Reaction Dynamics in Clusters and Condensed Phases

Reaction Dynamics in Clusters and Condensed Phases : Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry held in Jerusalem, Israel, May 17-20, 1993

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The Twenty Sixth Jerusalem Symposium reflected the high standards of these distinguished scientific meetings, which convene once a year at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Jerusalem to discuss a specific topic in the broad area of quantum chemistry and biochemistry. The topic at this year's Jerusalem Symposium was reaction dynamics in clusters and condensed phases, which constitutes a truly interdisciplinary subject of central interest in the areas of chemical dynamics, kinetics, photochemistry and condensed matter chemical physics. The main theme of the Symposium was built around the exploration of the interrelationship between the dynamics in large finite clusters and in infinite bulk systems. The main issues addressed microscopic and macroscopic sol vation phenomena, cluster and bulk spectroscopy, photodissociation and vibrational predissociation, cage effects, interphase dynamics, reaction dynamics and energy transfer in clusters, dense fluids, liquids, solids and biophysical systems. The interdisciplinary nature of this research area was deliberated by intensive and extensive interactions between modern theory and advanced experimental methods. This volume provides a record of the invited lectures at the Symposium.
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Table of contents

Preface. Elucidating the Influence of Solvations on the Dynamics of Cluster Reactions; A.W. Castleman, Jr., S. Wei, J. Purnell, S.A. Buzza. The Solvation of Halogen Anions in Water Clusters; G. Markovich, S. Pollack, R. Giniger, O. Cheshnovsky. Excitation and Ionization of Chloride, Iodide, Bromide and Sodium in Water Clusters; N.R. Kestner, J. Combariza. Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Solvated Anion Clusters; S.T. Arnold, J.H. Hendricks, K.H. Bowen. Magic Numbers and Geminate Recombination Dynamics of Anions in Water Clusters; D.J. Lavrich, D.M. Cyr, M.A. Buntine, C.E. Dessent, L.A. Posey, M.A. Johnson. Theoretical Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Tetra-Atomic Van der Waals Clusters; G. Delgado-Barrio, A. Garcia-Vela, J. Rubayo-Soneira, J. Campos-Martinez, S. Miret-Artes, O. Roncero, P. Villarreal. Caging and Nonadiabatic Electronic Transitions in I2-M Complexes; O. Roncero, N. Halberstadt, J.A. Beswick. Phase Separation in Binary Clusters; A.S. Clarke, R. Kapral, B. Moore, G. Patey, X.-G. Wu. Molecular Collisions on Large Argon Clusters; J.M. Mestdagh, A.J. Bell, J. Berlande, X. Biquard, M.A. Gaveau, A. Lallement, O. Sublemontier, J.-P. Visticot. Spectra of Conformers of Mass Selected Van der Waals Clusters; H.L. Selzle, E.W. Schlag. High Resolution IR Studies of Polymolecular Clusters; Micromatrices and Unimolecular Ring Opening; D.J. Nesbitt. Electronic Spectra of a Lithium Impurity in Clusters, the Bulk Liquid and Solid para-Hydrogen; D. Scharf, G.G. Martyna, M.L. Klein. Localization of Electrons at Interfaces; R. Lingle, Jr., D.F. Padowitz, R.E. Jordan, J.D. McNeill, C.B. Harris. Solvation and Charge Transfer at Liquid Interfaces; I. Benjamin. Second Harmonic and Sum Frequency Studies of Chemical Equilibria and Phase Transitions at Liquid Interfaces; K.B. Eisenthal, J.H. Gutow. Isomerization Reactions at Aqueous Interfaces; A. Pohorille, M.A. Wilson. Ultrafast Solvation Dynamics by Degenerate Four Wave Mixing: a Theoretical and Experimental Study; R. Richert, S.Y. Goldberg, B. Fainberg, D. Huppert. Femto-Second Photodissociation of Triiodide in Solution; U. Banin, S. Ruhman. Solvent Polarity Effects on Cis-Stilbene Photochemistry from the First Femtoseconds to the Final Products; A.B. Myers, J.-M. Rodier, D.L. Phillips. Simulation of Electronic Spectroscopy and Relaxation in Aqueous Solution; P.J. Rossky, T.H. Murphrey, W.-S. Sheu. Electronic Structure and Chemical Reactions in Solution; J.T. Hynes, H.J. Kim, J.R. Mathis, R. Bianco, K. Ando, B.J. Gertner. Suppression of Activated Rate Processes induced by Space Dependent, Time Dependent and Anisotropic Friction; A.M. Berezhkovskii, A.M. Frishman, E. Pollak. Multidimensional Kramers and the Onset of Protein Relaxation; N. Agmon. Nonbinary Bimolecular Relaxation in Solutions; A.I. Burshtein. Pressure Dependence of Solvent Effects in Elementary Reactions in Dense Media; J. Schroeder, J. Troe. The Reorientational Dynamics in Liquid Methanol; T. Bultmann, K. Kemeter, Ch. Rusbuldt, Ph.A. Bopp, N.P. Ernsting. Molecular Theory of Vibrational Energy Relaxation in Gases and Liquids; S.A. Adelman. Quantum Mechanical Calculations of Tunneling Rates in Condensed Phase Systems; J. Lobaugh, G.A. Voth. How do the Properties of Water in Confined Spaces Differ from those in the Normal Liquid? G.W. Robinson, S.B. Zhu. Solvent Mean Force Perturbations of Molecular Vibration, Isomerization and Dissociation; D. Ben-Amotz, L.E.S. de Souza. Molecular Theory of Optical Absorption Lineshap
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