The Protein Kinase Factsbook

The Protein Kinase Factsbook

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This CD-ROM has powerful search capabilities to allow the user instant access to text for terms, strings, and sequences. It also includes personalized note creation facilities and hypertext links, so one can tailor the CD to meet one's needs. Information covered includes: subunit structure and isoforms; genetics; amino acid sequences homologues in other species; patterns of expression; assays; and enzyme activator inhibitors.
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  • CD-ROM
  • 159 x 235 x 23mm | 236g
  • Academic Press Inc
  • San Diego, United States
  • English
  • 0123247225
  • 9780123247223

Table of contents

The Introductory Chapters: Introduction.The Eukaryotic Protein Kinase Superfamily. Cellular Functions of Protein Kinases. The Protein Kinases: Dmpka. Dmpka. Scpka. Dppka. PKG. Dmpkg. PKC. Dmpkc. Scpkc. RAC. Bark. Rhk. Sch9. Ykr2. Ypk1. S6K. RSK. Dbf2/20. Pvpk1. Osg11a. DMPK. Ddk2. Scspk1. Camki. Camkii. EF2K. Camkiv. Dmcamkii. Sccamkii. Phk. Skmlck. Smmlck Twn. Ddmlck. CDPK. AMPK. Snf1. Km1/2. Spkin1. Nim 1. Psnf1. Cdc2. Cdj2. Cdk3. Cdk4. Cdk5. Cdk6. PCTAIRE. Mo15. Dmcde2. Dmdcd2c. Cdc28. Pho85. Kin28. Spcde2. Erk1/2. Erk3. Dmerka. Kss1. Fus3. GSK3. Sgg. Mck1. CK2. Dmck2. Scck2. Zmck2. Clk. Yak1. Mak. Ched. PITSLRE. KKIALRE. Sme1. Sgv1. Src. Yes. Fyn. Fgr. Lyn. Hck. Lck. Blk. Dmsrc. Tec. Emt. Dmtec. Csk. Fes/Fps. Fer. Dmfer. Ab1. Arg. Dmab1. Ceab1. Syk. Zap70. Tyk2. Jak1/2. Fak. EGFR. Erbb2. Erbb3. DER. LET23. Eph. Eck. Eek. Hek. Elk. Cek5. Axl. Tie. Tek. PDGFR. CSF1R. Kit. Flt1. Flt4. FGFR1. FGFR2. FGFR3. FGFR4. Dmfgfr1. Dmfgfr2. Insr. IGF1R. IRR. Dm1nsR. Ltk. Ros. Sev. Trk. Trkb. Trkc. HGFR. Sea. Ret. K1g. Torso. Dmtrk. Snk. Po1o. Mek. Dsor1. Ste7. Pbs2. Mkk1/2. Byr1. Wis1. Ste11. Bck1. Byr2. Nek1. Nima. Fused. Kin3. Wee1. Spwee1. Mik1. HRI. PKR. Tik. Gen2. Raf1. A-Raf. B-Raf. Dmraf. Ceraf. Actrii. Tgfbrii. DAF-1. Zmpk1. Srk. CK1. Yek1/2. Hrr25. Pkn1. Mos. Pim1. Cot. Esk. Ttk. Ninac. Sp1A. Dpyk2. Cdc7. Cdc15. Vps15. Ran1. Hvu3. Hvul. B1R. J9L. Bcr. BKDK. PDK. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows: 80386SX or Higher Processor, Running MS DOS 4.1 or Higher and MS Windows 3.1 or Later in Enhanced Mode with Virtual Memory Is Required. A Minimum of 8 MB RAM and 3.5 MB Free Hard Disk Space (6 MB with Online Tutorial and Help) Are Required. A VGA Monitor Is the Minimum Requirement for Use with the Browser. A Super VGA (256 Colours) and 800 X 600 Resolution Recommended to Provide More Display Area in the Browser. A CD-ROM Drive with MSCDEX 2.0 or Higher Is Required. Macintosh: 4 MB of RAM and 5 MB Free Hard Disk Space (9.5 MB with Online Tutorial and Help) Is Required. A Macintosh-Compatible CD-ROM Drive with Foreign File Access Installed and System 7 or Higher with Color Quickdraw Is Required. A Colour Display (256 Colours) and 800 X 600 Resolution, Which Provides More Display Area, Is Highly Recommended. For Computers with Less Than 8 MB RAM, The Virtual Memory Option Should Be Enabled. UNIX: Sun (Sunos 4.X.X. Or 5.X.X), Solaris, Or Silicon Graphics (RIX 5.2) Running the X Windows System (Includes Support for Motif and Open Windows 3.0) Is Required. The CD-ROM Drive Must Support the ISO-9660 Standard. During Installation, There Must Be at Least 65 MB Free Space on the Hard Disk (33 MB for the Software and 32 MB of Working Space).
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