanity and Life Forms on Earth

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Many say if there was a real just God the events on Earth would not happen, surrounding Extremism, Social Unrest, Conflict and Climate Change. I say Divine Creation does exist through Natural Law and the Earth does not only host Human Beings, but countless millions of life specie entities that can only be described as beautiful miracles of evolution. As only one species, the human race is issuing a sentence of death to all life we know on Earth and the planet is dying from human greed and negligence. Many human health issues today relate to Corporate Industrial Pollution World-Wide and nothing is being done by the political elite other than selling continued lies, or diversionary tactics such as warning of smoking as a major health problem as just one example. "On the 12th of October 2015 BBC's Newsnight Team Broadcast a News Feature on Air Pollution which confirms my findings in this 'NEW' Book on Climate Change regarding serious Health issues including Respiratory Disorders, Dementia, Alzheimer's etc." "On Monday the 22nd of November 2015 there was a Special Sky News Report, where HRH Prince Charles accurately stated the planet faces catastrophe and needs to be put on life support now to prevent ever increasing disasters as a result of Climate Change." At the time of writing this book, there are two specific numbers you need to remember and these are 275 and 400! What relevance are the above numbers you may rightly ask? FACT: 275 Is the parts per million number of Carbon Dioxide for starting all of life on Earth and in layman terms, many millions of years ago. FACT: 400 Is the parts per million number of Carbon Dioxide today in the Earths atmosphere and these factual measurements are courtesy of friends and colleagues at NASA ( Ever wondered why there is a rise in Respiratory Disorders, Alzheimer's, Dementia the list goes on.... Written within this book for all, are the facts and these writings are not the whims of liberalism, or any other body that would give cause for today's Corporate Capitalist to submit a plea of justifiable denial. I wrote this book with first hand personal experiences of Climate Change. Where I have witnessed crops failing from a lack of Bees to Pollinate, in 2012 Saltwater Mullet species stressed at the waters edge gasping for life, seen Estuary saltwater fish nurseries wiped out from the continued flooding of freshwater into these areas depleting the salt content chemistry. Seen friends and Seniors suffering from poor health with breathing difficulties from Sulphur and Carbon Dioxide the list goes on! The Human Race has become a menace and a threat to all life on Earth and therefore Man must change and now! The few can no longer do all the heavy lifting, the burden now befalls on us all to ensure change and we can all start by using the power of our wallets and purse, the only thing these Corporate Empires understand is money! Believe it or not, by all of us changing our shopping habits we can begin to change the World in the hope to preserve all life on Earth. "If we do not buy it, they will not make it." I want us all to be able to look directly into the eyes of our Grand Children and say we tried! THE CONTENTS IN THIS BOOK: - Note Introduction Climate Change to Our Seas Climate Change to Our Lands Climate Change Reality to Human Health Climate Change Human Industrialization Climate Change Technology, Trades and Crafts Can Embrace Change Climate Change Eminent Quotations Acknowledgements. I leave you with this Quotation: - QUOTATION "For a more knowing and informed world, we are becoming forever more complicit based on the evidence presented to us, regarding the demise of our Earth we all know as home." Alastair R Aguttershow more

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