Quantum Mesoscopic Phenomena and Mesoscopic Devices in Microelectronics: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Ankara, Turkey, 13-25 June 1999

Quantum Mesoscopic Phenomena and Mesoscopic Devices in Microelectronics: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Ankara, Turkey, 13-25 June 1999

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Quantum mechanical laws are well documented at the level of a single or a few atoms and are here extended to systems containing 102 to 1010 electrons - still much smaller than the usual macroscopic objects, but behaving in a manner similar to a single atom. Besides the purely theoretical interest, such systems pose a challenge to the achievement of the ultimate microelectronic applications. The present volume presents an up-to-date account of the physics, technology and expected applications of quantum effects in solid-state mesoscopic structures. Physical phenomena include the Aharonov-Bohm effect, persistent currents, Coulomb blockade and Coulomb oscillations in single electron devices, Andreev reflections and the Josephson effect in superconductor/normal/superconductor systems, shot noise suppression in microcontacts and contact resistance quantisation, and overall quantum coherence in mesoscopic and nanoscopic structures related to the emerging physics of quantum computation in the solid-state environment.
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  • Dordrecht, Netherlands, United States
  • English
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Table of contents

Preface. Part I: Quantum Contacts and Wires. 1. Nonlinear Phenomena in Metallic Contacts; I.O. Kulik. 2. Conductance Channels of Gold Atomic-Size Contacts; E. Scheer, et al. 3. Experiments on Conductance at the Atomic Scale; J.M. van Ruitenbeek. 4. Why does a Metal-Superconductor Junction have a Resistance?; C.W.J. Beenakker. 5. Point-Contact Spectroscopy of Superconductors; I.K. Yanson. 6. Atomic Structure, Quantized Electrical and Thermal Conductance of Nanowires; S. Ciraci. 7. Magnetotransport and Magnetocohesion in Nanowires; E.N. Bogachek, et al. Part II: Qoulomb Blockade and the Kondo Problem. 8. Mesoscopic Fluctuations of Co-Tunneling and Kondo Effect in Quantum Dots; L.I. Glazman. 9. Quantum Smearing of Coulomb Blockade; K.A. Matveev. 10. Coulomb Blockade in Single Tunnel Junction Connected to Nanowire and Carbon Nanotube; J. Haruyama, et al. 11. Transport Through Quantum Dots and the Kondo Problem; J.T. Pohjola, et al. 12. Coulomb Blockade in Quantum Dots With Overlapping Resonances; P.G. Silvestrov, Y. Imry. Part III: Dephasing and Shot Noise. 13. Dephasing and Shot-Noise in Mesoscopic Systems; Y. Levinson, Y. Imry. 14. Charge Fluctuations and Dephasing in Coulomb Coupled Conductors; M. Buttiker. 15. Transport and Noise in Multiterminal Diffusive Conductors; E.V. Sukhorukov, D. Loss. 16. Memory Effects in Stochastic Ratchets; B. Tanatar, et al. Part IV: Aharonov-Bohm Effect and Vortices. 17. Non-Decaying Currents in Normal Metals; I.O. Kulik. 18. Persistent Current in a Mesoscopic Ring with Strongly Coupled Polarons; M. Bayindir, I.O. Kulik. 19. Superfluidity and Planar Vortices in Systems with Pairing of Spatially Separated Electrons and Holes; S.I. Shevchenko. Part V: Josephson Effect. 20. Weakly Coupled Macroscopic Quantum Systems: Likeness with Difference; A. Barone. 21. Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena in Josephson Systems; P. Silvestrini. 22. Vortex Confinements Phenomena in Mesoscopic Superconductors; V.V. Moshchalkov, et al. Part VI: Mesoscopic Superconductivity. 23. Superconducting Nanoparticles and Nanowires; M. Tinkham. 24. Superconductivity in Ultrasmall Grains: Introduction to Richardson's Exact Solution; J. von Delft and F. Braun. 25. Superconductivity in Ultrasmall Metallic Particles; H. Boyaci, et al. 26. Tunneling Spectroscopy of Metallic Quantum Dots; M. Tinkham. Part VII: Quantum Computation. 27. Quantum Computation and Spin Electronics; D.P. DiVincenzo, et al. 28. Decoherence of the Superconducting Persistent Current Qubit; L. Tian, et al. 29. Quantum Computing and Josephson Junction Circuits; Y. Makhlin, et al. Part VIII: Nano-Electronics. 30. Recent Advances in Nanotechnology: An Overview; R. Ellialtioglu. 31. Quantum Electron Optics and its Applications; W.D. Oliver, et al. 32. Physics and Applications of Photonic Crystals; B. Temelkuran, et al. 33. Conductance in Metallic Submicron Cross-Junctions; R. Ellialtioglu, I.I. Kaya. Author Index. Citation Index.
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