Quantum Mechanics, Fifth Edition

Quantum Mechanics, Fifth Edition

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For more than 25 years, Alastair Rae's Quantum Mechanics has been one of the most highly regarded textbooks in this area. From elementary atomic physics and mathematics, to angular momentum and time dependence, to relativity and quantum computing, the text shows how cutting-edge research topics of quantum mechanics have been applied to various disciplines.Retaining the clarity of its predecessors, this fifth edition presents revised and updated material throughout the text. It offers a clear exposition of fundamental ideas, additional worked examples of the application of quantum mechanics principles to a range of physical problems, and more information on modern quantum information technology. This text was one of the first to include a substantial discussion of the conceptual and philosophical implications of quantum mechanics, which has been revised and extended in the fifth edition. Other topics covered include one- and three-dimensional Schrodinger equations, angular momentum, time-independent perturbation theory, time dependence, scattering, and relativity. Cementing its reputation as an exceptional introductory textbook, Quantum Mechanics, Fifth Edition fully covers the concepts of quantum mechanics taught in an undergraduate physics course and provides the foundation necessary for other specialized courses.show more

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  • Electronic book text | 352 pages
  • Taylor & Francis Inc
  • CRC Press Inc
  • Florida, United States
  • Revised
  • 5th Revised edition
  • 56 Illustrations, black and white
  • 1584889713
  • 9781584889717

Table of contents

PREFACESINTRODUCTION The Photoelectric Effect The Compton Effect Line Spectra and Atomic Structure De Broglie Waves Wave-Particle Duality The Rest of This Book THE ONE-DIMENSIONAL SCHROEDINGER EQUATIONS The Time-Dependent Schrodinger Equation The Time-Independent Schrodinger Equation Boundary ConditionsThe Infinite Square Well The Finite Square Well Quantum Mechanical Tunneling The Harmonic Oscillator THE THREE-DIMENSIONAL SCHROEDINGER EQUATIONS The Wave Equations Separation in Cartesian Coordinates Separation in Spherical Polar Coordinates The Hydrogenic Atom THE BASIC POSTULATES OF QUANTUM MECHANICS The Wavefunction The Dynamical Variables Probability Distributions Commutation Relations The Uncertainty PrincipleThe Time Dependence of the WavefunctionDegeneracy The Harmonic Oscillator AgainThe Measurement of Momentum by Compton Scattering ANGULAR MOMENTUM I The Angular Momentum OperatorsThe Angular Momentum Eigenvalues and EigenfunctionsThe Experimental Measurement of Angular MomentumGeneral Solution to the Angular Momentum Eigenvalue ProblemANGULAR MOMENTUM II Matrix Representations Pauli Spin Matrices Spin and the Quantum Theory of MeasurementDirac Notation Spin-Orbit Coupling and the Zeeman EffectA More General Treatment of the Coupling of Angular MomentaTIME-INDEPENDENT PERTURBATION THEORY AND THE VARIATIONAL PRINCIPLE Perturbation Theory for Non-Degenerate Energy Levels Perturbation Theory for Degenerate LevelsThe Variational PrincipleTIME DEPENDENCE Time-Independent Hamiltonians The Sudden Approximation Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory Selection RulesThe Ehrenfest TheoremThe Ammonia MaserSCATTERING Scattering in One Dimension Scattering in Three Dimensions The Born Approximation Partial Wave Analysis MANY-PARTICLE SYSTEMS General Considerations Isolated SystemsNon-Interacting Particles Indistinguishable Particles Many-Particle SystemsThe Helium AtomScattering of Identical ParticlesRELATIVITY AND QUANTUM MECHANICS Basic Results in Special Relativity The Dirac Equation AntiparticlesOther Wave Equations Quantum Field Theory and the Spin-Statistics Theorem QUANTUM INFORMATION Quantum Cryptography Entanglement Cloning and TeleportationQuantum ComputingTHE CONCEPTUAL PROBLEMS OF QUANTUM MECHANICS The Conceptual Problems Hidden-Variable TheoriesNon-Locality The Quantum Measurement ProblemThe Ontological ProblemProblems appear at the end of each chapter.show more